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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

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TL;DR: Browse Cabela’s Bargain Cave for the latest sale and clearance items until May 31. Summer is around the corner — are you ready for all the fun the season holds? Avoid the FOMO of being unprepared by stocking up now. Cabela’s has all the essentials you need for your outdoor adventures, and their Bargain Cave is a must-stop destination if you’re into getting the best deals (who isn’t?). Here

240W USB 2.1 Cables•
Next-gen USB-C 2.1 cables could finally be on their way, potentially seriously cutting the time it takes to charge our laptops, smartphones and other devices. As Tom’s Hardware reports , Club3D has launched a range of USB-C cables that can deliver up to 240W of power, which is over twice the 100W maximum that current USB-C cables can supply. This could have big implications for laptops and smartp

The Rolling Stones iconic tongue and lips logo is recognized worldwide, and now you can put it on your wall with the all-new LEGO Art Rolling Stones set. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Developers of autonomous vehicles have long promised that the technology will fundamentally change the way people, packages and freight move around the world. But will these robotaxis, self-driving trucks and delivery bots be good citizens in the cities in which they operate? And what does a “good AV citizen” even look like? We’ve invited three experts to our stage to sift through this complex su

It is the second day of NewFronts, and the announcements continue. Roku today said it will extend its content library in hopes to target audiences who are fans of lifestyle, cooking, home renovation, and reality television. The company has two new co-production deals with Marquee Brands and Milk Street Studios, giving The Roku Channel seven original series starring food & lifestyle personalities

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The CW’s Arrowverse may be on the decline , but the DC Extended Universe of content over at HBO Max just keeps growing. The newest project may be a series about Machiavellian ARGUS director and emotionless Task Force X (aka the Suicide Squad ) overseer Amanda Waller, with Viola Davis returning to play the character. Read more...

Gizmodo / 11min
Let’s hope that the upcoming Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse doesn’t include every rendition of the wall-crawler, especially not today’s California variety. Read more...

35Futurism / 14min
It’s apparently not just governments using bot networks to influence the conversation on social media. While researching Tesla’s social media footprint in 2021, University of Maryland researcher David Kirsch and his associate Mohsen Chowdhury say they discovered something odd. In 2013, when Tesla stock plummeted following reports that one of the burgeoning electric vehicle maker’s Model S Sedans

Wii S Enlarge / Welcome back to the world of Wii S —er, ahem, I mean, Nintendo Switch Sports . (credit: Nintendo) Wii Sports is dead; long live Nintendo Switch Sports . This many years into the Switch's life span, Nintendo has finally decided that its casual, cartoony take on sports should live on, even if its original home on the Wii is no longer supported. But what's in a name? Are the words "N

Building on the stream of announcements around creators and AR from its Partner Summit last week , Snap today introduced several more initiatives across advertising and content during its presentation at the 2022 NewFronts . Most notably, the company is launching a new creator program in partnership with celebrity greeting app Cameo, a new advertising product called Snap Promote, and a slate of n

When robotic process automation company UiPath filed to go public in March 2021, the startup had just closed a $750 million round that helped it clinch a $35 billion valuation. Although its initial IPO price range was slightly below that figure, post-debut, it bounced back to a $43 billion valuation at $90 per share. As of this writing, however, UiPath is trading at $18.36 per share. A year ago,

After the popular online game, Wordle, went viral , an unrelated older mobile game that shared the same name benefitted, gaining an explosion of downloads as iPhone users mistook it for the web game making headlines. Now the developer of the iOS game “Wordle!,” Steven Cravotta, has cashed in on this case of mistaken identity — he’s handed off his game to mobile marketing firm and game maker AppLo

Ferns are nice and all, but they aren’t exactly dynamic. If you’re a person who demands action from your houseplants or wants truly deadly greenery, you should consider growing a carnivorous plant. They look pretty, and as a bonus, these houseplants-that-should-not-be violate generally agreed upon rules of nature.… Read more...

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This post has been updated with new information American Express on Tuesday opened a temporary Centurion Lounge at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), as a more than two-year-long closure continues to impact the issuer’s Southern California location. Located on the sixth floor in the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT), or Terminal B, the temporary lounge space offers seating, Wi-F

After nine months in beta, 1Password 8 has officially released for Mac with yet another redesign and more features on top of the already stuffed pre-release package. As noted by co-founder Dave Teare, productivity was the major driving factor behind the changes. The big new feature is Universal Autofill, which, as the name implies, allows users to fill in passwords automatically into Mac apps lik

Airplanes are massively heavy and hit the tarmac at blistering speeds, putting their tires under immense loads. There's a good reason those tires don't explode.

Google may be jumping into the foldable smartphone game after all, according to a series of recent Tweets and updates from insiders.

Gizmodo / 36min
Every time a Pixel smartphone approaches its expiration date after fighting the good fight against Apple’s market dominance, I’m tempted to give it a proper Viking funeral. The next models deserving of this commemorative treatment are the Pixel 3a and 3a XL . Both phones were the first in Google’s economy smartphone… Read more...

Building on its plan to replace third-party cookies on the web, Google is bringing its new Privacy Sandbox standards to mobile to improve user privacy on Android smartphones . For those unfamiliar, the search giant’s Privacy Sandbox initiative consists of several parts including Google Topics and FLEDGE. While Google Topics splits the web into different topics and divides users into groupings dep

Spotify Island Roblox•
Gizmodo / 43min
Spotify claims to be “entering the metaverse” by becoming the first music streaming service to enter the platform with the release of “Spotify Island.” Read more...

blondebrainpower : St. Florian Monastery, Austria

Buying miles & points strategically can often represent a good value. Along those lines, the Radisson Rewards Americas program has just launched its latest promotion on purchased points, which is the best promotion we’ve seen from the program so far in 2022. Promotion on purchases Radisson Rewards points Through Monday, May 9, 2022, Radisson Rewards Americas is offering a 100% bonus on purchased

Abortion has always been a major debate in the United States, but it’s about to hit a fever pitch because of a draft opinion leaked this week that shows the Supreme Court has voted to overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey. Everyone knows what abortion is , but before you run straight into a debate with… Read more...

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When Apple released the Magic Keyboard , it essentially gave iPad owners the ability to transform their tablet into a laptop. At least, from a hardware perspective. Read more...

Your Amazon Fire TV device uses the date and time settings from your default time zone. If you ever want to adjust the current date and time on your Firestick, simply change the time zone. Here’s how you can do that. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

In October 2021, Microsoft agreed to start making its Surface devices more repairable and promised it would fund an independent study to find how the environment could benefit from the right to repair movement. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Blizzard Warcraft Arclight•
Warcraft fans can look forward to a new mobile game in 2022. Blizzard today released the trailer for Warcraft Arclight Rumble , a free-to-play, single-player strategy game that is due later this year. The game features collectible Warcraft Minis that players will be able to control in order to defeat evil leaders in the Warcraft universe. The game’s Google Play store description states that playe

300+Futurism / 1h
A new video circulating on Chinese social media shows workers in full protection gear unloading a yellow body bag from the back of a hearse in Shanghai — only to make the shocking discovery that the person was still alive and moving, CNN reports . The footage, which has gone viral on Weibo, shows the nursing home resident’s head poking out of the bag, presumably scaring the bejesus out of the emp

The best cameras for music videos are perfect for any musician trying to make their music cinematic. Don’t believe a word “The Buggles” said back in 1980: video did not in fact, kill the radio star. Music videos are on occasion, as iconic as songs themselves. But no matter how good a song is, you’re simply not going to capture all that pathos on video without the right equipment. Luckily, not all

As automakers bet their futures on electric vehicles, they’re beginning to confront the hard realities of economics and physics. Prices for nickel and cobalt, two key elements used in EV batteries today, have skyrocketed, far outpacing inflation. At the same time, existing lithium-ion battery technology is improving, just not fast enough. That’s sent companies searching for alternatives, from sol

Bunq , a European challenger bank based in Amsterdam, has announced that it plans to acquire Tricount , a popular mobile app to manage group expenses. Bunq isn’t disclosing the terms of the transaction and the acquisition is pending regulatory approval. Tricount is a simple yet effective way of tracking expenses as a group. For instance, if you are traveling with friends or if you live with roomm

Nintendo has had many smash hits over past decades, but not every effort was a success. The company's biggest fumble ultimately paved the way for the Switch.

Just like Apple, Samsung has its own phone-tracking platform that makes it easy for users to find their phone's location, lock and erase it, and more.

Microsoft Edge Safari•
For the second month in a row, Microsoft Edge has gained market share over Apple's Safari, consolidating its position as the second most popular web browser, but it is still a distant runner-up behind Google Chrome. The new data comes courtesy of StatCounter , which tracks the market share for web browsers (among other things). In their latest report covering April, Edge ticked up from 9.65% in M

I don’t know who invented the crouton, but they nailed it. Putting a bunch of bread onto a bunch of raw vegetables not only makes that pile of plant matter better tasting and more texturally interesting, it cuts down on bread waste, as the best croutons are made from stale bread. Read more...

In the new trailer for DC’s animated League of Super-Pets , Krypto the Super-Dog (voiced by Dwayne Johnson ) has to team up with a rag-tag group of newly-empowered shelter animals to save Superman from the clutches of an evil... alien (maybe?) who has kidnapped the Justice League. Read more...

Microsoft Office has been available on iPhone, iPad, and Android for years, giving you an easy way to quickly view and edit documents on the go. Office on Android is now rolling out a new way to sort through all your files, following similar updates on Apple devices. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Meta Quest VR 2024•
Later this year, Facebook (now Meta) will put its lofty metaverse concept to the test with the Project Cambria headset. Leaks and official statements show that Project Cambria will be a work-focused machine with several stunning features, and Zuckerberg even claims that it could replace your laptop. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Editor’s note: TPG’s Gene Sloan accepted a free trip from Azamara to attend a preview event over the weekend for its new cruise ship, Azamara Onward. The opinions expressed below are entirely his and weren’t subject to review by the line. Are you looking for an intimate, upscale cruise vessel that can take you to some of the world’s most spectacular destinations at a reasonable price? If you’re n

Apple Store Maryland•
Workers at the first US Apple Store to file for a union election will decide whether to unionize next month. According to an agreement obtained by The Verge , employees at Apple's Cumberland Mall retail location in Atlanta will begin voting on June 2nd, with the ballot box open until June 4th. All approximately 100 regular full- and part-time staff at the store will be able to participate in the

TL;DR: Enter the code MOTHERSDAY22 at checkout to take $200 off any Mirror home gym system and apply free shipping and installation. (That works out to a total savings of $450.) When you think about it, smart fitness mirrors that can stream live and on-demand workouts are basically the 2022 version of Mom's Jane Fonda aerobics tapes. (Tell her to dust off her leg warmers, by the way: TikTok says

Twitter Circle Tweets•
Look, not everyone needs to see all of your tweets all of the time. On Tuesday, Twitter announced a new feature which lets users tweet exclusively to pre-selected followers. Dubbed "Twitter Circle," the limited test is being run globally and appears designed for instances where users explicitly don't want their content to go viral. SEE ALSO: How to download all your tweets from Twitter "Some Twee

Radcliffe Yankovic•
Anyone who is familiar with Daniel Radcliffe's and "Weird Al" Yankovic's respective bodies of work knew to expect a good time from this first trailer for Roku's Weird: The Al Yankovic Story . But you probably didn't expect it to be served with a side of horny. Among the many thrilling movie moments this trailer highlights is one in which a shirtless DanRad parades across a stage, with a bottle of

Apple Ujkashevic Ford•
Apple has hired a longtime Ford executive to provide the iPhone maker with automotive expertise, signaling that its mysterious car project is still alive. Desi Ujkashevic, Ford’s global director of safety engineering, will join the software giant’s efforts to develop a fully electric autonomous car, which has been beset by delays, regulatory issues and executive departures. Bloomberg, which was f

Apple could be planning to combine two of its most popular items into one mega-product -- if a new patent and imagery are any indication.

Nothing makes me happier than a points transfer bonus. You magically multiply your points into more than what you had already, thus requiring fewer points to book your upcoming trip. Through December 31, 2023, holders of the Aeroplan Credit Card from Chase can get a 10% bonus when transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards points to their Aeroplan accounts. This can be a great option for those who have

The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

Delta business class award space between New York JFK and Frankfurt is reasonably available between May and December 7 at the saver level. You can book these seats right now for just 39,000 points each way. Continue reading ...

It’s normal and expected to be irritable sometimes—when we’re overly tired, when our environment is too loud, when we sit in gridlock, or when someone steals our thunder at work. In some instances, like a traffic jam, there’s nothing we can do to change the circumstances—all we can do is consciously modulate our… Read more...

Rocket Lab Electron•
Private aerospace company Rocket Lab just pulled off a mid-air capture of a rocket booster as it plunged its way back through Earth’s atmosphere, hooking it with a long rope attached to a helicopter. The mission, dubbed “There and Back Again,” also deployed 34 satellites to orbit on Monday. Read more...

By assigning a unique name to your AirPods, you make it easier to find them among other Bluetooth-enabled devices. It’s easy to rename your AirPods, and you can use an Apple device to do that. We’ll show you how. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

The next batch of titles set to arrive on Xbox Game Pass has been revealed, as well as the several games that'll be leaving the platform in May.

Volvo (re)discovered a prototype powered by alternative fuel and a hyper-efficient engine -- one that never made it to the production line.

Twitter Circle Tweets•
You might not have to tweet to all your followers (or the public) in the future. Twitter is testing a "Circle" feature that lets you limit tweets to a group of as many as 150 people. It's a not-so-subtle parallel to Instagram's Close Friends — you can ask for advice or share a personal event without unwelcome commentary. The company told Engadget Circle is already available to a "small group" of

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Megascope A team of researchers suggest we could use existing quantum computing methods to build massive telescope arrays the size of entire planets. These theoretical observatories could allow us to peek even further into deep space and resolve faraway targets in much higher resolution, something that could “revolutionize astronomical imaging,” the team led by Zixin Huang at Macquarie University

Rocket Lab Electron•
Yoink! New Zealand-based space startup Rocket Lab pulled off an amazing stunt on Tuesday: it caught the first stage of its Electron rocket with a helicopter as it made its parachute-aided descent after launching into space. The amazing stunt was caught from multiple angles, including a first-person view from inside the helicopter. A video shared on social media by Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck shows

40Gizmodo / 2h
On April 18, 2022, Gizmodo began releasing once-confidential Facebook documents , once the only accessible to members of Congress and the media. As of May 2, we’ve published more than 1,000 pages of what’s come to be known as the Facebook Papers. Here are some highlights from our first two releases, which cover the… Read more...

Traveling alone can be a deeply rewarding, restorative experience. I’m a huge proponent of solo travel. I’ve logged alone time in Cambodia, Germany, Montana, and who knows how many layovers in between. I’m not saying I’ve “found myself” in all these new places, but I’ve certainly learned how to enjoy my own company.… Read more...

Google Password One•
Despite constant warnings from their IT departments and CTOs, high-ranking business executives have the same equally unhealthy password habits as many other internet users do. To learn more about the password habits of business owners, CEOs and other c-suite executives, NordPass partnered with independent researchers who analyzed over 290m data breaches worldwide. Together, they grouped passwords

Twitter Circle Tweets•
Twitter Circle, the app’s spin on an Instagram-like “Close Friends” feature, is finally testing. The feature was teased as one of many potential product updates in July , and last month, it cropped up live on the site due to a bug. Now, a small number of users can shitpost to their 150 closest friends as the feature enters a live testing phase. Image Credits: Screenshot by TechCrunch Twitter says

Mozilla Firefox 100•
Firefox 100 celebrates a big milestone with a bumper update. If you're concerned about security, productivity, and privacy, you'll likely be pleased.

Not everyone wants the apps they use, or even their smartphone provider, to know where they are all the time. Here's how to boost your privacy.

Biden US Energy EV•
Enlarge / Batteries roll through an automated assembly line. (credit: xPACIFICA/Getty Images ) On Monday, the US Department of Energy announced that it was releasing over $3 billion in funds to stimulate the production of batteries within the country. The funding is divided into two chunks, one intended to spur the processing of battery materials and manufacturing demos and the second for stimula

PreSeed Now UK Investors•
Will Y Combinator one day fund 1,000 companies per batch? Its president, Geoff Ralston, doesn’t think that’s impossible . But for the tech press, the possibility creates a conundrum: We can do our best to pick favorites , but we can’t cover every single promising startup in its early days. This situation, it turns out, creates an opportunity for an emerging source of startup curation: deal-flow n

PreSeed Now UK Investors•
Pre-seed startups are often too early for showtime, but not for deal-flow newsletters. Launching today, deal-flow newsletter PreSeed Now will present early-stage startups from around the U.K. to investors twice a week, with one in-depth company profile per issue. “U.K. companies, and particularly the earliest-stage companies, don’t necessarily get covered by the existing tech press,” founder Mart

Apple Ujkashevic Ford•
Apple has hired a longtime Ford engineer and executive to work on its long-gestating car project, according to Bloomberg . Desi Ujkashevic had been with the automaker since 1991. Before leaving the company in March, Ujkashevic was Ford's global director of automotive safety engineering. She previously oversaw the global body engineering team, safety engineering for Ford of Europe and the global d

The Great Resignation wasn’t ginned up by corporate media to sell advertising impressions — if you’re trying to hire, the struggle is real. Since the pandemic began, the percentage of workers who quit their jobs reached a 20-year high, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. A Pew Research study found that most workers exit for one of three reasons: They’re not making enough money, aren

Apple the App Store•
Karen Gullo Contributor Karen Gullo is an analyst and senior media relations specialist at Electronic Frontier Foundation. A pair of bills moving through Congress would force some of the largest tech companies to cede control over how people find and use mobile apps, leading to more competition and lower prices. But Big Tech companies, especially Apple, want to scare people with dire warnings tha

Apple employees aren’t ready to give up on remote work just yet. Read more...

To complete our outbound journey to the Maldives , we flew Emirates’ Boeing 777-300ER first class from Dubai (DXB) to Male (MLE). I won’t be fully reviewing this flight, since I’ve reviewed Emirates’ “old” 777 first class before, and I don’t want to be too redundant. However, I wanted to hit on a few of the highlights. As a reminder, this was booked as part of a larger award itinerary, as we rede

If you’re a dedicated grill master, you likely already have a secret recipe for making your signature burger. But for those who are open to trying a new technique, you don’t have to look any further than your freezer. Read This Article on LifeSavvy ›

To check what version of Python is installed on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, all you have to do is run a single command. We’ll show you how to do that as well as what to do if you have multiple Python versions installed. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Liteboxer VR, the popular fitness and boxing platform that lets you step into the virtual ring, will start offering its app completely free. Meta Quest (previously Oculus Quest) owners can enjoy intense sweat sessions without breaking out a debit card. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Meta's plan for future virtual reality headsets leaks with four VR devices likely headed to market in the months ahead -- each with its own plan of attack.

For the longest time, it was standard practice to buy a new phone every two years. Some companies even tried to make swapping out your phone once a year the norm. However, the phones of today don’t slow to a crawl after one or two years like they used to. Hardware has progressed to a point where a device can continue… Read more...

Paramount+ Subscribers•
A lot of people are paying for Paramount+ to watch Halo and Star Trek: Picard , even if neither series has been particularly outstanding. On Tuesday, Paramount Global (formerly ViacomCBS) announced that it added 6.8 million new Paramount+ subscribers in the first quarter of 2022. With those additions, the platform has almost 40 million customers. Among other content, the company credited its orig

Mozilla Firefox 100•
Mozilla launched version 100 of its Firefox browser today, but more so than a day for celebration, it feels like a day for nostalgia. That’s a nostalgia for a time when Firefox was truly revolutionary after it broke out of the Mozilla Application Suite back in 2002 and quickly threatened the hegemony of the utterly dismal Internet Explorer. But also a nostalgia for the open web, which Mozilla was

"My name is Reggie. I'm about kicking ass, I'm about taking names, and we're about making games." Reggie Fils-Aimé's unforgettable introduction at Nintendo's E3 2004 showcase marked a turning point for the famed console maker. At the time, we simply saw a bold and brash new attitude from the traditionally reserved company. But as Disrupting the Game: From the Bronx to the Top of Nintendo , his ne

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with new information. If you are planning a dream getaway in the near future, now is a good time to determine your earning strategy and rack up those points and miles, especially with booming demand for summer travel . As usual, one of the easiest ways to amass a large chunk of rewards is through credit card sign-up bonuses . United loyalists are in luck,

For die-hard fans of Disney’s theme parks, the rides and attractions are just part of the experience. Learning what goes on behind-the-scenes in the parks can be just as thrilling, as is the opportunity to acquire park souvenirs and memorabilia that you definitely won’t find in any of Disneyland’s gift shops. Read more...

Google Search Results•
The web giant makes it easier to request that results linking to contact information are removed.

India has seen scorching temperatures of well over 100 degrees in recent weeks. The impacts have been quick and could prove to be severe.

Per a leaked draft obtained by Politico , The Supreme Court is set to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, a precedent that protects a women’s choice to have an abortion. The move, still yet to go through, would be devastating to the women’s reproductive rights movement, and be a stunning jolt to healthcare in the United States. In response to the looming potential shift, the founders of d

Kuo Apple Watch Series 8•
The rumor mill continues to churn about the Apple Watch 8 : Sources report its skin temperature sensor may not make it into the finished wearable in time for release. Apple is still working on the software component of the feature, Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently said, making sure the temperature displayed is accurate and conforming to Apple’s high standards before the watch’s release date. Accordi

Roe v. Wade is on the brink of being overturned, according to a leaked draft of an upcoming Supreme Court opinion . What happens to abortion rights after that depends on what state you live in. As we previously explained (back when Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed, remember that?), some states have “trigger laws” that… Read more...

35Gizmodo / 3h
Almost two years after it officially went on sale in the U.S. for “commercial and industrial use,” Boston Dynamic’s robotic quadruped Spot is getting some upgrades that are mostly designed to improve the user experience for those behind the robot’s controls. Read more...

The move is in response to Google's app store policies, under which it takes 30% commission on all sales.

Some digital inventions have seemed brilliant, but their business plans might not work.

Enlarge / The Pixel 6 Pro. (credit: Google ) Android's May security update is out, and that means the Pixel 6 is finally getting a patch for the Dirty Pipe vulnerability. The update comes one month after Samsung shipped Google's patch to the Galaxy S22, but at least it's finally arriving. Dirty Pipe, aka CVE-2022-0847, is one of the biggest Linux vulnerabilities to come around in recent years. Th

tSC Roberts Court Roe•
72Wired / 3h
The leak of a draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade quickly sparked a court investigation. Which laws may have been violated, if any, remains uncertain.

After numerous delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic , travelers officially have one year from today to get a Real ID suitable for domestic air travel, the Transportation Security Administration reminded the public earlier this week. For more TPG news delivered each morning to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter . (Screenshot from the Department of Homeland Security) The Department of Home

The Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card ( review ) is one of the most popular premium credit cards. Since the card was introduced over five years ago, it has been a no brainer for many. However, a lot has changed, both in absolute and relative terms — the card’s annual fee has increased, the pandemic changed a lot of consumer behavior, and in 2021 saw significant changes to both Sapphire cards . With th

Certain apps can be real data hogs, and that can be true even when you're not using them. Here's how to set app data limits on your Android phone.

Windows’ Narrator feature reads on-screen text to help you navigate your PC. If you have this feature enabled, but you don’t use it, it’s easy to turn Narrator off on both Windows 10 and 11. We’ll show you two ways to do that. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

In a world where packages can be stolen off your doorstep, investing in a good security system for your home is essential. If your smart home primarily uses Apple HomeKit to integrate everything, finding a compatible security camera is no small feat. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Spirit Airlines — the most notorious ultra-low-cost U.S. carrier — revamped its elite status program in early 2021. And despite what you might think, it actually packs some powerful features. Think free bags, free seat selection, waived overweight checked bag fees, exit-row seat assignment and much more. The way you quantify the value of these perks is crucial to consider whether you should earn

The skeletal remains of a human body were found inside of an old corroded barrel near the shores of Nevada’s Lake Mead over the weekend, as an ongoing drought sends water levels to troubling lows. Items found inside the barrel suggest this person, whose identity is unknown, may have died in the 1980s, the Associated… Read more...

Prince Persia Ubisoft of•
Work on Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake evidently hasn't gone as smoothly as Ubisoft hoped. The company has now put its Montreal studio in charge of the project. Ubisoft Pune and Ubisoft Mumbai had been working on the game. An update on the development of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake — Prince of Persia (@princeofpersia) May 3, 2022 Ubisoft Montr

If you checked your holiday calendar this morning, you already know we are in the midst of the Parent Teacher Association’s National Teacher Appreciation Week . While many retailers are offering limited-time offers as their way of saying thanks to America’s 3.2 million educators , here are ten companies that offer… Read more...

Valence Teams•
Valence , a growing teamwork platform, today announced that it raised $25 million in a Series A round led by Insight Partners. Co-founder and CEO Parker Mitchell said that the tranche will be used to triple the size of the company’s team to 75, expand its sales footprint (particularly in Europe), and build out Valence’s product team. What constitutes a “teamwork platform,” exactly? Mitchell descr

Twitter Musk Advertisers•
Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | SOPA Images) Twitter warned that it may lose key employees and have difficulty hiring during the period before it closes its $44 billion sale to Elon Musk. Twitter also warned that it could have trouble keeping advertisers on board. "During the period prior to the closing of the merger, our business is exposed to certain inherent risks and certain restrictions on o

67Gizmodo / 4h
Good news, Star Trek fans who are also fond of the letter u, the right kinds of tea , and other things! Paramount+ has finally been given a launch date in the UK and Ireland. Bad news: it’s nowhere near in time for you to keep up with at least one of the brand new Star Trek shows on the way. Read more...

Microsoft Defender DfB•
Microsoft’s endpoint security solution Microsoft Defender for Business is now generally available for SMBs everywhere Microsoft Defender for Business was already included as part of Microsoft 365 Business Premium , Microsoft's solution for businesses with up to 300 employees. Server support for the new offering will be coming later this year, according to Microsoft. What does Microsoft Defender f

Paramount Pluto TV•
Paramount Global, formerly ViacomCBS, reported an overall total of 62.4 million global subscribers across its suite of streaming services, with Paramount+ alone adding 6.8 million total subscribers in the first quarter of 2022, to reach 39.6 million in total. Paramount CEO Bob Bakish has stated previously that the company is aiming to hit 100 million subscribers to Paramount+ by 2024. During this

Marshall Willen Bluetooth•
If Nigel Tuffnel of Spinal Tap’s Marshall amp goes all the way to 11, then we’re going to have to assume the new Marshall Willen, the company’s latest and smallest-ever Bluetooth speaker , goes all the way up to at least 0.11. Despite measuring just 101.6 x 100.5 x 40.4 mm and weighing 0.31 kg, Marshall promises that the Willen will deliver the company’s signature “heavy” sound via three presets,

Xbox Game Pass May•
The latest batch of games heading to Xbox Game Pass has been revealed, bringing a bunch of indie games to Microsoft’s subscription service. Side-scrolling fighting game Trek to Yomi leads the pack of new Xbox Game Pass titles. It’s a mythical, monochrome adventure that follows a lone samurai, and sells itself as a cinematic, narratively driven fighter. Accompanying it is dungeon-crawling roguelik

PlayStation Sony Xbox•
It looks as though Sony is readying itself to purchase more third-party game studios, as the tech giant is now seeking a director to lead future PlayStation investment and acquisition projects. In a new job advert spotted by business analyst Roberto Serrano (via VGC ), Sony is advertising for a Director for Corporate Development to identify “inorganic growth opportunities through acquisitions, in

Mozilla Mental Health•
Many of the top mental health apps have serious cybersecurity flaws and privacy shortcomings, a study by Mozilla has found. In its latest Privacy Not Included report , the Firefox browser maker investigated the privacy and security features on offer for a number of mental health and prayer apps, uncovering a worrying number of issues. Some of the apps investigated, including big names such as hea

Amazon has lifted the lid on a host of new series in development for its recently rebranded Freevee service, including a US remake of cult British comedy show Inside No. 9. Formerly known as IMDb TV (which itself was rebranded from IMDb Freedive in 2019), Freevee is Amazon’s free, ad-supported video channel, available to Amazon account holders in the US and UK through the Prime Video website or a

New rumors suggest that the forthcoming Garmin Forerunner 955 , the company's next top-end triathlon watch, will launch on June 1. The news comes courtesy of a Reddit user who claims to have been visiting a running store in Germany when he saw an email Garmin had sent to retailers. As Gadgets and Wearables reports, the poster claims that the Forerunner 955 is due to launch alongside the new Forer

Twitter Edit Tweet•
Twitter’s new edit button has been spotted online, giving us our first look at the upcoming feature's functionality and, importantly, how it preserves the original tweets before any edits were made. Shared online by researcher Jane Manchun Wong , Twitter’s still-in-development edit button makes it plainly obvious that a tweet has been edited, as alongside the time and date for the tweet there wil

Google Docs Dropdown•
Google has revealed a range of new online collaboration tools for its Google Docs platform. Users of the office software will soon be able to add dropdown chips and table templates to their documents, which Google says will make it easier for users to collaborate on projects. Dropdown chips will allow Google Docs users to indicate the status of their document or to add project milestones within i

Got some industry news, made a new appointment or signed a new partnership? Then we want to hear from you - get in touch ! (Image credit: BAI Communications) Former Vodafone CTO joins BAI Communications BAI Communications has appointed industry veteran Steve Pusey as chair of its board. Pusey served nine years as Vodafone CTO, having also had spells at Nortel and BT. (Image credit: Qualcomm)

Nintendo Switch Sports•
Nintendo Switch Sports Enlarge / This is what can happen if you don't secure your wrist strap before playing Nintendo Switch Sports . (credit: Reddit / Equivalent_Actuary_6 ) When you've covered the game industry for as long as I have, you tend to see the same types of stories appearing over and over. Still, new reports that Nintendo Switch Sports players are breaking their TVs with accidentally

You normally have to choose between fast refresh rates or OLED's vivid imagery when buying a laptop, but Razer claims it can offer both at once. The company plans to update the Blade 15 with an option for what it says is the first 240Hz OLED laptop display. You'll get the high responsiveness that can provide an edge in multiplayer games, but you'll still have a color-accurate 1440p panel (100 per

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Acclaimed actor Megan Fox likes to dabble the Dark Arts by drinking her boyfriend rapper Colson “Machine Gun Kelly” Baker’s blood every once in a while , a detail about their relationship that has led to countless tabloid headlines. “So, I guess to drink each other’s blood might mislead people or people are imagining us with goblets and we’re like Game of Thrones, drinking each other’s blood,” Fo

Thirst for Knowledge An increase in water shortages and greenhouse gas emissions is a serious enough climate problem that scientists are willing to go to any lengths to save the world. One trick in our bioagricultural arsenal? Re-using human pee, they say. No, we’re not talking about a Bear Grylls LARP club . Instead, a group of scientists told national French news service AFP today that human ur

You have three options for retrieving deleted text messages from your iPhone. Two depend on the software you use, and you probably won't like the third.

Google Docs Dropdown•
Last year, Google announced smart canvas , a suite of tools the company promised would make it easier for people to collaborate across its productivity apps. Since then, it has consistently introduced new “smart chips,” small modular features designed to further that goal. The latest adds a new tool for creating dropdown menus in Google Docs. Google As you can see from the GIF the company shared,

Divorce is the big “D” word that no one in a marriage wants to think about—but we all know it happens, even to couples whose relationship was once happy and strong. If you’ve been struggling with your relationship—or you’re just someone who’d rather be proactive than reactive when it comes to your marriage—you might… Read more...

Enlarge / NASA Administrator Bill Nelson is seen in firing room four during the launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying the company's Crew Dragon spacecraft on the Crew-4 mission in April. (credit: Joel Kowsky/NASA via Getty Images) NASA Administrator Bill Nelson appeared before a US Senate Appropriations subcommittee on Tuesday to discuss NASA's budget request for the upcoming fiscal year. T

SAVE 38%: If you're looking for a thoughtful gift for someone close to you, this Nixplay Touch Screen Digital Picture Frame is a great option. It's on sale at Amazon for $129.99 as a deal of the day, which is down 38% from its regular price of $209.99. Mother's Day is now less than a week away, and you already know Mom is expecting due appreciation for her efforts in raising you. Flowers are nice

Twitter Musk Advertisers•
Just ahead of its presentation to media ad buyers later this week at the 2022 NewFronts , Twitter acknowledged in a new SEC filing that its core advertising business could now be at risk as a result of the Elon Musk takeover, in addition to employee hiring and retention efforts and other factors. While Musk’s vision for Twitter is one of a more free speech-focused platform, he hasn’t offered assu

Ford reveals ways in which F-150 Lightning features like Intelligent Range and Onboard Scales allow the vehicle to become more efficient over time.

Marshall Willen Bluetooth•
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Marshall just released two new Bluetooth speakers, and I’m already reaching for my wallet. Read more...

Meta Reels Instagram•
You know how when you log onto TikTok, the first thing you see (besides maybe an ad) is a full-screen, vertical video? Instagram is testing a feature that would offer a similar, instantly immersive experience, which it says is designed to “bring video more front and center.” Seems to be a recurring theme over at Meta! Of course, the subtext here is that Instagram is continuing its quest to captur

Lumos , a startup that wants to provide an end-to-end solution for enterprises to manage all of the SaaS apps their employees use, is coming out of stealth today. The company plans to take on the SaaS management market by combining security features like role-based access control that IT departments need with the self-service capabilities that employees want and the spending reports (and ability

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Instagram Testing TikTok•
Instagram will test some additional changes for the main feed, including more recommendations. Extra content from accounts you don't follow will bubble up in the default algorithmic feed "based on what you love." It's not clear how many of these suggested posts you'll see, though Instagram says the experience will be personalized and factor in things like the number of accounts you follow and how

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There’s a lot to enjoy about Spider-Man: No Way Home , but the most awkward part of the entire movie has always been how two franchises of Spider-Men were brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe : Doctor Strange casually trying to cast a spell to make the world forget Peter Parker is Spidey, only to get distracted,… Read more...

Editor’s note: This is a recurring post, regularly updated with the latest promotions. The travel industry was hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak, but fortunately, the future of travel is starting to look brighter. While the recovery is ongoing, airlines and hotel groups are still scrambling to find new or increased income streams to secure cash fast. One of these ways is selling airline miles

From the minds behind TechCrunch comes a brand-new TC Sessions event dedicated to the climate crisis. Leading scientists, entrepreneurs, VCs and more will gather on June 14 at UC Berkeley to examine the role of tech and startups in mitigating and adapting to the existential threat you know and dread. I know this reporter will be there! How about you? Join me at the show, in partnership with the E

Welcome back to Found where we get into the stories behind the startups. Thor Fridriksson is, as Jordan calls him, the Kind of Mobile Gaming. With mega-viral games like Trivia Royale and QuizUp, he knows the secret sauce to make a popular game, but the code he hasn’t cracked is how to make a super lucrative game. Thor joined us on Found Live to talk about the pitfalls of ads on mobile games, why

As the use of AI becomes more common throughout the enterprise, the demand for products that make it easier to inspect, discover and fix critical AI errors is increasing. After all, AI is costly — Gartner predicted in 2021 that a third of tech providers would invest $1 million or more in AI by 2023 — and debugging an algorithm gone wrong threatens to inflate the development budget. A separate Gar

I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy because I love it when books take me to new worlds or imagine new realities, but there’s something to be said for writing that connects you with the places you already know. Few things delight me more as a reader than picking up a book and discovering the action is set in a… Read more...

Have you ever been working on a document that sparked an email to someone? With a handy feature in Google Docs, you can write your email and then with the click of a button, create the draft in Gmail. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

At the University of South Carolina , a robot helped a human build a remote-controlled airplane. The upcoming study seeks to determine whether human preferences can be effectively transferred to robots in order to complete an assembly task. Using a small touchscreen tablet, the researcher is shown a list of suggested parts or actions to choose from. After making a selection, the robot then heads

There are some situations where getting one card precludes you from getting something else, whether it's the best deal on a mortgage (usually not an issue, but always best to be safe before applying) or another credit card. When there's a tradeoff you have to consider which choice delivers more value to you. Continue reading ...

Edge Delta $63M Data•
Databases are growing at an exponential rate these days, and so when it comes to real-time data observability, organizations are often fighting a losing battle if they try to run analytics or any observability process in a centralized way. Today a company called Edge Delta that’s built an observability platform from a different perspective — based on edge computing — is announcing a round of fund

SoundCloud wants to make it easier to find must-listen tunes buried deep in its catalog. TechCrunch notes the company has bought Musiio, an AI music curation company. The firm's technology uses AI to "listen" to songs, tag them and slot them into playlists. Ideally, this improves the chances of discovering tracks you like, whether they're from an established artist or a new bedroom DJ. The compan

Facebook will begin shutting down its podcast service this week, less than a year after its launch last June, with a permanent closure date of June 3. This, according to Bloomberg . Read more...

Michael Mignano Spotify•
Anchor co-founder Michael Mignano is leaving Spotify , where he has led the podcast tech team over the last few years. The company told The Verge that Mignano has submitted his resignation and will move on from Spotify at the end of June. Spotify bought Anchor in 2019 for a reported $150 million to help people create, record and manage their own shows. Mignano, who co-founded that company in 2015

Priority Pass members can enjoy complimentary spa treatments at select airports. This feature was first rolled out in 2021 at several airports in the United States, and this is also now being introduced in Canada. “Be Relax” spas join Priority Pass Priority Pass is the world’s largest network of independent airport lounges, with over 1,300 locations around the world . While most Priority Pass loc

The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration has made a significant discovery about the Milky Way, but we don’t know what it is yet. Members of the team are set to announce the finding in a press conference May 12, hosted by the National Science Foundation. Simultaneous press briefings are planned in Germany, Mexico,… Read more...

In the uncertainty of the pandemic-era travel world, purchasing travel insurance is becoming an essential part of any trip. In the past two years, people have been purchasing travel insurance policies in record numbers. Travel insurance comparison site Squaremouth reported insuring 300% more travelers in 2021 than 2020, and 70% more than in 2019. With ever-changing travel rules and regulations, f

If you’re still scrambling to figure out what to get the mom in your life, this selection of the best Mother’s Days Gifts will please any and all mommies, aunties, grandmas, and any other configuration of maternal figures. I don’t mean to get all Fred Rogers on you, but imagine for a second all the times that mom was there for you, in good times and bad, going the extra mile to make you smile. No

Colleges and universities are increasingly using digital tools to prevent cheating during online exams, since so many people are taking class from home or their dorm rooms in the era of COVID-19. Needless to say, there are pain points. The programs — angry commenters namechecked software including Pearson VUE and Honorlock — track eye movements and even anxious sobbing during hard tests, one comm

Google has been testing a Reader Mode in Chrome for a while now, which hides page elements outside the core text. The option mysteriously disappeared in the most recent Chrome 101 update, but it’s coming back. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

The Kindle walled garden is finally falling, sort of. In an unceremonious change to its Documents Service guide, Amazon now says that the Kindle e-reader will support EPUB documents in “late 2022.” But there’s a somewhat frustrating catch. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

It’s been months now since Wordle debuted and took over the internet. And from it, dozens of clones and creative alternatives have spawned, the latest of which is Knotwords. It blends Wordle‘s mechanics with those of crossword puzzles and word searches and is a fun successor to the original game. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

SEC 20 Crypto Cyber Unit•
The U.S. federal government is creeping ever-so-slowly toward the idea that the decentralized finance space may need some centralized backbone to cut down on rampant fraud on the part of crypto startups and investors. Read more...

If, for absolutely no reason whatsoever, you’ve recently wondered how long you might survive after the complete collapse of society, the answer was probably troubling. If you’re like most of us, your pantry and fridge are filled with perishable food that might be healthy and delicious, but which will be inedible days… Read more...

Amazon Kindle ePub•
Enlarge / Kindles still won't directly open ePub files, but there's one less hoop to jump through now. (credit: Andrew Cunningham) Amazon's Kindles are some of the best dedicated e-readers you can buy, but a longstanding criticism from users of DRM-free books from non-Amazon sources is that they don't support the open ePub standard. That has changed at some point in the recent past, as spotted by

Enlarge (credit: Krisana Antharith / EyeEm ) Earth Day was April 22, and its usual message—take care of our planet—has been given added urgency by the challenges highlighted in the latest IPCC report. This year, Ars is taking a look at the technologies we normally cover, from cars to chipmaking, and finding out how we can boost their sustainability and minimize their climate impact. Countless thi

Meta Cambria VR 2024•
Meta will reportedly give users more doors to the metaverse by expanding its Quest VR headset selection with four additional models arriving in the next few years. Read more...

The Hennessey Venom GT was crafted with such extreme attention to detail that the company only ever ended up making seven units, one of which was a prototype.

Save $109.01: Upgrade to an ultra-portable tablet that packs a lot of power. The iPad mini 256GB tablet is now only $539.99 as of May 3 after a 17% price cut. This follows a recent discount of $99.01 for the entry-level 64GB iPad mini . Apple has a little reputation for being a little pricey, but you don't always have to wait long for decent price cuts on some of their top products. We recently s

SAVE $50: The Echo Show 15 is on sale for $199.99 as of May 3. That's its first discount to date, shaving 20% off its $249.99 MSRP. Prime Day is still a few months away — yes, we finally have a date range — but you wouldn't know that based on all the Echo deals Amazon's been dropping lately. From a 99-cent Echo Dot to some new all-time lows for the Echo Show 8 and second-gen Echo Buds , these are

We present to you eight distinctive spacesuits, ranked from our least to most favorite. Read more...

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with new information. Chase has been one of the most agile credit issuers over the last couple of years, shifting bonus categories and offering new ways to redeem points , particularly with travel-focused cards such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve and Chase Sapphire Preferred Card . And now, Chase is bringing back a points redemption offer where eligible ca

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The Supreme Court will strike down Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, according to an initial draft majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito that was leaked and initially published in a report by Politico. Read more...

Web3 startup Syndicate ‘s goal is to demystify the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). Its “Web3 Investment Clubs” product, which TechCrunch covered in January , lets users spin up an investment group with their peers by pooling their capital together and voting on how to allocate the funds. Since the product launched three months ago, more than 1,100 investment clubs have been created o

As parents, we all want our kids to have better lives than our own. This is especially true when it comes to making sure our kids avoid some of our anxieties, whether it’s a fear of flying, driving, heights, or anxieties surrounding money or socializing. Read more...

Save up to 47%: As a Deal of the Day on May 3, select Roborock robot vacuum mop hybrids are up to $280 off, including a $170 discount on the highly-rated Roborock S7 . Roborock's release of the $1,399.99 S7 MaxV Ultra earlier this spring isn't the only big news about the Roomba competitor this year. Also noteworthy is a major sale on the next-best Roborock, the S7 — a robot vacuum mop that's stil

Paramount+ UK June•
ViacomCBS has finally narrowed the timing for some of its international Paramount+ launches . As Variety reports , Paramount Global announced during an earnings call that the streaming service will arrive in the UK and Ireland on June 22nd. South Korea will also have access sometime in June. You'll have to wait a while longer in other parts of the world, however. Austria, France, Germany, Italy a

Microsoft PowerPoint offers many types of animations. You can add effects to text, images, and shapes. But if you want to create your own, you can select a motion path animation to move your object wherever you like. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Graphite’s founders came from Facebook, Airbnb and Square, three companies where they had access to sophisticated code review tools. When they started Graphite, originally as a mobile development tool company, they missed those tools they had at the bigger companies and began to build one to use internally. They soon realized that the tool they built for themselves gave developers access to a set

With summertime right around the corner, you may want to see your new grad off on a trip. After all, your child might have finished school, but that doesn’t mean they’re done learning. And one of the best ways for them to find out both about themselves and different cultures is to experience a new place first hand. When they're ready, see them off with a few of our travel essentials that will hel

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Internet Explorer won’t be officially put out of its misery until next month, but its replacement, Microsoft Edge, is already gaining significant ground. According to web analytics provider StatCounter , it has officially surpassed Apple’s Safari browser as the second most popular option on desktop. Read more...

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This morning, Free League launched the crowdfunding campaign for their highly-anticipated new title; Blade Runner: The Roleplaying Game . While not much has been released, a few details are available, such as the game’s system, which will run on the Year Zero engine, popularized by Free League’s own Mutant: Year Zero .… Read more...

Amazon’s Kindle lineup includes some of the best e-readers around, but no Kindle readers support the industry standard for ebooks: the EPUB format. However, Amazon says that will (partially) change soon. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

May Google Pixel 6 3A•
Once again, Google has managed to roll out a Pixel update on time for all supported devices. The May update is now available, though it resolves just three bugs and a handful of security vulnerabilities. Notably, this may be the final update for Google’s Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Fisher Controller Elden•
Nowadays, our smartphones are capable of running console-quality games—the only problem is dealing with touchscreen inputs. You either get a UI that takes up half of the screen or uncomfortable swipe controls. Enter RiotPWR’s ESL Controller for iOS; a definitive win to that lose-lose situation. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Strange Madness Raimi•
The Marvel Cinematic Universe just got Raimi-ed. That's the general consensus driving reviews of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness , directed by Spider-Man , The Evil Dead , and Drag Me To Hell director Sam Raimi. Raimi's propensity for horror and strangeness is in full display in Marvel's latest, which sees Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) hopping through the multiverse in order t

Barclays’ co-branded American AAdvantage business credit card has a huge new welcome bonus, which is the best I ever recall seeing on the card. AAdvantage Aviator Business offering 80K miles & $95 The AAdvantage Aviator Business Mastercard is offering a huge new welcome bonus, which you can unlock after spending $2,000 on purchases within the first 90 days. Specifically, you can earn: 80,000 Amer

Mandiant IoT Group•
A new espionage actor is breaching corporate networks to steal emails from employees involved in big financial transactions like mergers and acquisitions . Mandiant , which first discovered the advanced persistent threat (APT) group in December 2019 and now tracks it as “UNC3524”, says that while the group’s corporate targets hint at financial motivation, its longer-than-average dwell time in a v

The Yuga Labs digital land sale this weekend , a mass mint of new NFTs that temporarily clogged the Ethereum blockchain, is not just making money for the company behind the new set of images that may figure in a future digital service. Other parties are also doing rather well from the effort. News coverage from the “Otherdeeds” mint points to massive volumes. Decrypt wrote that “OpenSea set a new

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Terrifying Tornado Terrifying new drone footage shows a massive tornado leaving a devastating trail of debris behind in Andover, Kansas. The crisp high-definition video , making the rounds on social media today, shows the hurricane first form in spectacular detail — and then show off its horrifying destructive power. “Note how the tornado propagates via vortex dynamics and likely terrain,” meteor

Does size really matter? The cruise industry thinks so. For more than a century, cruise lines have competed to claim the title of world’s largest cruise ship. When it set sail in 1912, the ill-fated Titanic was the largest and grandest passenger vessel of its time. But, as of 2009, when Royal Caribbean debuted its first Oasis-class ship , the superlative applies to vessels more than five times Ti

Upgrading your home’s security doesn’t have to involve major renovations—to start with, it can be as simple as evaluating your front door and making some small—but key—changes. There are several things you can do to make your home’s main entry point more secure. Read more...

Meta’s AI lab has created a massive new language model that shares both the remarkable abilities and the harmful flaws of OpenAI’s pioneering neural network GPT-3 . And in an unprecedented move for Big Tech, it is giving it away to researchers—together with details about how it was built and trained. “We strongly believe that the ability for others to scrutinize your work is an important part of

Cinco de Mayo (literally “5th of May”) has a fascinating history, but I’m going to start with what Cinco de Mayo isn’t : It is not Mexican Independence Day. That is celebrated on Sept. 16, and is an important Mexican public holiday. Cinco de Mayo is not a national holiday in Mexico, and how important it is depends on… Read more...

Eight months ago, when we sifted through all the options to find the best iPhone MagSafe battery pack , very few options were large enough to fully revive a dead iPhone 12 or 13 Pro Max. But for those who like their smartphones gigantic, Anker is introducing a new MagSafe-compatible battery with a 10,000 mAh capacity… Read more...

An online audio sharing platform and streamer, SoundCloud has acquired Musiio , an AI music curation company. With Musiio’s team and technology, SoundCloud plans to strengthen its music discovery features. The terms of the deal are undisclosed. Based in Singapore and founded in 2018, Musiio built an AI that can “listen” to music faster than any human possibly could, tag the audio and curate playl

This is a smart move from one of my favorite frequent flyer programs . Aeroplan Card offers 10% Chase Ultimate Rewards transfer bonus The Aeroplan® Credit Card ( review ) was recently introduced in the US market , and offers a variety of perks. A new benefit has just been added to the card, in recognition of the fact that many people may have this card in addition to a card earning Chase Ultimate

If you've been coveting Samsung's 2022 The Frame TV lineup but felt the asking prices were a tad steep, you'll want to take notice — Amazon has put the art-centric 4K sets on sale for the first time. The 55-inch model is the best deal of the bunch, selling for $1,298 ($200 off). The 65-inch version is also a better bargain at $1,759 (down from $1,997). The 43-inch set has dipped to $879 (normally

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The gift of a hotel stay is a gift that keeps on giving. And Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, an Accor brand , wants your gift to go even further. On May 4, Fairmont will be offering a 20% bonus on e-gift cards purchased during a three-hour window from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. ET. New to The Points Guy? Want to learn more about travel, points and miles? Sign up for our daily newsletter . According to the rules

Microsoft Edge Safari•
Microsoft Edge is struggling to make up ground on the leaders of the web browser market, the latest data suggests. According to figures from Statcounter, recently updated to include statistics from April, Microsoft Edge has either lost or failed to gain market share in four of the last six months. Currently, Microsoft’s flagship browser is said to hold a 4.05% share of the market (across both des

Samsung Google Pixel 4•
Samsung could have some significant foldable phone competition this year, as we’re expecting the Google Pixel Fold to land as well, but choosing between that and the Galaxy Z Fold 4 could in large part come down to what size and shape cover display you want. That’s because according to Ross Young (who has a great track record for display-related leaks), the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have a 6.1

Marshall Willen E. II•
Marshall has just announced two new Bluetooth options to its stable of portable speakers, along with a few new features. The Willen is the company’s first ultra-compact portable and it’s joined by the Emberton II, which improves on the previous model in a few ways. Both will now work with the Marshall Bluetooth app, which hasn’t been available on any of the portable speaker models before. It was

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Sam Raimi has high hopes for Evil Dead Rise . Katrina Law joins Frank Grillo’s Purge meets Werewolves horror Year 2 . Riverdale is adding a very interesting figure from Cheryl’s past. Plus, what’s coming in the Moon Knight finale, and a new glimpse at Walking Dead ’s final season . Spoilers get! Read more...


I have nearly 10 million AAdvantage miles and I'm still tempted to re-consider having this card again in my wallet. As many readers know, base points from spend (so not the initial bonus, and not the additional points from spending in a bonus category) count towards AAdvantage elite status now. Continue reading ...

Earlier last month, we featured Mooji Meats , noting the food tech startup’s plans to raise a $2.5 million seed planned to accelerate its 3D printing technology. Turns out the Baltimore-based firm got all that and more. Today the Y Combinator grad is announcing $3 million raised in a round featuring The Good Startup, Collaborative Fund, Lever VC and AgFunder. The Good Startup and Collaborative Fu

There is no shortage of platforms out there to sell your old stuff. From thredUp and The RealReal to Facebook Marketplace to eBay, the tech world has long sought to capitalize on the generally wasteful attitude of consumerism over the last half century. But lurking among these platforms is a group not often thought about, and certainly rarely served: power resellers. Flyp , a startup founded by s

Choosing the right antivirus software to protect your devices has never been more crucial than it is today. Our picks of the best antivirus software for Windows, macOS, and Android will help you make the right choice. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Intel 2024 Gelsinger•
PS5 stock shortages look set to continue, as Intel’s CEO Pat Gelsinger has predicted that the global chip and semiconductor crisis could continue well into 2024. Gelsinger gave the rather worrying update to CNBC (thanks, VGC ) and said that the chip shortage is now affecting the manufacturing machines that are responsible for creating chips in the first place. "That’s part of the reason that we b

Infinite Season 2 HI•
Halo Infinite Season 2 is almost here and set to bring a hefty slate of new content. With the major update due to drop soon, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with exactly when you can get stuck into its new maps and modes. Fortunately, then, 343 Industries has unveiled when the second season will launch in each region. There’s plenty to get excited about. Halo Infinite Season 2 Lone Wolve

Google Nest Fitbit•
Right now, you can see a handful of sleep stats on your Google Nest's display, but if you own a Fitbit your workout and activity data will soon be there too. A newly published support document spotted by 9to5Google describes how you'll soon be able to configure your Nest Hub to show metrics such as your daily step count or number of calories burned. This data could be collected from your Fitbit,

Electron Rocket Lab•
Enlarge / After being caught by a helicopter, and then dropped into the sea, an Electron booster is brought back to New Zealand by boat on Tuesday. (credit: Rocket Lab) On Monday evening Rocket Lab launched its 26th Electron mission, successfully deploying a record 34 small satellites into orbit. But attention for this mission was far more focused on what happened after the launch, not during it.

It’s wedding season, and you know what that means. All across the country, people are about to take off work, buy (or rent) expensive new duds, watch that formerly single friend say “I do,” gorge themselves on passed hors d’oeuvres, and get caught up in a Macarena or Electric Slide moment they swore they wouldn’t… Read more...

Sony Bravia XR 2022•
The Sony A95K is one of the most hotly-anticipated TVs of 2022 - and now, the company has finally revealed how much you'll need to stump up to get your hands on its first QD-OLED TV . US buyers can expect to pay $3,000 for the 55-inch model, and $4,000 for the 65-inch version, and both will be available to preorder in June. That's slightly less than what we were expecting based on the previously-

Down in the Caribbean, under the palm trees and hot April sun, about 2,000 individuals gathered last week for the Crypto Bahamas event co-hosted by crypto exchange FTX and investor forum SALT. Goodie bags containing everything from sunscreen and sunglasses to T-shirts and boat hats were handed out as the air conditioning blasted at full force. Attendees flew in from as far away as Singapore and p

Summer is upon us. With ever-growing lines at airports across the country and rising airfare , many people may choose to take to the open road this summer and embark on road trips instead of flying. It probably goes without saying that points and miles are best for first-class flight redemptions and high-end hotel stays. However, with a little bit of research and planning, you can still get terri

Like anything else, computer data is easiest to move when it’s divided into smaller portions. In networking, these portions are referred to as “data packets” or simply “packets.” Here’s what you need to know about them. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Air Canada has just announced that Aeroplan® Credit Card cardmembers with Chase Ultimate Rewards points receive a 10% transfer bonus on those points through December 31, 2023. This applies when moving 50,000 or more points starting today, May 3. I’ve never seen a transfer bonus last this long before. You can even think of it as an improved transfer rate, making Aeroplan the only consistently bett

EA FIFA 22 Stadia PS5•
Your pool of potential FIFA 22 rivals will soon extend beyond your platform of choice. 9to5Google notes EA has confirmed plans for a FIFA 22 cross-play test on PlayStation 5 , Stadia and Xbox Series X / S . Once the test is available, you can opt in to play against a wider range of gamers in Online Seasons and Online Friendlies. You'll have to add buddies to the in-game friends list if you want t

Just because they’re out of college doesn’t mean that the grads in your life won’t have time for gaming – it’s a great way to blow off steam after a hard day at work, or after a particularly grueling job search. But now that they’re older they could definitely up their accessories game a bit, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite gaming items that will upgrade their experience, and a few hot t

Meta Facebook Soundbites•
Facebook is shutting down its podcast platform. According to Bloomberg , Facebook will remove podcasts from its service starting June 3. The company will shut down the ability for users to add podcasts as early as this week. If the question you have right now is "wait, Facebook had podcasts?" we hear you, and that's probably why the service is shutting down. Facebook added podcasts to its site wh

Strange Madness Raimi•
Before the MCU arose with Iron Man , Sam Raimi cemented the meaning of a superhero movie over the course of his Spider-Man trilogy. So what could possibly bring him back to the genre he helped forge? Cynics might say a big fat Disney check. But those who witness Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will know that what drew Raimi back was the chance to go full tilt and shake up the standard

Developed by Florida-based company Harvest CROO Robotics , this fully autonomous harvesting machine can pick an entire strawberry plant in just eight seconds. The harvester is made up of 16 independently working robots, all of which are equipped with machine learning vision systems that can determine when each fruit is ripe and ready for picking.

Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson) As we noted a couple of weeks ago with our announcement post , we're fast approaching the date for Ars Frontiers , our inaugural single-day conference. The event will be held next week, on May 12, in Washington, DC. We're going to be exploring the interconnectedness of innovation—looking at how the things that change our world are interlinked. As we peer into our c

Grindr Location Data•
Dating app Grindr has reportedly been affected by a serious privacy flaw that left the location data of millions of users open to view and steal. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has alleged that the gay dating app suffered issues between 2017 and 2020 due to a flaw in some of its advertising networks. The problems meant that third parties were able to to purchase data on millions of Grindr users, t

Hyatt is the hotel group I’m most loyal to, because I find that as a World of Hyatt Globalist member I’m treated well. Most important to me is that Hyatt is consistent, and not many hotels try to play “games” when it comes to benefits. “Most” doesn’t include the Park Hyatt Doha, though. I’ve been wanting to stay at the Park Hyatt Doha I generally love Park Hyatts, and always go out of my way to c

Hunter Douglas' smart shades are getting an upgrade, with a new PowerView Gen 3 system promising easier installation, better reliability, and improved scaling.

Amazon Freevee Bosch•
During the Amazon NewFronts , Freevee (formerly IMDb TV) announced an increased slate of original programs and FAST (free ad-supported streaming TV) offerings, along with a short-term film licensing agreement with Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution. Last month , the company announced a 70% year-over-year increase to its originals slate. Not only will the free platform offer new originals s

Fox AVOD Tubi 100 2021•
Tubi, a division of Fox Entertainment, highlighted its growth in streaming over the past year as well as its increase in original content and entertainment FAST (free ad-supported streaming TV) channels, during today’s IAB NewFront presentation. The company unveiled more than 100 original titles that will be coming to the platform in the next 12 months, including a bunch of horror, thriller, sci-

One of Britney Winters’ goals is to “live a less tangled life.” She grew up in Houston and went on to attend Stanford and major in engineering. She worked on Wall Street as an investment banker for a few years in New York before returning to Houston with a job in energy. The company Winters was working for sponsored her MBA to Harvard Business School, and it was there that she came up with the id

Kintent Compliance•
Kintent , a startup providing enterprise compliance and security solutions, today announced that it raised $18 million in a Series A round led by OpenView with participation from Tola Capital at a $64 million valuation. It brings the company’s total raised to $22 million, which founder and CEO Sravish Sridhar says will be put toward hiring sales and product staff, product expansion and supporting

NFTs are being used for far more than just proving you own a JPEG on the internet. Americana Technologies , a startup founded early last year by designer Jake Frey, allows brands and creators to turn physical items such as streetwear, collectibles, cars and artwork into NFTs. The startup’s core product is its NFTA Universal Chip, which can be attached to a physical object and links that object to

Travelers interested in signing up for Clear should act fast before the expedited security program increases the price of its airport subscription service to $189 later this month. For more TPG news delivered each morning to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter . On May 19, Clear will increase its airport membership service by $10 from $179 to $189 for an annual subscription. It marks the

A robot vacuum can be a big purchase for your home, depending on the model you get. While there are plenty of affordable machines out there, you'll have to spring for a higher-end one if you want features like home mapping and stronger suction power. But you can save hundreds on some Roborock robot vacuums at Amazon right now thanks to a new one-day sale that knocks up to $280 off certain devices

Firefox 100 Picture•
Following some concerns that it might break some websites due to the version number, Firefox 100 has arrived. While Mozilla hasn't exactly celebrated the milestone with massive updates, there are some useful new features for both desktop and mobile. The desktop browser now has support for subtitles and captions when picture-in-picture mode is active. This is a welcome accessibility improvement fo

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness reminded me of a really good episode of Saturday Night Live . It’s a series of unique, mini-stories all featuring the same actors, some of which are truly excellent while others are not. Then, by the end, you remember the good more than the bad and feel like the whole thing… Read more...

It’s been nine months since 1Password 8 entered an “early access” beta, but the software has finally arrived for average users. And man, this update was long overdue. The 1Password 8 redesign looks fantastic, and its new features will dramatically improve the experience of using 1Password on a Mac. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Firefox might not be as popular as it used to be, but it’s still an excellent alternative web browser, especially if privacy is your number one priority. As of May 3, 2022, Firefox 100 is now rolling out across all platforms with a few new features. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Mac users don’t need Office or Google Docs. If you own a Mac, you already have access to a fully-featured suite of productivity apps for free. It’s called iWork, and it includes Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. Here’s a look at what makes it special. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

The Wyze Thermostat is incredibly affordable at just $50. But unlike other offerings on the market, it didn’t have any sensors to check on your whole home. But the company just corrected that shortcoming, and Wyze’s new smart $25 Room Sensor puts the competition to shame. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

So many things in our homes that we think of as “single-use” items actually have at least one alternative use—and they often have several of these secret superpowers. A perfect example: sandpaper. Read more...

Battery technology company Sila announced the purchase of a new facility in Washington state that will see its next-generation battery chemistry in hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles by the end of 2026, according to the company. The 600,000-square-foot factory in Moses Lake, Washington, will start producing automotive-scale quantities of Sila’s battery tech by the second half of 2024, wit

Teleport $110M BVP•
Teleport , a platform that assigns identities to hardware, software and users to replace the need for passwords, today announced that it raised $110 million in a Series C fundraise at a $1.1 billion post-money valuation. Bessemer Venture Partners led the tranche, with participation from Insight Partners, Kleiner Perkins and S28 Capital, which brings Teleport’s total raised to $169 million. Co-fou

AccelByte SoftBank•
AccelByte , a platform that helps game creators build backend services and tools, has raised $60 million in Series B led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2, with participation from Sony Interactive Entertainment and returning backers Galaxy Interactive and NetEase. The company’s last funding announcement was in August 2021 for a $10 million Series A led by Galaxy Interactive. To date, the startup has rais

Steve Jobs Apple Home•
400+Engadget / 8h
A group of Apple employees have written an open letter to the company's executive team complaining about its new policy that only allows for two days of working from home, iMore has reported. They said that Apple's reasons for implementing the policy don't stand up, and that the policy is wasteful, inflexible and will lead to a "younger, whiter, more male-dominated, more neuro-normative, more abl

It is ramp season, the season that propels even the most calm and reasonable eaters into a slight panic. Do not get me wrong; ramps are delicious—I like wrapping the broad, garlicky leaves around scallops —but over-enthusiastic and thoughtless foraging can lead to the wild leek being depleted, leaving fewer ramps for… Read more...

UNC3524 Mandiant IoT•
Enlarge It’s not the kind of security discovery that happens often. A previously unknown hacker group used a novel backdoor, top-notch tradecraft, and software engineering to create an espionage botnet that was largely invisible in many victim networks. The group, which security firm Mandiant is calling UNC3524, has spent the past 18 months burrowing into victims’ networks with unusual stealth. I

Masses of stinky sargassum seaweed have been plaguing Caribbean beaches for the past few years. Currents wash floating forests of the “mega algae” to shore, creating knee-deep piles of the plants that can extend in fields that measure 30 feet wide and some miles long. Needless to say, this is not good for tourism. Last summer, many resorts in the U.S. Virgin Islands had to close their beaches aft

This is today’s edition of The Download , our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s going on in the world of technology. This company wants to use carbon dioxide to store renewable power on the grid Sourcing power: Renewable power has been growing worldwide, but sources like wind and solar aren’t available consistently. In the quest to find a better way to store power for the gr

Amazon US Employees Travel•
Amazon already has a policy in place to reimburse employees up to $10,000 for travel expenses if they're having treatments for life-threatening issues. Now, it has also introduced a policy that will benefit those seeking other kinds of treatment. According to Reuters , the e-commerce giant has told its employees in the US that it will offer up to $4,000 in annual travel reimbursements for non-lif

The founder of Proton, the company behind ProtonMail and ProtonVPN , has critiqued the latest attempts by the EU to rein in the power of Big Tech. In an exclusive interview with TechRadar Pro , Andy Yen described the proposed Digital Markets Act (DMA) as “a huge benefit to society, but also a missed opportunity”. “The EU didn’t quite go far enough, and that’s a big problem, because this is a once

GMC's Yukon gets the Denali Ultimate treatment, combining distinctive styling, a unique interior and high-tech features like Super Cruise. We take a closer look

Caption Hyatt Memphis•
In September 2019, the details of Caption by Hyatt were revealed, which was supposed to be Hyatt’s newest hotel brand. However, it has been over 2.5 years since that announcement, and not a single property has opened yet. That will be changing soon, so let’s recap what the brand is intended to be in general, and then talk about the first Caption by Hyatt locations. What is Caption by Hyatt? Capti

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Massive spoilers ahead, as well as triggering content. Netflix 's drama series Anatomy of a Scandal goes back to the same scene, over and over again. However, once is far too much, a dangerously gratuitous representation that proves we never need to see rape on screen like this, ever again. Developed by David E. Kelley and Melissa James Gibson from Sarah Vaughan’s novel, the limited series was in

Mozilla Firefox 100•
Mozilla has brought out the latest version of its web browser today (May 3), with Firefox reaching version 100, bringing new and improved features for users across operating systems. While Google Chrome reached version 100 in March, there wasn’t much in the way of substantial features that marked this milestone, but Firefox 100 looks to be different. Available for Windows 11 and macOS , Android ,

View of tree growing through a split rock, named “Half-Way Rock.” The rock was located halfway between the Michigan Agricultural College and downtown Lansing. Printed on front: “Half-Way Rock, Lansing, Mich. C.E.W.” Handwritten on back: “I am awfully sorry I did not put the no’s. on the back of the envelope. The tree has split the rock like you read about. Emerson.” Courtesy of the Burton Histori

Jose Cayasso Contributor Jose Cayasso is the co-founder and CEO of Slidebean . More posts by this contributor 5 critical pitch deck slides most founders get wrong Financial projections are essential for any business, but in the case of tech startups, a financial model is one of the most important and overlooked tools available to a founder. Venture-backed startups work on risky, aggressive capita

Lottie animations are everywhere. The JSON-based file format, first introduced as an open source library by Airbnb engineers, can now be seen in the top 500 iOS and Android apps, said LottieFiles co-founder Kshitij Minglani. What LottieFiles does is streamline the process of turning animations made in software like Adobe After Effects into Lotties so they can be placed in apps. LottieFiles is now

When you do something well once in venture capital, you want to keep repeating it, and HOF Capital plans to double down on its strategy of focusing on pre-seed through Series A, now with a brand new $300 million fund, its second institutional early-stage fund. Hisham Elhaddad, Onsi Sawiris and Fady Yacoub co-founded the venture capital firm in 2016 after emigrating to the U.S. from Egypt 11 years

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For under $200, it’s hard to name a guitar-playing tool that I like more than this combination amp and Bluetooth speaker.

To borrow a line from Willy Wonka, stepping on board the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is very much akin to entering a “world of pure imagination.” Sure, Central Florida, Mickey Mouse and all the traditional elements of a Disney World vacation are lurking just beyond the windowless “ship” — but you’d never know it. When you board the launch pod and “blast off” on your 45-hour intergalactic jour

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Splice, the popular music production service with a seemingly bottomless supply of samples, has just unveiled a new way to find inspiration from those sounds. CoSo is what it calls an "intelligent musical sketch pad" that lets you create "using your ear to find what appeals to you," the company wrote in a press release . CoSo allows you to you stack up to eight samples based on genre or instrumen

Short on Ethernet ports and looking to connect an extra device or two to your wired network setup? You’re likely to encounter two options: an Ethernet splitter, and an Ethernet switch. Here’s why you should choose the switch every time. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

When it comes to building databases and other backend software development, different organizations and developers do not always speak the same language. Today a startup called Prisma that’s built a platform — based around a server-side library — that lets users write in the languages that are most intuitive to them, but lets that work carry across their organizations’ wider ecosystem of apps, is

Toplyne founders Ruchin Kulkarni, Rohit Khanna and Rishen Kapoor For product-led growth companies (PLG), the perennial question is: how do we get non-paying customers to subscribe? Then the second question is: how do we get paying customers to move to higher tiers? Toplyne wants to help by automating the process of identifying promising leads and figuring out what go-to market strategies will wor

As knowledge workers including software engineers shifted to remote work during the pandemic, executives expressed a concern that productivity would suffer as a result. The evidence is mixed on this, but in the software industry particularly, remote work exacerbated many of the challenges that employees already faced. According to a 2021 Garden survey , the majority of developers found slow feedb

FIFA 22 Cross Stadia•
FIFA 2022 is getting crossplay support, letting you connect with friends in multiplayer matches even if they’re playing on a different platform from the one you’re using. It will roll out in a testing phase soon, and allow FIFA 2022 players on PS5 , Xbox Series X |S, and Google Stadia to play together in Online Friendlies and Online Seasons. During the test, it won’t be available for PS4 , Xbox O

Listen Sound Black Hole•
A team of MIT scientists is looking for black hole echoes in an effort to shed some light on the regions of spacetime that largely remain a mystery to us. See, black holes only show any semblance of activity when they feed on gas and dust from one of their orbiting stars. When they do, they give off bursts of X-ray light that echo off the gas being consumed and which illuminate their surroundings

Meta Cambria VR 2024•
The latest report on Meta’s VR ambitions has likened Project Cambria , its next headset beyond Quest series, to a “laptop for the face” or even a “Chromebook for the face.” Presumably with a rather different price tag. A report from The Information suggests Meta will unveil its own VR operating system, which is based on Android. This will work with web-based tools and services, as well as some Qu

PlayStation PS Plus•
PS Plus and PS Now subscription stacking in advance of the new service rollout has finally been addressed by Sony. Savvy shoppers started snapping up PS Now subscriptions last month. The surge in sales was to make the most of what looked like a pretty big loophole for the upcoming new PS Plus service. In a nutshell, because of how current subscriptions will carry over, members thought they could

Overwatch 2 Wrecking Ball•
Wrecking Ball has been disabled in the Overwatch 2 beta due to a bug that allowed him to kick every other player from the game. Sometimes Overwatch games are frustrating, from your team not working together, to the other team being full of high-ranked players. Sometimes you would just like a quick reset of the servers and reshuffle of the players. Well, briefly, Wrecking Ball had that power. The

Linux gaming has witnessed an impressive uptick in popularity among Steam gamers , going by the latest hardware survey from Valve’s gaming platform. The hardware survey for April 2022 shows that the amount of gamers using Linux has increased to 1.14%, which is still a modest percentage, but it’s up quite strongly on the previous month when Linux sat at exactly 1.0%. While an increase of 0.14% mea

Spotify Island Roblox•
A lot of companies have already entered the metaverse in some way , and today another big name is doing so. Spotify has announced that its venture into virtual worlds is coming via a Roblox interactive space called Spotify Island. The setting is a place where users can create music, chill in virtual venues and get access to exclusive virtual merchandise — and it's debuting today. Spotify has give

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Researchers have struggled to quantify in real time how much carbon dioxide humans spout. Lockdowns presented a unique opportunity to get a clearer picture.

57Wired / 9h
It's tempting to think that activism is the cure for eco-anxiety. But it's no substitute for emotional resilience and community.

25Wired / 9h
In his new book Build, the founder of Nest gets into how to be an effective leader, why the metaverse is bunk, and when quitting is a virtue.

Point $115M Series•
Historically, homeowners could only tap into the equity of their homes by taking out a home equity loan or refinancing. But a new category of startups have emerged in recent years to give homeowners more options to cash in on their homes in exchange for a share of the future value of their homes. One such startup, Palo Alto-based Point , announced today that it has raised $115 million in Series C

So the marketing for your Wi-Fi router promises a certain speed but your experience with the router doesn’t live up to that speed. What gives? Here’s why you’re not getting the advertised experience. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

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The wild weirdness of last year’s Yellowjackets looks set to continue with the show’s hotly-anticipated second season. The unexpectedly brilliant Showtime series follows a group of high school soccer players who, after crash-landing en route to a tournament, must fight to survive in the harsh Canadian wilderness. The show’s focus shifts between the girls’ descent into savagery and their struggle

Meta VR Quest 2024•
Meta’s VR hardware roadmap has apparently been leaked giving us details about its next four headsets, including the price and specs of its next VR headset: Project Cambria . Known only by its codename, this souped-up device is expected to supplant Meta’s current best headset, the Oculus Quest 2 (now rebranded as Meta Quest 2 ), when it launches later this year. When it was announced in October 20

Spotify Island Roblox•
Spotify announced today it will become the first music streaming brand to have an official presence within Roblox, with the launch of “ Spotify Island, ” a place where artists and fans will gather to play interactive quests, unlock exclusive content, and buy artist merchandise. The new Spotify Island destination in Roblox will actually consist of a central mainland surrounded by a collection of t

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ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer and his crewmates, NASA astronauts Kayla Barron, Raja Chari and Thomas Marshburn, are returning to earth soon. Before that happens, they decided to check our their spacesuits – and put on the waltz. Extremely cute footage from their mission to the International Space Station has emerged on Twitter, where Maurer posted the video , writing, "We call this the 'suit fit

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Freestylin' with The Roots, a Tonight Show segment which sees The Roots improvising songs about audience members based on a few simple questions, is already wholesomely entertaining enough. But when you add in a surprise guess appearance from a semi-disguised Drew Barrymore, the whole thing goes up a notch. Come for the music, stay for how genuinely excited Fallon is to have Barrymore on the show

Kevin Raises Account•
Payments remains a very fragmented business around the world: depending on where you’re buying or selling something (and whether you are selling online or offline) you will have different “standard” payment methods, currencies and settlement schemes and more. Today, a startup called Kevin that’s taking one piece of that puzzle — payments made from account to account, an alternative to payment car

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Amazon will reimburse employees in the U.S. who are forced to travel over 100 miles to obtain an abortion and other medical treatments, according to a new report from Reuters. The reimbursement announcement came via email to employees at the company on Monday, according to Reuters , and a Politico story late Monday… Read more...

Neighborhood social network Nextdoor is trying out a new way to keep conversations respectful. The company is introducing a new feature that will remind users to keep conversations “constructive” when the app detects that a particular thread may be likely to turn negative or overly contentious. With the change, which will be rolling out over the next few weeks, users will see a big pop-up remindi

In the quest to find a better way to store power for the grid, an Italian startup is turning to an unlikely source: carbon dioxide. The company, called Energy Dome , has built a test facility to put the greenhouse gas to work in energy storage. Renewable power has been growing worldwide, but sources like wind and solar aren’t available consistently, creating a need for storage solutions. Today, m

May 2022 Xbox Switch•
A new Xbox Series X update is on the way that addresses one of the console’s most annoying problems: games not launching properly when they require an update. Xbox Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead Insiders will now be prompted immediately when an Xbox Series X game needs an update, which means you shouldn’t encounter the all-too-common issue that rudely boots you back to the dashboard, or have to launc

Nintendo Switch Sports•
The recently released Nintendo Switch Sports is all the rage right now, proving that there's still a very sizeable audience for motion-controlled virtual sports. Its popularity has come at a cost, however, with several incidents of players unintentionally launching their Joy-Con controllers at their expensive TVs and monitors surfacing online. We previously reported on warnings for Nintendo Switc

Windows 11’s big update for 2022 – known as 22H2 or alternatively ‘ Sun Valley 2 ’ – is about to hit RTM, according to the rumor mill, meaning that it’s theoretically ready to roll. RTM stands for ‘Release to Manufacturing’, and as that name suggests, it means that the software is finished and ready for release – at least on the face of it. No further features are added after an RTM build is decl

Amazon Kindle ePub•
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You know how every other ebook reader under the sun supports EPUB files, but Amazon's Kindle stubbornly refuses to do so? Well, that's changing. Amazon quietly updated its help documentation (via Goodreader ) to state that Kindle devices will start supporting EPUB files. There's a catch, though. "Beginning in late 2022, Send to Kindle applications will support EPUB (.EPUB) format," says the docum

Buying miles & points strategically can represent a great value , especially for first & business class travel. The Avianca LifeMiles program has just launched its latest promotion on purchased miles, and there’s an exclusive value proposition for OMAAT readers who register . Promotion on purchased LifeMiles Through Tuesday, May 17, 2022, the Avianca LifeMiles program is offering a bonus on purch

It was only a matter of time before the sprawling world of Elden Ring was mashed into the epic fantasy universe of The Lord of the Rings – and now that time has come. Frodo and Sam have taken up residence in the Lands Between as one intrepid player has recreated their journey from the Shire to Mordor. Re-enacting various moments of Tolkien’s novels within Elden Ring , TikTokker pi1cklel0ver has c

Netflix Meghan Markle•
Netflix has proved that no name is too big for the axe as it has put a pin in Pearl, the planned animated series from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Over the weekend, Netflix confirmed that Pearl, which was one of two confirmed productions it had committed to make with Harry and Meghan as part of the deal they signed in 2020, was now not going ahead. The couple's deal with Netflix was agreed in

Truist — one of the nation’s largest financial institutions — has acquired Long Game , a 12-person fintech startup that has raised over $20 million in venture capital, executives have told TechCrunch exclusively. As of January, Charlotte, N.C.-based Truist was the 6th largest bank in the U.S. with $488 billion in assets. It was formed in 2019 as a merger between BB&T and SunTrust banks. Founded i

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Water Oslo 2022 California•
Companies across the world have been putting efforts to provide fresh water to drought-facing regions. Places like Israel already use desalination technology to provide potable water for their population. But as the climate crisis worsens, it has become necessary for these systems to break away from fossil fuels. Elemental Water Makers is one of the companies working on solar-powered desalination

Facebook Instagram•
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In 2021, a Facebook user filed a lawsuit because they didn't think they were getting a fair shot at viewing advertisements . Wanting to see ads might seem absurd — if you're anything like me, you want ads off your social media experience at all costs. Still, to a 55-year-old prospective tenant in the Washington, D.C. area, it was about more than a simple publicity blurb on Facebook. It, the plain

Meditation app Calm has become known for its sleep stories: soothing bedtime tales narrated by the celebrities of the moment, be it Harry Styles or Regé-Jean Page . The title of Calm narrator is up for grabs now, with the app launching a TikTok competition to discover the next voice of Calm. The competition, which is the first of its kind for Calm, is simple. On TikTok, Calm has released a video

Digital artist Beeple, whose real name is Mike Winkelmann, has made a living from drawing something every day (last year he sold an NFT that collected all of his first 5,000 daily drawings for the modest sum of $69 million ). So turning Jimmy Fallon's head into art over the course of The Tonight Show' s taping probably wasn't too much of a stretch for him. The end result – a giant Fallon head in

ZTE Axon 40 Ultra Samsung•
The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is arguably the most attractive-looking smartphone on the market... at the moment. But it sounds like a new device could launch and steal its thunder. Rumors suggest that the ZTE Axon 40 Ultra will launch soon, and a new leak on Chinese social media platform Weibo (and shared via a Twitter user below) has given us an idea of what the device will look like. ZTE Axon 40

Hetz Ventures , a seed-stage VC out of Israel launched in 2018, has closed its third fund of $123 million. The new (described as ‘over-subscribed’) fund, Hetz III, brings the firm’s total assets under management to nearly $300M. Focusing on seed and pre-seed investments, Hetz has previously backed Granulate (acquired by Intel last month), Trigo,, Blink Ops, and Velocity. In a statement

People in the Global South are often subject to terrible fluctuations in their currencies, as well as hyperinflation. At the same time, many are unbanked, but still able to access a crypto wallet. A way for these populations to access more stable currencies would be by accessing Stable Coins which are pegged to the US dollar – but most crypto platforms are less thank user-friendly. This is the th

Moon Knight Marvel•
Marvel have seemingly dropped a major hint over Moon Knight's future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The final episode of the superhero's Disney Plus show will land on the streamer very soon, and it had appeared that this would be the final instalment in Moon Knight 's MCU journey. Well, on the small screen at least. Marvel, though, has apparently teased the possibility of the character g

Google Pixel 3A 6 July•
After months of troublesome bugs the Google Pixel 6 range is in fairly good shape now. But with a recent software update Google took two steps forward and one step back, adding various new features but changing haptic feedback in a way that users didn’t like. Now though, it seems that change is being rolled back. The May 2022 Google Pixel update is now rolling out, and one of the changes is liste

Boris Johnson London•
UK prime minister Boris Johnson has reportedly joined government efforts to convince Softbank to list Arm in London rather than in New York, with officials believing the latter course of action would be a blow to hopes of building up the UK’s technology sector. Softbank is planning an initial public offering (IPO) after being thwarted in its attempts to sell Arm to chip manufacturer Nvidia for $4

It's definitely not too late to master a new language. And with modern apps and subscriptions, it can actually be pretty freaking fun to do it as a fully-fledged adult. From games to stories to AI conversations, here are seven different language learning apps and subscriptions that can make your journey to fluency more fun. Plus, you can save up to 95% for a limited time. If you haven't come up w

TL;DR: As of May 3, you can get 10% off the Apollo wearable device, bringing it down to $315 from $349. Humans have always battled fatigue, and today the digital world takes its toll on our eyes, our minds, and our bodies in ways we are constantly learning about. When more than one-third of office workers cite “ email fatigue ” as a reason why they would quit their jobs, then it’s clear that a lo

TL;DR: As of May 3, you can get lifetime subscription to Koofr Cloud Storage (1TB) for just $169.99. It's worth $2,700, so you're getting 93% off. It’s entirely too easy to use up the storage space your devices provide. Unless you splurge on the highest storage capacity phone Apple sells , you’ll likely find yourself having to delete some of those precious photos of your baby or videos of your do

TL;DR: As of May 3, you can get the Floatilla Bluetooth LED Enabled Waterproof Speaker for 38% off — it's on sale for $48.99 instead of its usual $79. Get free shipping to boot with the code SHIP4FREE . Looking for a fun way to get the party going this spring and summer? Searching for a unique gift for Mother’s Day, a birthday, or even a housewarming? Try this waterproof, LED-lined Bluetooth spea

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Sometimes the combination of couch, sweatpants, and [insert latest binge-worthy show] is too strong. Sometimes you have a genuine excuse , but it feels too personal to share. Whatever the reason, the temptation to cancel plans is strong. In an ideal world, we all have appropriate social boundaries and manage our schedules in a timely and energy-efficient manner. But in the real world, we optimist

Nickel is essential for batteries and stainless steel but suppliers are struggling to meet demand.

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We don't see deals on Apple's AirTags very often, but you can now pick up a four-pack at Amazon for $89 , or $10 (10 percent) off the regular price. They've been slightly cheaper at Woot, but it matches the best Amazon deal we've seen so far — so it's a good time to act if you have multiple items to track. By Apple AirTag 4-pack at Amazon - $89 If you're an Apple user, AirTags offer some large ad

Norway’s Pangea Trust, through its equity crowdfunding platform Connect , is unlocking diaspora remittance inflows as funding source for early and growth-stage startups in Africa. Remittances to sub-Saharan Africa reached $