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Saturday, April 1, 2023

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Trump Indicted!

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Weird photo of Biden stuffing large clown sculpture into rental van.
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First of all, it has to be noted that The donation page at has not been updated as promised. This is largely due to the fact that John's main computer blew out its SSD taking a month's worth of work with it including all of the new design templates. This project will now be expedited.

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Trump Indicted.
Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey.

The twice impeached Donald Trump has been indicted by a soft on violent crime NY D.A. (district attorney) who decided that Trump was extorted for hush money and since he was the victim of extortion, he was guilty of something. The exact charges will be revealed on Tuesday. After that a series of media events will take place.

First, every leftist and Democrat pundit on CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WAPO and elsewhere will applaud the action and say it is about time. The ladies on the View will go nuts over this. The few Republicans in the media will be aghast and tell us how this is unprecedented and it's like what happens in banana republics. They will then cite examples of law-breaking if not terrible corruption by Hillary, Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. “Direct payments from China!”

The actual indictments will be revealed supposedly on Tuesday (we were told the Grand Jury was going to take a month off and that never materialized). This will bring out every law professor in the world to give his or her opinion on the matter. This will include all local programming with local professors. This culminates with FOX News bringing out Alan Dershowitz to tell us that it's all overreach except for one small detail that only he will identify. That detail could put Trump at risk according to “Dersh.”

Somewhere mixed into this predictable mess there will be LIVE BREAKING coverage of Trump turning himself in with on-the-street reporters. Lamentations about “no perp walk” will be expressed by everyone, left and right.

The overall theme will morph to “What's next for Trump?” This predictable carnival will be tedious, repetitious, divisive and not really that interesting. Trump, Trump, Trump. What a joke.

Fake Drudge Report headline saying Trump was indicted for taking tag off of mattress.
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Hypocrite of the Week
Hypocrite: Scott Dworkin. Fist he cusses out Trump brannging he has first amendment rights. Then he condemns anyone saying anything about Biden.
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