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Sunday, May 1, 2022

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Endless Wars Are Back
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Tomorrow’s Show
What better May Day can you have? When many of you were children you recalled the yearly Russian parade of heavy weapons rolling through Red Square in Moscow with Khrushchev or one of the Soviet honchos standing at attention in front of the marching soldiers showing the might of the Empire.

The North Koreans still put on such a spectacle. If Russia or Chine does it our media never shows it or tells us about it. Instead, we are shown bombed out apartments in Ukraine to encourage war cheerleading amongst the US public.

In past newsletter there has been a lot of discussion of the origins or May Day. A good summary is here. The day was lifted by the International Communist movement as their big celebration day. It’s kind of fading except amongst the die-hards.
Ministry of Truth!
America still celebrates communist May Day and salutes dictators and creeps everywhere by now establishing a Ministry of Truth so the government can tell us “officially” what to read and what to believe. If this does not give people reason to never support Joe Biden or his political party then nobody knows what will. This is an abomination of the highest order.
Ukraine, Ugh!
It looks more and more like this war is going to drag on long enough to get rid of as much old defense department inventory as we can. As usual only your No Agenda Show will give you accurate and unbiased analysis of this mess.
I smell contracts for Bechtel
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