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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Tuesday Technology News and More...

Technology News and More...

Apple iPhone 14 Pro•
50Mashable / 1h
Apple's iPhone 14 , likely to come out in the fall, will have a feature Android devices have had for years: an always-on display. This is according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who laid out Apple's possible plans in the latest instalment of his "Power On" newsletter (via MacRumors ). According to the report, Apple's iOS 16 — likely to come alongside the next iPhone — will come with an "enhanced" l

SBI Holdings, a Japanese securities and banking giant that launched a crypto-asset fund for retail investors last year, has been actively investing in the infrastructure that will allow it to roll out more crypto products. The firm has recently made a strategic investment in Digital Asset, a New York-based startup known for building enterprise blockchain solutions, it said in an announcement . As

Battlefield 2042’s long-delayed first season of content will add a new playable Specialist to the multiplayer shooter – the first since it launched late last year. Rummaging around Battlefield 2042 ’s backend, dataminer Temporyl has found several new features expected to launch with Season 1 next month, and shared their findings on Twitter . Among them are details of Ewelina Lis, a new Polish Spe

La Repubblica has the story of what allegedly happened on an April 30 flight from New York to Rome, leading to a captain at the airline getting fired. ITA pilots become unresponsive on flight to Italy On April 30, 2022, ITA Airways flight AZ609 operated from New York (JFK) to Rome (FCO) with an Airbus A330-200 that had the registration code EI-EJP. The flight operated as normal, until reaching Fr

25Wired / 22min
He makes big movies and little movies, funny movies and sad movies—but mostly big-little funny-sad movies. Waititi is a bundle of contradictions.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070•
Nvidia’s initial next-gen GPU might be the RTX 4090 , followed by the RTX 4080 and 4070, if the latest rumor is right. Actually, this isn’t a fresh rumor as such, but a purported ‘confirmation’ from Kopite7kimi, a prolific hardware leaker on Twitter, meaning it’s confirming info from their sources (of course, we have no official confirmation of anything yet, not even that Nvidia’s next-gen Lovela

Spoilers. In an era dominated by streaming and an ever-increasing array of social media, it's getting harder to avoid the plot twists, reveals, and cameos that are coming down the track in your favorite shows and movies. The lengths viewers are going to dodge these spoilers are getting more and more extensive. You can mute the names of shows on Twitter, or turn off social media altogether to avoi

TL;DR: As of May 31, the Deeper Connect Mini Decentralized VPN & Firewall Hardware is on sale for $349. It's usually $399, so that's savings of 12%, Whenever you hop online, whether it's to pay a bill or stream a movie, you could become susceptible to hackers. As the saying goes, it's better to be safe than sorry, so help keep yourself safe online by subscribing to a VPN service . If you want to

TL;DR: As of May 31, this MagStack Foldable 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station with Floating Stand and 20W Adapter is on sale for $47.99. That's 36% off its regular price of $74.99. It would be pretty convenient if you could charge more than one of your electronic devices at a time, and leave for work with your smartphone and earbuds fully charged so they last you the whole day without worry . Well

TL;DR: As of May 31, the Stone River eLearning + StackSkills Unlimited Lifetime Membership Bundle , worth $12,995, is on sale for just $89. No matter what industry you belong to and whatever profession you have, you have a better chance to develop and progress if you have a relentless passion for learning. The more you learn , the more skilled you will be, putting you in a better position for adv

TL;DR: As of May 31, you can get the Allergy Test My Pet Kit for just $69.99 and save 35% off its regular price of $107.99. You truly love your pet and it shows. You've spoiled them with all the toys and treats (in moderation of course) a dog could want and frequent trips to the dog park . Lately however, you've noticed that your pup has been itching more than usual. Instead of spending a fortune

English jargon has invaded every corner of France, causing consternation among language purists — a trade fair popular with politicians during election season is called " Made in France ," for example. Despite widespread usage in business and elsewhere, the government has decided to pick on gaming, officially banning terms like "streamer" and "cloud gaming," according to AFP . Going forward, the

Blizzard Diablo Immortal•
Blizzard has unveiled several of Diablo Immortal’s accessibility features ahead of the game’s launch on Thursday, June 2. As a free-to-play MMO, Diablo Immortal will include a slate of multiplayer social features. A new blog post outlines how these have been made more accessible to support the game’s core experience. Most concern its chat functionality, which lets you talk with other players on t

Samsung Galaxy Fold 4•
We’ve been hearing drizzles of information about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 for months, but now there’s been a tidal wave, as a complete specs list for the phone has just leaked. This comes from @UniverseIce – a leaker with a good track record – who claims that these specs are 100% accurate, so they clearly have confidence in them. According to this source then, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 has a

Google Pixel 7 eBay•
When the Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro were teased by the company at the keynote speech of its annual Google IO conference, we thought we'd seen the entirety of the line - after all, the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro were the only members of its line (not including the spin-off Pixel 6a ). We might be wrong, though, as rumors are pointing to there being a third member of the line. 9to5Google has found bits

The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke has revealed his favorite scene in season 3 – and it's one that rivals Herogasm, in his eyes. Speaking to TechRadar ahead of The Boys season 3 's June 3 release, Kripke opened up on the sequence that shines a light on the arrogance of superheroes in The Boys' universe, and the 'act first, think later' approach that many of them live by. Unsurprisingly, many fans of

Several states are putting more money and effort into combating false and misleading information about elections.

The Supreme Court is shortly expected to issue its decision on a challenge to Roe v. Wade that will— if a leaked draft version of the opinion holds —end federal protection for abortion access across the US. If that happens, it will have far-reaching consequences for millions of people. One of those is that it could significantly increase the risk that anti-abortion activists will use surveillance

In the world of cute Star Wars droids, the order goes R2D2, BB8, and then BD-1. C3PO is awesome but not cute. And if you agree with that list, you’ll be happy to hear that it looks like LEGO will release a BD-1 set. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Consumer groups from 18 countries in Europe are calling for governments to clamp down on loot boxes.

Google-backed DotPe, which helps businesses in India go online and sell digitally , is in advanced stages of talks to raise about $50 million in a new financing round, a source familiar with the matter told TechCrunch. Temasek, the Singapore state-owned investment firm, is finalizing deliberations to lead the investment in the Gurgaon-headquartered startup, the source said, requesting anonymity a

Businesses face headwinds as demand weakens, the Federal Reserve raises rates and government stimulus programs end.

Google has introduced a new skin tone scale - what is it and why does it matter?

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to a NatureID Plant Identification Premium Plan is on sale for £15.80, saving you 67% on list price. Growing your own veggies and herbs is a pretty genius way to curb some of the steep grocery prices caused by inflation. But it’s far from easy. If you’re new to plant parenthood, you’ll need some assistance on your journey. That’s where NatureID comes in. NatureID is

Cooper Maestro Bernstein•
Do you hear that? That's the sound of Netflix clearing space on its shelf for the Oscars it'll likely win for its upcoming Leonard Bernstein biopic, Maestro, as it offers our first look at an almost unrecognizable Bradley Cooper in the title role. Maestro is said to span 30 years in the famous American conductor, composer, author and pianist's life, with Cooper playing Bernstein throughout variou

Burnham Releases Inside•
55Mashable / 9h
It's been a year to the day since comedian Bo Burnham released his Netflix special Inside , unleashing a deluge of pandemic isolation feelings alongside viral songs about Jeff Bezos and white women's Instagram accounts . Now the Eighth Grade writer and director has published over one hour of Inside 's unused material. It includes new music, sketches, and plenty of existential staring. "I've spent

Are you still looking to score a cheap bargain in today's Memorial Day sales? If you're just now able to look at today's deals, there are plenty of Memorial Day sales still available from retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart on TVs, appliances, laptops, outdoors, and so much more. Our team has been sifting through deals all weekend long to bring you today's best Memorial Day sales under $

Today Wordle Answer May•
Good morning, Wordlers! If you had a long weekend, we hope it was a good one. Now it's time to switch those brains back on and solve today's Wordle. If you just couldn't get today's answer and prefer to cut to the chase, you can skip to the end of this article for the solution to Wordle 346. For those of you who'd rather work out the answer yourself, keep reading for some background on the game a

One South Africa Payments•
HitPay has almost everything SMEs need to run their businesses. In addition to being an online payment gateway, it also offers tools like point-of-sale software with card readers, plugins, payment links and no-code online stores. The Y Combinator alum announced today that it has raised $15.75 million in Series A funding led by Tiger Global, with participation from returning investors Global Found

Coaches now have powerful tools which can find patterns in play that humans would struggle to see.

The Balearic Islands off the south coast of mainland Spain have long been popular destinations for Europeans to enjoy some of the best beaches in Spain (if not all of Europe). The largest and most popular of the Balearics is the island of Mallorca (sometimes spelled as “Majorca”), which sees 10 million-plus visitors each year concentrated largely during the summer months of May to September. The

So-called “tech for good” accelerators addressing such worthy-sounding subjects as ESGs and SDGs have appeared in the last few years. Some observers have dismissed these efforts as scalable only to a point. However, the evidence is mounting that they are increasingly attracting some of the world’s best talent, because the world’s best talent does actually want to solve some of the planet’s bigges

Space Arianespace Max Q•
Hello and welcome back to Max Q. There is SO much news this week, so let’s dive in. In this issue: Astroforge’s asteroid mining ambitions Boeing’s Starliner comes home News from Virgin Orbit, Rocket Lab and more Don’t forget to sign up to get the free newsletter version of Max Q delivered to your inbox. Astroforge closes $13M seed plus round for asteroid mining plans Although we’ve long understoo

I do what I can to write about the best deals for earning and redeeming miles. In this post I wanted to share what I consider to be some of the most useful sweet spot award redemptions right now. I last wrote a post like this a few years ago, so wanted to provide a fresh look at how you can get the most bang for your buck when redeeming points. Aspirational vs. practical award sweet spots Before

We’re just about two weeks away from our first foray into climate tech at TC Sessions: Climate & The Extreme Tech Challenge 2022 Global Finals on June 14 in Berkeley, California — with an online day to follow on June 16. It’s going to be an epic day all around for many r


Technology News and More-Monday Edition

 Technology News and More...

Stranger Things Kate Bush•
2KMashable / 13h
It's common knowledge that a new season of Stranger Things dropping immediately makes the world a better place, but did you know the show's power extends to the charts, too? That's right: After featuring prominently in Season 4 as the new favourite artist of Max (Sadie Sink), English singer-songwriter Kate Bush has been powering back up the iTunes and Spotify charts. SEE ALSO: The escapism of 'St

Enlarge / A brown bear with two cubs looks out of its den in the woods under a large rock in winter. (credit: Byrdyak | Getty) Every spring, as days in the north stretch longer and melting snow trickles into streams, drowsy animals ranging from grizzlies to ground squirrels start to rally from hibernation. It’s tempting to say that that they are “waking up,” but hibernation is more complicated an

One AI Raises $8M NLP•
100+TechCrunch / 13h
Whether to power translation to document summarization, enterprises are increasing their investments in natural language processing (NLP) technologies. According to a 2021 survey from John Snow Labs and Gradient Flow, 60% of tech leaders indicated that their NLP budgets grew by at least 10% compared to 2020, while a third said that spending climbed by more than 30%. It’s a fiercely competitive ma

The Balearic Islands off the south coast of mainland Spain have long been popular destinations for Europeans to enjoy some of the best beaches in Spain (if not all of Europe). The largest and most popular of the Balearics is the island of Mallorca (sometimes spelled as “Majorca”), which sees 10 million-plus visitors each year concentrated largely during the summer months of May to September. The

So-called “tech for good” accelerators addressing such worthy-sounding subjects as ESGs and SDGs have appeared in the last few years. Some observers have dismissed these efforts as scalable only put to a point. However, the evidence is mounting that they are increasingly attracting some of the world’s best talent, because the world’s best talent does actually want to solve some of the planet’s bi

Space Arianespace Max Q•
Hello and welcome back to Max Q. There is SO much news this week, so let’s dive in. In this issue: Astroforge’s asteroid mining ambitions Boeing’s Starliner comes home News from Virgin Orbit, Rocket Lab and more Don’t forget to sign up to get the free newsletter version of Max Q delivered to your inbox. Astroforge closes $13M seed plus round for asteroid mining plans Although we’ve long understoo

I do what I can to write about the best deals for earning and redeeming miles. In this post I wanted to share what I consider to be some of the most useful sweet spot award redemptions right now. I last wrote a post like this a few years ago, so wanted to provide a fresh look at how you can get the most bang for your buck when redeeming points. Aspirational vs. practical award sweet spots Before

We’re just about two weeks away from our first foray into climate tech at TC Sessions: Climate & The Extreme Tech Challenge 2022 Global Finals on June 14 in Berkeley, California — with an online day to follow on June 16. It’s going to be an epic day all around for many reasons — did you know that Bill Gates is one of the featured speakers? Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from and engage with

The legendary Toyota #36 Castrol TOM's Supra went missing for years but was found recently in an a warehouse, renewing interest in its history.

NASA Ingenuity Mars•
100+Mashable / 2h
The little Martian helicopter-that-could has done it again. Ingenuity, a small 4-pound robotic scout that hitched a ride to the Red Planet last year, has recently sent back video documentation of its farthest and fastest flight yet. On April 8, it traveled 2,310 feet — a bit less than half a mile — at 12 mph. The helicopter's black-and-white navigation camera caught the excursion, showing a rare,

Holiday Inn Express•
Holiday Inn Express might not be the flashiest hotel brand out there, but it does lay claim to one superlative: it’s the tallest hotel in New Zealand. Part of the IHG portfolio , Holiday Inn Express broke into New Zealand in the summer of 2020 with their Queenstown location. Now, their second outpost — the Holiday Inn Express Auckland City Centre — opened last week in a prime location at the hear

Google has announced that admins can now place shared drives into sub-organizational units (OUs) in certain editions of its Workspace suite. In what could be a boon for IT teams working with Google Drive cloud storage , admins will now be able to configure sharing policies, data regions, and access management at a granular level. This feature is available now as an open beta, which means you can

Ahead of the NAMM 2022 trade show being held in Anaheim next weekend, San Francisco's Playtime Engineering has unveiled a pair of toys, the Blipbox SK2 synthesizer and the Blipbox myTrack groovebox, designed to help even the youngest musically-inclined minds produce, record, save and share electronic beats and melodies. Playtime Engineering The SK2's spacey surface detailing belies its ability to

Amazon is shutting down service for the Cloud Cam , but you may not mind if you're reluctant to buy a replacement. MacRumors and The Verge have learned Amazon will offer owners a free Blink Mini security camera and a one-year subscription to the higher-end Blink Subscription Plus service (normally $100 per year) before Cloud Cam functionality ends on December 2nd. Key Edition owners will also get

64Gizmodo / 3h
The last few years have been interesting for Star Wars as an IP. While the theatrical films more than made their money back (for the most part), and the franchise has seen a recent surge in the TV and books space, its gaming presence has been a bit messier. Both DICE and EA’s multiplayer-focused Star Wars Battlefront … Read more...

Microsoft is readying an upgrade for its Edge web browser that should solve a common frustration for users. Included in the latest early-access build - available to members of the Canary Channel - is a new feature called Drop, which gives Microsoft Edge users an easy way to transfer notes, links and other assets between their devices. As reported by Neowin , the Drop feature sits in a collapsible

The Machimoto, a mix of car and motorcycle, was meant to be as fun as a dune buggy, but its impractical design meant it never entered the mainstream.

Orlando Terminal C•
You can add KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) to the list of carriers getting in on the premium economy game. KLM announced Friday that it is creating a new cabin of service which the airline is calling “Premium Comfort.” It’s been a distinct trend in recent years : airlines looking for ways to bridge the gap between a lie-flat business class suite and a traditional economy seat. Until now, though, KLM

Gmail’s folders (also known as labels) let you put relevant emails together. If you don’t need one or more of these folders, it’s easy to delete them from Gmail’s web, iPhone, and iPad versions. We’ll show you how to do just that. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Google Pixel 7 6 Samsung•
It seems Google just can’t stop its upcoming hardware from showing up in the wild. Weeks after a Pixel Watch prototype was left at a restaurant (and before Google confirmed the device's existence), it appears someone tried to sell a Pixel 7 on eBay. The eBay listing for what certainly looks like a prototype Pixel 7 popped up on the Pixel subreddit , but it has since been taken down. The images th

Citi is a TPG advertising partner. The Citi ThankYou Rewards program remains one of the best for credit card users looking for flexible cash-back options or travel rewards. The program currently has several airline transfer partners and some of those partner programs offer the best use of ThankYou points. Citi currently offers five cards that allow you to earn ThankYou points: AT&T Access Card fr

Acer is one of those laptop makers that frequently tries too hard to stand out. Consider the Predator Triton 900 , a wild machine with a 360-degree swiveling screen that I found to be mostly useless. Earlier this month, Acer also announced plans to bring its SpatiaLabs glasses-free 3D technology to gaming laptops. Ambitious swings are nice and all, but these days I'm more interested in notebooks

At a recent employee ‘Crew News’ meeting, a pilot asked Chief Operating Officer David Seymour what the airline is doing to improve customer satisfaction citing bottom performance in J.D. Power’s airline satisfaction survey. American Airlines is bookended at the bottom of the survey by Spirit Airlines and Frontier. Continue reading ...

200+Mashable / 4h
Some 69 million light-years from Earth is a barred spiral galaxy in the southern hemisphere constellation Eridanus. Its arms are strung with young blue stars, pink cotton candy star-forming clouds, and darkened dusty alleyways. The Hubble Space Telescope has helped tell galaxy NGC 1300's story through pictures, but what's the colorful tale's soundtrack? Perhaps exactly what you'd expect: a spacey

An impressive collection of 2,500-year-old ancient Egyptian artifacts was showcased today at the famous Saqqara necropolis. Read more...

American Express has lots of great products, and personally I love using cards that earn Amex Membership Rewards points . The portfolio of cards earning cash back are a bit more limited, especially when it comes to personal cards. 6 reasons to get the Blue Cash Everyday In this post, I wanted to take a look at the Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express , and share six reasons you may want

Blockchains and cryptocurrencies continue to challenge traditional ideas around finance. Project developers have leveraged these innovations by introducing new ways to market and advertise. Airdrops are one of these recent developments that help promote cryptocurrencies. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Between allergens, pollution, and wildfires, there’s just no good reason not to own an air purifier at this point. And if you’re looking for one with a powerful array of filters and a lightweight design, Wyze’s impressive new Air Purifier is pretty hard to beat! Read This Article on Review Geek ›

74Gizmodo / 5h
If you’ve got a yearning to add a few more monsters, space explorers , magically gifted teens , supernatural detectives, alien translators , superheroes, cosplayers , and mages on missions to your summer reading list, look no further: io9 has got you covered with a giant avalanche of shiny new books for June! Read more...

It's here - the 2022 Memoria Day sales event is live, and Amazon is a top online destination with thousands of deals on everything from furniture, appliances, and TVs to vacuums, air fryers, pool toys, and more. To help you find today's absolute best bargains, we've rounded up the 35 best deals from the Amazon Memorial Day sale. This year's Memorial Day sales include record-low prices on best-sel

Research in the field of machine learning and AI, now a key technology in practically every industry and company, is far too voluminous for anyone to read it all. This column, Perceptron (previously Deep Science ), aims to collect some of the most relevant recent discoveries and papers — particularly in, but not limited to, artificial intelligence — and explain why they matter. This week in AI, r

Despite decades of scientific tracking of the various sides of our Moon, Pink Floyd still hasn't changed the name of their 1973 album to reflect the truth.

Microsoft is preparing to update one of the most annoying things about its Teams collaboration platform , the company has revealed. A post to the Microsoft 365 roadmap explains that Teams will soon allow users to choose which local folder that files will download to. "Teams will now enable users to select the default download location where they would like to have their files downloaded," the com

When Mary Krewsun, 65, retired as a physician assistant, she set a goal of traveling, because now she has the time. During five days, she walked for 100 kilometers (about 62 miles) along the ancient pilgrim route known as the Camino de Santiago, which culminates in northwest Spain . “I had heard about the Camino from a cousin who did it and I was like, ‘I’ve got to do that, that’s going on my buc

Editor’s note : This post has been updated with the latest information. There can be a pretty dramatic jump between entry-level and premium rewards credit cards. Many of the best travel rewards credit cards return outsize welcome offers, bonus categories and luxury perks. But of course, that all comes at a cost in terms of higher annual fees. On the other hand, there are plenty of rewards cards w

Whether you have a century-old, freestanding clawfoot model, a colorful midcentury drop-in, or something more modern, your bathtub probably takes up a good portion of your bathroom. Even if you don’t take baths regularly (and if that’s the case, why not? ), you still are spending a lot of time in its vicinity. Read more...

To receive the latest features and patch existing bugs, update your Microsoft Outlook app to the latest version. You can do this for free on all of the compatible platforms, including desktop, Android, iPhone, and iPad. We’ll show you how to do that. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

UK Two-Thirds 2020•
Businesses in the UK are falling victim to fraud and other forms of economic crime more frequently than the global average. This is according to a new PwC report, called the Global Economic Crime Survey. Polling 1,296 respondents worldwide (including 107 from the UK), the consultancy firm found that 64% of UK firms experienced such an incident in the last two years, up from 56% in 2020, and up fr

The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

Ericsson 250 Athlone•
Ericsson plans to hire 250 new staff to further its 5G efforts at its Irish research and development (R&D) centre in Athlone. The highly skilled roles will include software developers, data scientists, architects, cloud and mobile communication engineers and will be offered over the next three years as the Swedish telecoms equipment manufacturer continues its 5G development programme. Several maj

Remote Controlled Robot•
The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

Nintendo Switch tOR•
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords is heading to Nintendo Switch, with a “Restored Content” expansion planned to follow. The classic Obsidian RPG will be making its way to Nintendo Switch on June 8, as announced during this year’s Star Wars Celebration day. Developed by experienced porting studio Aspyr, it will feature resolution upgrades and performance optimizations for Nin

Qatar has one of the best business class product in the world in its ‘QSuites’. These are revolutionary suites with doors and movable partitions that allow two and even four passengers to travel together in their own space. Right now there’s fantastic award availability booking for 2023. You can use this for travel from the U.S. to Doha and beyond to the Mideast, India, the Maldives and elsewhere


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Many of us remember moments on screen when all of a sudden you sit up because a song you recognize has come on. Music is universal , after all, and even when new characters are embodying the emotions of those songs , they can connect. Personally, I love a good needle drop (you can read my interview with Our Flag Means … Read more...

We typically think of cropping as a tool for photo editing, but it can be used on videos, too. Sometimes the original aspect ratio doesn’t fit what you want. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to crop videos on Android. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

If you’re still holding on to an old Kindle, you may want to replace it soon. Amazon is now emailing customers to warn that select Kindles, specifically five very old models, will lose access to the Amazon eBook store on August 17th of 2022. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Buying headphones for your kids sounds like a good idea — you won't have to listen to Baby Shark for the umpteenth time. But there's a more important reason. Your child's ears are super sensitive when they are still developing. It's possible to damage them with sounds of over 85 decibels. Using adult headphones isn't the best idea. Not unless you can convince them to lower the volume. Which is pr

Buying miles & points strategically can represent a great value , especially for first & business class travel. The Avianca LifeMiles program has just launched its latest promotion on purchased miles, and there’s an exclusive value proposition for OMAAT readers who register . Promotion on purchased LifeMiles Through Tuesday, June 14, 2022, the Avianca LifeMiles program is offering a bonus on purc

Now is a good time to shop for a high-end media streamer. Amazon is once again selling the latest Apple TV 4K at a record-low price of $150 for the 32GB model, or $29 off. However, the 64GB model is also on sale for $170 — an easy choice if you need extra storage for apps and games. We've seen Amazon sell the base model at this price on occasion , but rarely with a similar discount for its higher

The best audio interfaces deliver clean, high-resolution analog-to-digital audio conversion directly to your computer for recording podcasts, voiceovers, music, and other professional content. While audio interfaces come in a wide range of designs set apart by number of inputs, expandability, and onboard digital signal processing, even the best budget interfaces on the market today include featur

200+Mashable / 7h
It’s time to bring a little more diversity to your queue! We’ve gathered together an amazing selection of movies on Netflix, all brought to you by Asian creators. These talented writers, directors, and producers represent both the biggest names in film and the fresh newcomers who are shaking things up. From comedies to animated treasures, martial arts flicks to zombie thrillers, the perfect choic

A massive machine in Tennessee has been deemed the world’s speediest. Experts say two supercomputers in China may be faster, but the country didn’t participate in the rankings.

93Gizmodo / 7h
As a periodic meteor shower, the Tau Herculids tend to be quite boring, but astronomers have reason to believe that this year’s version might be different. Here’s what you need to know about when, where, and how to watch this promising celestial spectacle. Read more...

300+Mashable / 7h
Actors get all the attention, but to make a movie truly great, you need a winning combination of writers, directors, and producers, as well as onscreen talent. To make a strong film that authentically portrays its Black characters, you need Black creatives in those decision-making positions. It's a very simple concept, people! To shed a little more light on the incredible writers, directors, and

If your Xbox Series X is slow to load games, sluggish to turn on, or starts complaining about memory storages, clearing your cache might be the easy fix.

Frontier Airlines has positioned itself as an a la carte airline, so you’ll pay an upcharge for everything — including bags. Although you might find some incredibly low fares, Frontier baggage fees will significantly increase your trip’s cost. So, despite low fares, the overall cost may not be affordable. Before purchasing your ticket, I suggest understanding the Frontier baggage policy, includin

Staying at a luxury hotel is often a top priority for travelers on vacation who have the funds. After all, it’s where you’ll get the best food, sheets and service, right? But what if we told you that staying in a budget hotel could make your trip more enjoyable? Yes, there is scientific and psychological proof that not dropping all that cash on a luxe crash pad (even if you can afford it) may inc

Of the seven big cruise lines that account for the majority of cruises taken by North Americans, Princess Cruises has the simplest fleet. Nearly all of the line’s 15 ships fall into one of just two groups, known as “classes” in cruise industry lingo: The Royal Class and the Grand Class. Each of these two groups is made up of ships that were constructed around the same time to the same basic desig

A garbage disposal’s job is to remain out of sight, and make food waste disappear. So when it’s working properly, it’s easy to forget about it. This, in turn, makes it difficult to remember that your garbage disposal is an appliance that requires at least minimal maintenance. Read more...

Interactive stories are popular for both kids and adults these days. Whether a game or a book, you determine the journey and the outcome with the choices you make. With Google Slides, you can make your own interactive story. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

It is no secret that Andreessen Horowitz is bullish about crypto: Not only does the firm boast that it started to invest in the space a decade ago , but it also debuted a $4.5 billion web3 fund last week. To understand a16z’s bullishness despite what others have described as a “ crypto winter ,” its 2022 State of Crypto Report is a good start. Per its disclaimers, the document is not directed to

Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes just scored a major coup in his quest to end Australia's use of coal energy. The Wall Street Journal reports AGL Energy, Australia's worst emissions producer, has withdrawn plans to 'demerge' its retail power and generation units (thus keeping coal power plants running longer) after Cannon-Brookes bought over 11 percent of the company's stock. The breakup

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with the latest credit card information. Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card Overview The Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card is the most rewarding of Southwest’s personal credit cards, with a $75 annual Southwest credit and 7,500 anniversary bonus points. Card Rating*: ⭐⭐⭐½ *Card Rating is based on the opinion of TPG’s editors and is no

Banned and heavily challenged books are all the rage these days… at least for school districts in states like Florida and Texas. An April 2022 report from PEN America , a nonprofit that works to defend expression in literature, found that the number of banned books is on the rise. As of last month, school districts… Read more...

Google's Gmail is easily one of the best email services around, but that doesn't shield the company from criticism - far from it. In fact, tensions ran high in a recent meeting between Google's staff and Republican Senators after the lawmakers criticized Gmail for allegedly having a bias against right-wing fundraising and campaign emails. The genesis for the frustration was a recent study of 300,

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Star Wars Celebration has come to an end, and with it, a flood of news about what’s to come for Disney and Lucasfilm’s franchise. As always, that also meant plenty of incredible cosplay to marvel at. We got some photos for you earlier during the event, and now here’s one final deluge of pics for your viewing pleasure,… Read more...

Actress Zazie Beetz (of Atlanta fame) made a special appearance on Sesame Street , as a part of its ongoing "Word of the Day" initiative. Beetz explained the meaning of the word "respect", applying it to nature, others, and oneself. "Our words, actions and feelings are all ways we can show respect," she teaches. Using the power of language and sourcing deeper meaning behind everyday words, the se

Eight new vulnerabilities were recently discovered in the Open Automation Software (OAS) platform which, if leveraged, could have triggered another supply chain security disaster. According to Talos, Cisco’s cybersecurity arm, the flaws include two high-severity vulnerabilities - CVE-2022-26833 (severity score 9.4) and CVE-2022-26082 (severity score 9.1) - which could enable threat actors to chan

Now might be the right time to snap up a pair of Apple's second-gen AirPods if you've been waiting for a good deal. The earphones are on sale on Amazon, where they have dropped from $159 to $100 for Memorial Day. That's 37 percent below the regular price and one of the best deals we've seen for this model. The current price is about $10 more than the record low, however. Buy Apple Airpods (2nd-ge

vintagelibraries : Sveučilišna Knjižnica (University Library), Zagreb, Croatia, year unknown.

We all know the racket that comes with taking a flight: engines, clatter, babies, music leaking from other people’s headphones, and that weird hum that just permeates in the cabin. What you need are a pair of headphones that not only sound great and offer smart features, but a pair that can also block out the world around you. It’s a fast track to total relaxation on a flight. Buying a pair of he

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Redesigned for 2022, this lightweight backpacking tent still feels a few years behind the competition.

A fitness tracker can help you get in shape by providing data about your physical activities, heart health, recovery, and more. But the number of choices can make it confusing to select one. We’ve handpicked the best fitness trackers to help. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

A large solar flare frying all of Earth’s electronic devices and sending us back to the stone age sounds like the plot of a bad science fiction movie—but it could happen. Luckily, protecting your electronics from solar flares and electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) is quite simple. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Cathay Pacific will retire the Marco Polo Club brand. Instead of having a separate elite program (Marco Polo Club) and points program (Asia Miles) the two will be combined in July. This means big changes for the entry level status of the program, and potentially for their U.S. credit card as well. Continue reading ...

Strong Compute , a Sydney, Australia-based startup that helps developers remove the bottlenecks in their machine learning training pipelines, today announced that it has raised a $7.8 million seed round. The round includes a total of 30 funds and angels, including the likes of Sequoia Capital India, Blackbird, Folklore and Skip Capital, as well as Y Combinator, Starburst Ventures and founders and

A dangerous new botnet is adding new ways to infect vulnerable endpoints almost every day, researchers are saying. Multiple cybersecurity research teams spotted a botnet called EnemyBot in March this year, and at first, it was found to be abusing critical vulnerabilities in web servers , CMS platforms , Android smartphones and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Since then, researchers have been tr

Southeast Asia is a backpacker’s and luxury traveler’s paradise all at once. The region is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world due to its affordability, delicious eats, and boasts of options for all types of travelers. When making plans to visit Southeast Asia, most travelers head to the popular hotspots of Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and maybe even Cambodia. But it’s a mi

The 2023 Nissan Z will be available this year -- here we're taking a look at a few of the coolest features of the vehicle before it hits a road near you.

Samsung Production 2022•
Samsung has reportedly lowered its smartphone production for this year by 30 million, in the latest sign that wider economic issues are affecting the mobile industry. A report by Korean publication Maeil Business News claims the company has reduced its orders from 280 million to 310 million, with the cutbacks affecting its entire portfolio. This includes low-end models like the A series and its f

Dubai Swvl 32% 2023•
Egypt-born and Dubai-headquartered mobility startup SWVL is planning to lay off 32% of its workforce, it said in a statement today. The company’s LinkedIn profile shows it has over 1,330 employees. Letting go of over 30% of its workforce means that around 400 people will lose their job at the mobility company. Tech companies, private and public, have faced a reckoning in the past few months with

Man Mona Lisa Cake•
The Mona Lisa has weathered another storm, this time involving a cake, a wig, and a dramatically-orchestrated protest . The Renaissance masterpiece by Leonardo Da Vinci, arguably the most famous painting in the world that permanently sits behind bulletproof glass at the Louvre in Paris, was smeared by a piece of cake, delivered by a 36-year-old man on Sunday. Disguised in a wig , the suspect was

Singapore Lounge SA•
In 2019, Singapore Airlines announced plans to completely refresh its lounges at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3, in a project that would cost the airline $50 million SGD. There’s an exciting update — while the KrisFlyer Gold Lounge (open to Star Alliance Gold members ) and the SilverKris Business Class Lounge (open to all Star Alliance business class passengers) have already been opened, the

The whole idea that certain people with “green thumbs” are naturally better at growing plants than others makes it sound like gardening is more about luck than skill. But, as anyone who has tried their hand at starting a garden armed only with the information they retained from elementary school science class can… Read more...

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For most cooking tasks, a backyard flattop is more versatile—and easier to manage—than a grill.

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The 2020 indie darling provides players with thoughtful romantic plots seldom seen in gaming.

DeLorean Alpha5 EV•
DeLorean Motor Company has revealed the first images name of its upcoming EV called the Alpha5. The main things that stand are the wedge-like supercar styling, pair of massive gullwing doors and four seats — letting it hit 88 MPH with two extra passengers or carry considerably more than 55 pounds of cocaine . DeLorean first teased its upcoming EV last month , promising a full reveal later this su

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The Orville ’s much-anticipated third season premieres this week, and io9 got a chance to see a few episodes in advance. No spoilers here, but while you don’t need to have seen seasons one and two, the new season, dubbed New Horizons , does contain some callbacks to what’s come before. io9 asked creator and star Seth… Read more...

CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) displays have several major advantages over modern flat-panel screens, making them popular among certain gamers. Within the hallowed halls of CRT fandom, the PVM (Professional Video Monitor) is the holy grail of retro image quality. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

You’ve likely already marathon-watched all of Stranger Things, but the good news is that Netflix is swooping in with more content. Plus, this week marks the beginning of June, which means a plethora of new content. Read This Article on LifeSavvy ›

AMD Frontier Top500•
The US-based Frontier supercomputer has broken the record for world’s most powerful system, new performance data shows. According to the latest edition of the Top500 list , which ranks supercomputers by their HPL benchmark scores, Frontier achieves more than double the performance of the previous record-holder, Fugaku . With a score of 1.102 exaflops, Frontier also becomes the first machine to of

In June 2021 we learned how Chase will be getting into the airport lounge game, which was previously dominated by American Express with its Centurion Lounges (and for that matter, Capital One is also getting into the airport lounge business ). We’ve progressively seen more locations revealed for future Chase lounges. While we know of six upcoming lounge locations, Chase has now revealed that loun

This is today’s edition of The Download , our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s going on in the world of technology. How censoring China’s open-source coders might backfire Earlier this month, thousands of software developers in China woke up to find that their open-source code hosted on Gitee, a state-backed Chinese competitor to the international code repository platform G

Hilton Rose Hall , named for the historic Rose Hall plantation house located only a mile from the resort, is the only Hilton in Montego Bay and part of Hilton By Playa all-inclusive resorts. The resort is only 15 minutes from Sangster International Airport (MBJ) and sits among a cluster of other all-inclusive resorts like Sandals Royal Caribbean and Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall , though you’d never kno

Oura Gucci Smart Ring•
Oura has teamed up with Gucci to produce the Gucci x Oura Ring, a special-edition version of the Oura Ring that's painted black, laced with 18 karat gold, and priced at $950 (about AU$1,300) and £820 in the UK. Oura says the Gucci x Oura Ring is set to “deliver all of Oura’s research-grade technology, personalized guidance, and insights in a new ring design, exquisitely crafted with Gucci’s legen

Sony PlayStation PS Plus•
Sony has released a 60Hz patch for its classic PlayStation games, but it's unfortunately introduced new visual problems. Last week, Sony launched its PS Plus rebrand in Asia, re-releasing PS1, PS2, and PSP games on PS4 and PS5 . However, Sony was criticized for using 50Hz PAL versions of its PS1 games , which run slower than the 60Hz North American and Japanese NTSC counterparts, even in NTSC reg

Mintlify , a startup developing software to automate software documentation tasks, today announced that it raised $2.8 million in a seed round led by by Bain Capital Ventures with participation from TwentyTwo Ventures and Quinn Slack, Sourcegraph’s co-founder. CEO Han Wang says that the proceeds will be put toward product development and doubling Mintlify’s core, three-person team by the end of t

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This sci-fi-worthy electric ride has gone from cool concept to the street almost unchanged.

If you’ve been browsing the web and hit a 404 error page or an unexpected redirection, you’ve seen link rot in action. Over time, the links that hold the web together break, threatening our shared cultural history. Here’s a look at why that happens. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Deciding which 10 destinations across the globe deserve a spot on TPG’s list of top vacation spots for families to visit this year was no easy task. We pulled from our own extensive travel experience, researched new resorts and activities and compiled data from travel sites like Priceline and Vrbo to find the spots your family will still be talking about years after you return home from your trip

The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

Enlarge Thirty years ago, on May 29, 1992, Apple announced its most groundbreaking and revolutionary product yet, the Newton MessagePad. It was released to great fanfare a year later, but as a product, it could only be described as a flop. Widely mocked in popular culture at the time, the Newton became a poster child for expensive but useless high-tech gadgets. Even though the device improved dra

Subsystem Linux WSL•
Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is becoming a breeding ground for malware , cybersecurity researchers are saying. While WSL-based malware is not particularly new (spotted as early as September 2021), it’s been rising in popularity among cybercriminals of late. Speaking to BleepingComputer , cybersecurity researchers from Lumen Technologies said they’ve managed to track more than 100 samples sin

People have all kinds of different strategies when it comes to picking credit cards. While I think there’s a lot of value in getting a card with an annual fee, I know many people are simply opposed to cards with annual fees. In this post I wanted to take a look at what I consider to be the most rewarding no annual fee credit cards, including both personal and business options. If you are willing

Memorial Day mattress sales 2022 are now live Welcome to TechRadar’s live rolling coverage of this year’s Memorial Day mattress sales and news. We’ll be covering all the top deals as they land today, and sharing expert shopping tips to help you save money on better sleep. So stay tuned for our expert insight into today’s sales and how to find the best deal for your budget. Here are the 5 best Mem

Starfield could make its appearance as early as March, 2023 – the signs are all there. Originally set for a November 11 launch, Bethesda broke the news that the Starfield release date is getting pushed back to 2023 . Specifically, the first half of next year. But internet sleuths have pegged March 3, 2023 as a likely candidate. Talking about the delay and purported state of the game in his Bethes

For iPhone users looking for extra power plus wireless charging who want to stay in the Apple ecosystem, the MagSafe battery pack is the best (and only) way to go. It's pretty expensive at $99, but Amazon now has it on sale for $80 ($19 off the regular price), the cheapest we've seen it this year. Buy MagSafe battery pack at Amazon - $80 The MagSafe battery pack snaps magnetically onto the back o

If you’re looking to expand your portable storage, you’re likely considering either an external hard drive (HDD) or a smaller portable flash drive. So what are the differences, is one always better than the other, and are there other options? Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Welcome back to The Station, your weekly guide to everything going on in the world of transportation. Many readers of this weekly newsletter are likely enjoying a three-day weekend thanks to the Memorial Day holiday. So, this week I will keep it a wee bit shorter. Before we get started, check out the latest transportation Q&A, this time with Convoy co-founder and CEO Dan Lewis . He predicts digit

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A Finnish company says it has found a way to incorporate bone into ground chicken, lowering the production cost and environmental impact of the meat. But will anyone eat it?

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It's a tough digital world out there for a musical group called the Viagra Boys.

Australian Baby US•
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Importing formula will provide quick relief, but reforming the program that provides free formula to low-income families would help more in the long term.

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The supply chain issues have no end in sight, so manufacturers are being forced to improvise.

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DPRK hackers are tricking their way into jobs with western firms. A US government alert reminds employers they're on the front lines—and potentially on the hook.

As we get nearer to WWDC , rumors are starting to appear with one of Apple's upcoming updates, with iOS 16 looking to get a few significant new features, including improvements to your iPhone's lock screen. According to Mark Gurman's 'Power On' newsletter (paywalled), there's going to be further improvements to notifications, Messages and Health apps, alongside some help with iPad multitasking. H

Modern Warfare 2 MW2•
Artwork for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has briefly appeared on Steam, fuelling speculation that Activision’s massive FPS series could be returning to Valve’s storefront with its next release. The Modern Warfare 2 art was spotted by Reddit user u/Kalinine on a banner image advertising the Call of Duty franchise. It featured series regular Ghost and appeared to be the same image that Activision

On May 18, thousands of software developers in China woke up to find that their open-source code hosted on Gitee, a state-backed Chinese competitor to the international code repository platform GitHub, had been locked and hidden from public view. Later that day, Gitee released a statement explaining that the locked code was being manually reviewed, as all open-source code would need to be before

DeLorean Electric Alpha5•
The DeLorean Motor Company has finally lifted the lid on its stunning electric reimagining of the 1981 DMC. Presently dubbed the Alpha5, the all-electric coupé – which was first teased back in February – ditches the wedge-like chassis of its Back to the Future counterpart to instead cut a sleeker, more contemporary figure akin to the Tesla Model S. The latter’s famous gullwing doors remain, thoug

A couple of high-severity vulnerabilities were recently discovered in a mobile framework serving the Android operating systems, putting millions of people at risk. The Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team, which discovered the flaws in September last year, says they could have been used to launch serious attacks on target devices, resulting in data theft and partial device takeover. According to