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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

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The Corporate Mainstream Media has a Screw Loose
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Dear Producer,

It is fun to watch parallel narratives unfold in the USA regarding the corrupt polling system telling us who is going to win the Presidential election. The only thing that seems consistent is the supposed complaining that the public-at-large is doing regarding the choices.

The new polls that are media-based (any poll with a media company’s name attached such as WSJ/NBC) have Hillary far ahead. This allows the creation of various false narratives that are used to add drama and to stretch these stories.
Yes. Supposedly an actual poll. An indictment of free thinking.
The most obvious bogus narratives you saw were the ones about Donald Trump “quitting” the race because he was so far behind. Panels of pundits were gathered to discuss the possibility and to determine what would happen after he quit the race.

The media funded polls that so heavily favor Hillary also have an adverse effect of the media itself since the polls are believed by the media and coverage is then changed. This is similar to the celebrity who begins to believe his or her own publicity and gets negatively affected.
Your No Agenda Show will dig into this more and more in the weeks ahead for you. As it gets closer to Election Day, you’ll see the news media soften coverage to an extreme to minimize the potential for vendettas by the winning candidate who might feel slighted by the coverage
This changes if there is a clear winner or a so-called October Surprise.

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Your hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

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