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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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Davos Schmavos!

Talk About Guns More!
Dear Producer,
Tomorrow’s show has plenty of news to deconstruct from shootings in Texas to Monkeypox to another crazy Georgia election to Davos plus more. Your No Agenda Show looks at the reality behind these stories because the show is supported by you, not a corporation worried about its reputation because of the umbrella of “brand safe.”

The brand safe idea is fairly recent and considers the idea of association between the product and the content of a podcast. This will be detailed in an upcoming discussion. Suffice it to say that it has a negative impact in reporting the facts. All news organizations are susceptible except those that are directly supported by the audience. This direct support never brings in as much money, but allows for integrity.

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Tomorrow's Show
The Texas shooting of mostly Latino children by a deranged Latino 18-year old takes front and center stage with all sorts of narratives centering on gun control will be discussed with a report from Texas by Adam. What’s the local angle?
School shooting
The End of the World
The Davos encampment with douchebags from around the world are meeting as this is written. They are plotting openly to create a one-world government that is safe for them so they can maintain their wealth and so you can give your wealth to them so you can be happy owning nothing. The head of this operation and his minions have actually produced videos telling you this. The fact that this mass insanity continues to meet up year after year is an abomination.
The Amber Heard Johnny Depp trial redux…Southern Baptist sex scandal…Soros and his end of civilization prediction…ISIS plot in Ohio to kill Bush…Monkey Pox…Boris Johnson screwed by report…Continued Georgia election hanky-panky. It worked before, why change?

No Agenda analyzes news better than any mainstream media source. Support these efforts today.
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp
John C. Dvorak
& Adam C. Curry

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