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Friday, July 31, 2020

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Thursday, July 30, 2020

TPS Consulting Thursday Morning News


Best beginner DSLR cameras 2020: 9 cheap DSLRs for new photographers

1KTechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 4h
Just getting started with snapping? These are the best beginner DSLRs you can buy right now.

NASA Blasts Off Most Sophisticated Mars Mission in Human History

4KFuturism / 4h
Blast Off At exactly 7:50 am EDT this morning, NASA successfully launched its Perseverance rover mission to Mars. The rover, with its Ingenuity Mars Helicopter in tow, blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida atop a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket. A small earthquake prior to launch luckily didn’t cause any delays, as CNN reports . “This is the first time in history where we’re going to Mar

NASA sends Perseverance rover to Mars in stunning launch

NASA Perseverance Mars
500+Mashable / 6h
Folks, we're off to Mars again! After a successful launch on Thursday morning at 7:50 a.m. ET, NASA's new Perseverance rover is on its way to Mars. The research vehicle launched from the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, and once out of orbit will spend the next seven months zooming through space toward the red planet. With clear skies, the la

Make your video calls more personal with this cardboard robot — Future Blink

28Mashable / 11min
'Smartipresence' is a tiny robot made out of cardboard that lets people on video calls move your phone so they can see around you. Read more... More about Tech , Mashable Video , Diy , Robot , and Future Blink

Earn up to a $1000 Bitcoin Bonus With a BlockFi Interest Bearing Crypto Account

Futurism / 13min
When it comes to crypto investment strategies, until recently your only real option was to buy assets, hold on to them until the price went up, and then sell. However, now there’s a smarter way to invest in cryptocurrencies. Thanks to an innovative crypto startup called BlockFi, you can actually put your crypto holdings to work earning compound interest , significantly increasing your Bitcoin, Et

'Hyper Scape' is coming to PS4 and Xbox One on August 11th

Hyper Scape Xbox One
Engadget / 17min
Hyper Scape, Ubisoft’s free-to-play battle royale, is making its way to consoles in a couple of weeks. It’ll arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 11th. PC players have been able to try an open beta of Hyper Scape over the last several weeks. That’ll close on August 2nd, but they’ll be able to rejoin the action on the same day as their console cohorts. Any items you unlocked during the b

Scoop Out Baby Yoda's Brains and Replace Them With Your Amazon Echo Dot

Gizmodo / 17min
If you’re having trouble feeling connected to the smart speaker that’s emotionlessly listening in on every word you say, there is, of course, a Star Wars-themed product for that. This time around it’s a stand for your Amazon Echo Dot that makes it look like the adorable Child from The Mandalorian . Read more...

Magnetis raises $11 million for its automated wealth management and brokerage service for Brazil

72TechCrunch / 20min
Magnetis, an automated wealth management solution for Brazilian investors, has raised $11 million in a new round of funding as it transforms itself into a full service brokerage for the nation’s investor class. Investors in the round included Redpoint eventures and Vostok Emerging Finance , the company said. “We’re quite happy with this vote of confidence from our investors. It only reinforces th

How to Mute WhatsApp Notifications on Android

WhatsApp Android One
Lifehacker / 28min
WhatsApp is testing a new mute function for Android that lets you quickly silence conversations by tapping “Mute” directly from the system notification, rather than having to mute from within the app itself. There’s also a new “always mute” option coming too, replacing the “mute for one year” option. It’s perfect if… Read more...

Are you a victim of ID theft? Here are 5 signs to look for

TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 30min
These are the five tell-tale signs that your identity is no longer your own.

Amazon wants to kill off online fraud

21TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 52min
Amazon Fraud Detector leverages Amazon's 20 plus years of experience and machine learning to help businesses identify online fraud.

Amazing Electron Microscope Images Show Antibodies Fighting the Coronavirus

60Futurism / 56min
Scientists armed with an electron microscope managed to catch the first real glimpse of antibodies attacking the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes the pandemic-causing COVID-19. The antibodies, which are foot-soldier proteins produced by the immune system, came from blood samples of recovered patients . By pitting those antibodies against samples of the virus and watching them fight, the Calif

Stunning photos show socially distanced pilgrims attending Hajj in Mecca

53Mashable / 58min
Large gatherings are no easy logistical feat during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Many have done their best to keep important traditions and events alive responsibly and safely, whether protesting or praying. One especially striking example of this has come from those starting the annual Muslim Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca. One of the world's largest annual religious gatherings, the five-day Hajj

Could Singapore Airlines Retire Its A380 Fleet?

74One Mile at a Time / 1h
Airlines around the world are reconsidering fleet plans and retiring planes early in light of the current pandemic. The A380 in particular is being hit hard by the pandemic, and it looks like that could also be the case at Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines reviewing fleet Singapore Airlines has reported its financial results from the last quarter, as the airline reported a net loss of one bi

Why United Is Planning A Second Round Of Furloughs – For Pilots Only

View from the Wing / 1h
United was first to publicly warn that a large number of its employees would be unneeded after CARES Act funding ends, because there's less demand for travel so they'll be running fewer flights. They were also first out with news of legally-required WARN Act notices for about 39% of employees, preparing to be able to furlough union workers once government subsidies end. It turns out the airline i

Pokemon GO Pokeball gifts in question

SlashGear / 1h
Niantic’s sent word this week on the possibility that the Pokemon GO universe has been rocked. Pokemon GO gifts sent by friends seem to have included more Pokeballs in the past than they have this week. According to a variety of users, gifts opened starting this week are giving a fraction of the amount of Pokeballs they’ve given in the … Continue reading

Comcast lost 477,000 cable-TV customers in Q2 amid 12% drop in revenue

44Ars Technica / 1h
Enlarge / A Comcast sign at the Comcast offices in Philadelphia. (credit: Getty Images | Cindy Ord ) Comcast lost 477,000 cable-TV subscribers in Q2 2020 amid a company-wide drop in revenue caused by the pandemic. The net-customer loss consists of 427,000 residential TV customers and 51,000 business TV customers, Comcast's earnings report today said. The customer losses are more than double the 2

Students get an extra $100 off and a free smart plug with these laptops at Best Buy

28Mashable / 1h
TL;DR: Students receive an extra $100 discount on select Lenovo, Dell, and HP laptops at Best Buy, as of July 30. And select laptops also come with a free Amazon smart plug (a $24.99 value). Now more than ever, students need an affordable and portable laptop that makes it easier to learn wherever they are. Thankfully, retailers such as Best Buy have plenty of exclusive student offers to help with

Chinese Navy Installs Generators to Power Rail Guns, Energy Weapons

200+Futurism / 1h
20 Megawatt Upgrade China is installing massive, 20 megawatt generators to its warships to power high-energy weapons, including lasers and rail guns, the South China Morning Post reports . The turbo generators increase power-generating capacity fourfold on the warships, which would technically allow them to rely fully on electric propulsion alone, according to SCMP . That means faster response ti

Errol Morris Fans, There's a Surprise for You on YouTube

Gizmodo / 1h
I’ve been thankful in quarantine that you can find Errol Morris’s documentaries on streaming services, not only because I think about Donald Rumsfeld’s bonkers word salad weekly, but also because Stephen Hawking grappling with the concept of origins helped put things into perspective. A few days ago, Morris quietly… Read more...

US Energy Use Hit a Record Low This Spring, But Natural Gas Tightened Its Grip

Gizmodo / 1h
Amid the lockdowns spurred by the deadly coronavirus pandemic, Americans have been doing a lot less. There have been fewer cars on the roads, fewer planes in the air, and entire industries shut down. As a result, U.S. energy use plunged to its lowest level in 30 years this past spring, the Energy Information… Read more...

Extra Crunch Live: Join Y Combinator’s Geoff Ralston for a live chat today at 12pm PT/3pm ET

100+TechCrunch / 1h
How has Y Combinator adapted its accelerator program to work through a pandemic? What does YC look for in a company in a year as rocky and unpredictable as this one? Y Combinator President Geoff Ralston will join us on Extra Crunch Live later today to talk about all this and more, starting at 12 p.m PT/3 p.m ET . Want to tune in? EC Members can find details for the live Zoom Q&A down below — and

9 Salts That Make Me Very Happy

40Lifehacker / 1h
I really love salt. As a child, I would often get jealous of the cows and their summertime salt licks; as an adult, I have been known to eat large flakes of Maldon like tiny little chips (this is called “snack salt”). All salt is technically sodium chloride, but additives, grain size, and crystal shape make pretty… Read more...

The Mandalorian season 2 will deal with a major part of Star Wars lore

35TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 1h
Actor Giancarlo Esposito discusses what purpose the Darksaber will play in The Mandalorian season 2.

Epic Games Store begins rolling out a fan-favorite feature

SlashGear / 1h
When the Epic Games Store launched in December 2018, it launched in something of a feature-poor state. Epic promised to build out the store’s feature set over time, but it’s been a long, involved process that’s still ongoing. Epic has started rolling out a rather big feature that many other digital storefronts have – achievements – but it sounds like … Continue reading

14 new hotels — from South Beach to Century City — we can’t wait to visit

The Points Guy / 1h
One of the most reassuring things for the travel industry is that, throughout the pandemic, hotel chains and individual properties across the globe have continued to open new hotels. These companies and hoteliers understand we’ll get past this global health crisis and the world will return to normal. That’s why they’re not putting the brakes on certain development projects. In fact, some pretty i

Official Galaxy Fold 2 renders show off Samsung’s next foldable

24Ars Technica / 1h
The outside of the Galaxy Fold 2. That outer screen is a lot taller. [credit: MySmartPrice ] Get a good look at the Galaxy Z Fold 2 before it gets announced next week. MySmartPrice has the official renders a few days before Samsung's event, showing off the inside and outside of Samsung's next foldable smartphone. The pictures show about what we were expecting , which is a Fold with a dramatically

The Great TechCrunch Survey of Europe’s VCs — Be featured in our survey

100+TechCrunch / 1h
TechCrunch is embarking on a major new project to survey the venture capital investors of Europe. Over the next few weeks, we will be ‘zeroing-in’ on Europe’s major cities, from A-Z, Amsterdam to Zurich, and many points in-between. It’s part of a broader series of surveys we’re doing to help founders find the right investors. Our survey will capture how each European startup is fairing, and what

HBO app replaces HBO Now on Fire TV devices August 1st

100+Engadget / 1h
The HBO Now app will become simply HBO on Amazon Fire TVs as of August 1st, Variety reports. Existing HBO Now subscribers will have access to the rebranded app. HBO Max is still not available on Fire TVs, and HBO Go will be discontinued across all platforms on July 31st. This is part of HBO’s ongoing attempt to clear up confusion around its streaming services . For those just tuning in, or unders

Pixar's Next Film, Luca, Will Be an Adventure in the Italian Riviera....With a Twist

Pixar Luca tIR Italian
100+Gizmodo / 1h
Though we’re still a ways out from the premiere of Pixar’s next movie Soul , the studio’s already hard at work on its next animated feature Luca , a sun-drenched, summertime adventure inspired by director Enrico Casarosa’s childhood. Read more...

Google Adds 'Jeopardy,' 'Trivia Crack,' and More Games to Smart Displays

How-To Geek / 1h
I work during the local time slot for Jeopardy, and I miss my hit of question-form trivia constantly. Now I don’t have to: I can say “okay Google, play Jeopardy” and my Nest speaker will start up a game with me. Google is adding Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and other games to its smart home platform today. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Amazon's MacBook Pro Deal Lops $200 off the Latest 13-Inch Models

How-To Geek / 1h
Were you planning on buying a new 13-inch MacBook Pro? Today’s your lucky day—Amazon is running a MacBook sale, and you can save $200 on the 512 GB and 1 TB models. MacBook sales don’t last long, though, so don’t blink and miss it. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

A Pac-Man edition of 'Monopoly' includes a mini arcade game

99Engadget / 1h
Pac-Man just turned 40 years old and to help mark the anniversary, there’s a new version of Monopoly centered around the iconic character. It includes a digital banking unit that doubles as a mini arcade game you play whenever you pass Go. You’ll play for points instead of cash in Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man, and you can earn some more through mini-games on the banking unit. You can use your points t

It looks like AMD Big Navi may not be able to take on the RTX 3080 Ti after all

AMD GPU Nvidia 2020
TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 1h
Report claims Team Red's flagship RDNA 2 graphics card will be launched as an Nvidia RTX 3080 competitor

Get summer movie nights started with these projector sales

28Mashable / 1h
TL;DR: As of July 30, you can take $50 off projectors at Best Buy from brands like LG and Epson to upgrade your movie marathons. You don't need to be cooped up inside to enjoy a good movie marathon . All you need is a projector and you'll be on your way to transforming your backyard into a theater. Since typical movie theaters are still not open, drive-ins have been making a comeback. While they

Get Yourself a Fake Male Assistant

43Lifehacker / 2h
Most women reading this have probably been called “difficult,” “bossy” or “impossible” at some point in their professional career (and likely in their everyday lives). It tends to happen when we do something totally out-of-hand like, oh, asserting ourselves in any way—something men are societally conditioned and… Read more...

Boom Supersonic enlists Rolls-Royce to help build the engines for world’s fastest commercial aircraft

100+TechCrunch / 2h
Boom Supersonic, the Colorado -based startup working on creating a supersonic passenger jet to continue and dramatically advance the legacy of the original Concorde, has signed on Rolls-Royce to build the propulsion system for its Overture commercial aircraft. Boom is getting very close to actually beginning to fly its XB-1, a sub-scale demonstrator aircraft that will test and prove out many of t

Just 48 hours left on early bird passes to Disrupt 2020

Alexa Amazon Echo Dyson
100+TechCrunch / 2h
You have a mere 48 hours left to join the first global Disrupt at the lowest possible price. Disrupt 2020 runs September 14-18 — five days packed with opportunity for founders, investors, entrepreneurs and every other role across the startup universe. Your first opportunity — saving up to $300 on your Disrupt 2020 pass — expires on July 31 at 11:59 p.m. (PT). Don’t put off saving when every dolla

Star Citizen dev offers roadmap for development of new development roadmap

70Ars Technica / 2h
Scenes from a visit to the offices of RSI parent company Cloud Imperium circa 2014. Like any good game development office, Star Wars swag was all over the place. [credit: Lee Hutchinson ] It's now been almost eight years since Star Citizen launched its first Kickstarter. At this point, backers who have given over $306 million to the game's development should be used to the seemingly endless serie

We’ve updated The TechCrunch List with 116 new VCs ready to write first and lead checks into startups

88TechCrunch / 2h
We asked, and you have delivered. We first launched The TechCrunch List two weeks ago to help founders find VCs who are ready to write first and lead checks into 22 specific market verticals like enterprise applications or digital biotech. We based that initial list of 391 investors on direct recommendations from more than 1,200 founders, who often supplied a great level of detail about the inves

Watch out for this Cyberpunk 2077 beta scam

43TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 2h
CD Projekt Red has warned that fake Cyberpunk 2077 beta access emails are being sent to gamers.

Talking virtual events and Disrupt with Hopin founder Johnny Boufarhat

92TechCrunch / 2h
Register now to attend the event on 8/6 at 10 AM PT . Registered attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions via Slido. Next in our series of talks with virtual event masterminds, we’ll be meeting with Johnny Boufarhat , founder of virtual events platform, Hopin, about the virtual venue we’re developing together for Disrupt . Hopin was founded in 2007 with the aim to help organizers recr

Four keys to building your startup

100+TechCrunch / 2h
At last week’s Early Stage virtual event , founders and investors shared some of their best insights about startup building and what they’re looking for in their next investments. We’ve assembled a compilation of insights covering different elements of entrepreneurship from a handful of founders and VCs: Jess Lee , partner at Sequoia Capital on identifying your customer Garry Tan , managing partn

PC gaming gear is selling fast, so don't sleep on these Alienware deals

24Mashable / 2h
TL;DR: As of July 30, Dell is running a sale on Alienware gaming accessories featuring savings of up to 30%. Looking to customize or revamp your gaming peripherals? So is everyone else: According to a new report from the graphics research and consulting firm Jon Peddie Research, the market for PCs, upgrades, and accessories has seen ridiculous levels of growth amid the coronavirus pandemic as eve

Best laptops for graphic design 2020: top picks for graphic designers

Apple MacBook Amazon
500+TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 2h
Here's our list of the best laptops for graphic design and other creative applications.

Titan Airways’ Epic Saint Helena Repatriation Flight

67One Mile at a Time / 2h
Titan Airways is operating a second flight to Saint Helena during the current pandemic, and this might just be one of the coolest routes we’ve ever seen… What is Saint Helena? Saint Helena is a remote island in the South Atlantic Ocean, about 1,200 miles off the coast of Africa. The island is a British Overseas Territory, and is known as the place of Napoleon Bonaparte’s exile and death. Up until

Facebook sued by news media outlet over 'Russia state-controlled' label

100+Mashable / 2h
An online media company identified as “Russia state-controlled” on Facebook is now suing the social network over that very label. Maffick LLC has filed a lawsuit against Facebook over the foreign-controlled label that the social media giant puts on all of its pages and posts. Maffick runs popular Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts for online news media outlets such as In the NOW, Waste-Ed, and

What’s This? A Bipartisan Plan for AI and National Security

92Wired / 2h
Republican Will Hurd and Democrat Robin Kelly want more Pentagon spending, a Cold War-style “hotline,” and a curb on chip exports to China.

Adobe browser shortcuts make it easier to create PDFs

100Engadget / 2h
If you’ve ever had to fill in a static PDF, you know it can be a headache. Usually, it requires either several steps to convert the PDF into a fillable form, or a printer. Adobe and Google hope to change that. Today, they’re introducing a handful of .new shortcuts, including, which lets you create a free Adobe Acrobat PDF from a Word document, and, which creates a fillable PDF fo

Google Assistant's latest games are built for your smart display

56Engadget / 2h
Google wants to make its smart displays more fun. Today, it’s adding a handful of new games that you can play with Google Assistant on smart displays like the Nest Hub Max . If you’re a trivia fan, you might choose to play Jeopardy! hosted by Alex Trebek, Who Wants to be a Millionaire or Trivia Crack . There are also wordplay games, a drawing game and Google’s version of an escape-the-room challe

Twilio SDK hit by malicious code attack

TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 2h
Twilio attack appears to be part of a long-running traffic monetization scheme.

How biometrics can put an end to identity theft

20TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 2h
Biometric authentication can protect people from many scams.

Point wants to provide credit card rewards with debit cards

100+TechCrunch / 2h
Point , a new challenger bank in the U.S., is launching publicly today with an invite system. While Point is technically providing a bank account, the company focuses on rewards associated with a debit card. “I started Point as a solution about everything that is frustrating and complicated about credit cards. The incentives between credit card companies and cardholders are misaligned,” Point co-

Amazon says police demands for customer data have gone up

100+TechCrunch / 2h
Amazon has said the number of demands for user data made by U.S. federal and local law enforcement have increased during the first half of 2020 than during the same period a year earlier. The disclosure came in the company’s latest transparency report , published Thursday. The figures show that Amazon received 23% more subpoenas and search warrants, and a 29% increase in court orders compared to

The road to recurring revenue for hardware startups

100+TechCrunch / 2h
Nils Mattisson Contributor Formerly at Apple, Nils Mattisson is now CEO and co-founder of smart home tech company Minut . If you look at the most successful startups today, you’ll find plenty of proof that the hardware-enabled service (Haas) model works: Peloton, Particle, Latch and Igloohome all rely on subscriptions along with product sales. Even tech giants like Apple are rapidly reinventing t

LaGuardia’s transformation continues with the opening of a new concourse next week

23The Points Guy / 2h
With the sharp decrease in demand for air travel , airports haven’t been nearly as crowded as before the pandemic. And while this decrease has significantly hurt airlines’ bottom lines , it’s posed an interesting opportunity for airports. Without as many passengers flying, now’s the perfect time to accelerate existing construction projects , assuming that they can keep the workers safe. That’s ex

China Allegedly Hacked the Vatican, Other Catholic Computer Systems

200+Futurism / 2h
Holy Hack State-backed Chinese hackers allegedly targeted both the Vatican and the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong in a months-long attack. The attacks, first spotted by the cybersecurity firm Recorded Future, occurred as the Vatican and Chinese government prepare for a round of diplomatic negotiations, according to The Associated Press . China called the accusation “groundless speculation,” but Re

Google One “free” phone backup now a reality, but beware the limits

Google One Android
SlashGear / 2h
Google released a phone backup system to Android and iOS users “wherever Google One is available” this week. This system is free, so long as you’re using less than the 15GB storage that comes free with a Google Account. You can attain a Google Account for free, and back up your smartphone’s data for free, so long as you use … Continue reading

Where to buy face masks that kids will actually want to wear

20Mashable / 2h
There's a lot of uncertainty going into this school year. One thing is for sure, though: Kids attending in-person classes need to wear a face mask to help protect themselves and others from COVID-19. To make sure your kids will actually wear their masks all day, get them ones that fit their personalities that they'll actually want to show off. Make sure they're comfortable and fit their faces pro

Hackers post fake stories on real news sites 'to discredit Nato'

Russian US NATO American
500+BBC News - Technology / 2h
Researchers say articles on genuine sites were replaced with ones that matched Russia's interests.

Huawei overtook Samsung in global smartphone shipments for Q2

Huawei Samsung China
84TechCrunch / 3h
Things haven’t exactly been smooth sailing for Huawei in recent years. The company’s rapid trajectory has been disrupted by on-going battles with the U.S. government that have, among other things, blocked its access to Google apps and services. But a new report from Canalys paints a reasonably rosy picture as the hardware giant overtook Samsung to snag the top spot in global smartphone shipments

People Evacuated To The U.S. During Covid Are Waiting For Bills – With Their Passports Cancelled

48View from the Wing / 3h
Like many other countries, the U.S. chartered ‘repatriation flights’ to bring U.S. citizens home during the coronavirus pandemic. When commercial flights were no longer available to certain destinations, these flights were arranged by the State Department. In some countries flights like this are ‘free’ (paid by taxpayers). U.S. citizens must pay the cost of their own repatriation flights by law.

United Airlines makes it much easier to use up travel credits

The Points Guy / 3h
Are you swimming in United Airlines Electronic Travel Certificates (ETCs)? You’re certainly not alone. As coronavirus began leading airlines and travelers to cancel flights back in March, a number of carriers made every attempt to hold onto cash. Some insisted customers accept future travel credits instead of full refunds , even if that’s ultimately what flyers were entitled to . Fortunately, Uni

How to Do a Mid-Year Portfolio Checkup

24Lifehacker / 3h
It’s been a nerve-racking year for investors. Almost four months ago, experts declared the end of the bull market after a series of drops. Yet after the stock market plunged almost 35%, investors saw a speedy recovery. The second quarter finished strong , nearly erasing the damage from February and March. Now that the… Read more...

Sea Level Rise Alone Threatens to Crush the Global Economy

43Gizmodo / 3h
A new study shows we face a wet and costly scenario. In the climate-ravaged future, floods that hit once every 100 years would occur every 10 years—and it could cause $14.2 trillion in infrastructure damage globally. Yes, trillions of dollars. Read more...

Razer BlackShark V2 Review: Simply great

Razer BlackShark THX
SlashGear / 3h
The Razer BlackShark V2 and BlackShark V2 X are made for gamers at all levels. The BlackShark V2 is made to be the “definitive esports gaming headset” while the “X” version is meant to deliver JUST the essentials for a significantly lower price. If for no other reason than these headphones are exceedingly comfortable to wear for long periods of … Continue reading

How to Add Alternative Text to an Object in Microsoft Excel

How-To Geek / 3h
Alternative text (alt text) allows screen readers to capture the description of an object and read it aloud, providing aid for those with visual impairments. Here’s how to add alt text to an object in Microsoft Excel. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

AWS’s Hidden Pricing: Managed EC2 Services

How-To Geek / 3h
AWS is known to have very metered pricing, but some services like RDS only charge you for the EC2 instance the service uses for computing. However, these services do upcharge, and you’re getting less performance per dollar compared to a DIY solution. Read This Article on CloudSavvy IT ›

HMD's Nokia 8.3 5G Will Come to the U.S. This Fall

HMD Nokia 8.3 5G US
How-To Geek / 3h
HMD, which makes phones under the Nokia brand, has a new phone coming to the States. The company touts the Nokia 8.3 5G as the “first global flagship” due to its wide compatibility with 5G bands. The Snapdragon 765G powers it, just like the OnePlus Nord. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Epic Games Store Adds Achievement Support, Starting With 'ARK'

How-To Geek / 3h
Achievements have been a much-loved perk of games and game platforms for a long time. So it’s no surprise that it was a sore spot when the Epic Game Store launched without them. But Epic announced that certain games will begin seeing achievement support today, starting with ARK Survival Evolved. Epic says this is a beta version of the feature. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

'Microsoft Flight Simulator' Will Let You Pilot in VR, But Only on an HP Headset

Microsoft VR FS HP
24How-To Geek / 3h
Fans of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator are champing at the bit to get at the latest version of the game, slated for release in August as either a digital download or a massive 10-DVD boxed set. It turns out that developer Asobo Studio has one more surprise in store for fans: virtual reality headset support. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Microsoft Flight Simulator gets Steam release date, post-launch VR support

Microsoft FS Steam VR
SlashGear / 3h
The impending release of the Xbox Series X has largely overshadowed another upcoming Microsoft release: Microsoft Flight Simulator. The much-loved series is finally making a comeback this year, nearly 15 years after the last major entry in the series, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, which launched way back in 2006. Microsoft Flight Simulator X also came to Steam in 2014, but … Continue reading

This Is the Best Spot on Earth for Stargazing—If You Can Handle It

25Gizmodo / 3h
Good news, everyone! Astronomers have pinpointed the best location on Earth for studying the stars. But if you’re an amateur astronomer hoping to take advantage of this astronomical sweet spot, you’ll have to bundle up, as it’s in the heart of Antarctica, one of the coldest places on the planet. Read more...

Climate-change-driven flooding could endanger 200 million people—in 30 years

76MIT Technology Review / 3h
Rising tides and storm surges will devastate economies and communities around the globe, if we don’t dramatically cut greenhouse-gas emissions and bolster shoreline protection. By the end of the century, increased coastal flooding driven by swelling ocean levels will endanger more than 250 million people and nearly $13 trillion worth of coastal buildings and infrastructure, according to a new stu

Get free Galaxy Buds when you buy a select Samsung laptop

32Mashable / 3h
TL;DR: Samsung's back-to-school sale includes 15% off monitors and free Samsung Galaxy Buds with the purchase of a 13-inch Galaxy Book Ion, Galaxy Book Flex, and the Galaxy Book Flex Alpha, as of July 30. (There are also special savings for students and educators. Read on!) Though we're steamrolling toward August more quickly than any of us would like, many students and teachers are still uncerta

South Park season 24: release date and what we know about the show's future

TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 3h
Everything we know about South Park season 24, which is largely expected to debut this year.

Covid-19: Tracing app is released for NI

2KBBC News - Technology / 3h
Northern Ireland is the first part of the UK to launch an app to track the spread of the virus.

I Only See My Family Through FaceTime

Gizmodo / 3h
Are you a frontline worker dealing with new stresses or irresponsible management? Is working (or not working) from home starting to take a psychological toll? How are you coping with reopening? Submit a story using this Google form or send me an email with the subject line “My Covid Story” and … Read more...

Thursday's Best Deals: Blue Light Rx Glasses, PUBG Funko Pops, The World of Cyberpunk 2077 Deluxe, Craftsman Cordless Drill, 50 Ring Pops, Sunday Scaries CBD, and More

100Lifehacker / 3h
A sale on blue light prescription glasses at GlassesUSA , a discount on PUBG Funko Pops , a marked down copy of The World of Cyberpunk 2077 Deluxe Edition , a Craftsman cordless drill , a fuckton of Ring Pops , a Sunday Scaries ‘Supermom’ CBD package , and a Honey Adult Play summer sale lead Thursday’s best deals. Read more...

Are option grants promoting gender and racial inequity?

100+TechCrunch / 3h
Stephen Ratner Contributor Stephen Ratner is a startup attorney who has advised emerging companies and venture funds. Prior to law school, he served as Deputy Press Secretary to Attorney General Eric Holder at the U.S. Department of Justice. You’ve probably seen them on highway billboards and your Instagram feeds: startups promising to get it right on racial and gender inequity when it comes to e

Thursday's Best Deals: Blue Light Rx Glasses, PUBG Funko Pops, The World of Cyberpunk 2077 Deluxe, Craftsman Cordless Drill, 50 Ring Pops, Sunday Scaries CBD, and More

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A sale on blue light prescription glasses at GlassesUSA , a discount on PUBG Funko Pops , a marked down copy of The World of Cyberpunk 2077 Deluxe Edition , a Craftsman cordless drill , a fuckton of Ring Pops , a Sunday Scaries ‘Supermom’ CBD package , and a Honey Adult Play summer sale lead Thursday’s best deals. Read more...

Razer updates its BlackShark headset with THX spatial audio

Razer BlackShark V2
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Razer first released its BlackShark gaming headset all the way back in 2012 and now it has two new models: the BlackShark V2 and the entry-level BlackShark V2 X . Both headsets are available starting today. Razer The $59.99 BlackShark V2 X includes Razer's TriForce 50mm drivers (an upgrade from the previous version's 40mm drivers) and 7.1 surround sound -- the original model had stereo sound. It

IHG New Member Bonus: Free Night After Two Stays

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Earlier I wrote about how InterContinental is offering a free night when you enroll in the ($200 per year) Ambassador program and complete two stays. Well, IHG Rewards Club is offering a pretty awesome promotion for new members as well, which is worth being aware of. New IHG Rewards Club members can earn a free night Those who join the IHG Rewards Club program can earn a free night valid at a pro

Behold, the First Federal Dietary Recommendations for Babies and Toddlers

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For the first time, the United States government is adding infants and toddlers from birth to age two to its official advice on diet and nutrition. Because, you know, infants and toddlers are also humans who can benefit from healthy nutrition habits. Especially given that, as the new advisory report states,… Read more...

Cartoons Were Right? Bending a Rifle's Barrel Backward Will Actually Redirect a Bullet

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In an experiment you should never, ever try at home, the experimenters at YouTube’s DemolitionRanch found that if you were strong enough to bend the barrel of a rifle back on itself (a clever maneuver Bugs Bunny often pulled on Elmer Fudd) the bullet would actually follow the curved path. Read more...

Strange, Giant Cloud Reappears on Mars

500+Futurism / 3h
Volcano Cloud The European Space Agency’s Mars Express, a camera-equipped Mars orbiter, is keeping close tabs on a mysterious “elongated cloud” appearing over the 20 kilometer tall Arsia Mons volcano near the Red Planet’s equator. The spacecraft, and other ones like it, have been following the strange cloud’s evolution since 2009 . Now, new images revealed this week by the ESA show that the cloud

Billions of Windows and Linux devices at risk of hijacking

BootHole Linux SB Windows
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Newly discovered Boothole vulnerability found in billions of Linux and Windows devices will take years to fix.

New IHG Rewards Club Members Earn A Free Night After Two Stays

View from the Wing / 3h
IHG is offering U.S. residents who join the program by September 30 and complete two qualifying stays by January 31, 2021 a free night worth up to 40,000 points that must be redeemed by April 30, 2021. Similarly, joining their Intercontinental brand’s Ambassador program by November 15 (which is a paid program) and staying just once at an one of their premium brands (Intercontinental, Kimpton, Reg

Samsung AirDresser “cleaning wardrobe” goes on sale

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Samsung’s AirDresser, a magical cupboard intended to steam and deodorize clothes without putting them through a potentially damaging traditional wash cycle, has arrived in the US for those with the fanciest bedrooms. Resembling a tall, thin fridge, the AirDresser uses a combination of steaming and heat-pump powered drying, and Samsung says you won’t even have to plumb it in. That’s … Continue rea

PayPal and Venmo QR Code checkout is coming to 8,200 CVS stores in Q4

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PayPal has struck a deal with CVS Pharmacy to offer the ability to check out using PayPal’s payment services, including both PayPal and Venmo, at the register. The company announced this morning CVS will become the first nationwide retailer to allow customers to pay using either their PayPal or Venmo QR code at the register, without fees. The payment will pull from funds available in the customer

Argos gone! The catalogue that made me love tech will soon cease to exist

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Thanks Argos, for making us all dream about the things we could own.

Get 6 months of free VPN security and geo-spoofing with this superb CyberGhost deal

Czech IPVanish VPN
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It's a great new offer from one of the world's best VPNs - see how to grab an extra six months on your annual CyberGhost plan.

MTN launches all-new MTN Arena mobile gaming platform

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By introducing the MTN Arcade and now MTN Arena, MTN is clearly aiming to be a pioneering force in mobile gaming in SA

InterContinental Ambassador Enrollment Offer: Free Night After One Stay

91One Mile at a Time / 3h
InterContinental has just launched a lucrative promotion if you either sign-up or renew an Ambassador membership. What is InterContinental Ambassador? IHG has a rather complicated rewards program structure. In addition to the IHG Rewards Club program that covers all of IHG’s brands, InterContinental has its own guest recognition program, called Ambassador . Ambassador status costs either $200 or

United Airlines may furlough a third of its pilots as air travel recovery stalls amid COVID resurgence

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The outlook is bleak at United Airlines as many travelers opting again to stay home amid the resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic across much of the U.S. The Chicago-based carrier may need to furlough up to a third of its pilots, or roughly 3,900, due to the worsening outlook, United senior vice president for flight operations Bryan Quigley told pilots in an internal message on Thursday viewed

When will airlines end the mask requirements?

The Points Guy / 4h
If you haven’t flown since the pandemic took hold, expect a radically different inflight experience when you’re ready to travel again . On some carriers, snacks and beverage service has been replaced with an individually-wrapped bag with some goodies , including hand sanitizer. Boarding and deplaning procedures have changed, too. In addition, you may find that the middle seat is purposely left op

Verizon wireless Home Internet trial isn’t waiting for 5G

Verizon FaZe Clan LHI
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This week Verizon expanded home internet availability to several new rural areas inside the United States. Added to the mix were broadband Internet service with Verizon’s 4G LTE network in TN/VA/KY, Springfield, MO, and Savannah, GA. This expanded system works with what Verizon describes as “easy self-setup” and unlimited data. Users in these newly opened areas will be able to … Continue reading

How to Flip a Picture in Microsoft Word

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While Microsoft Word isn’t known for its photo-editing abilities, it does have some basic features you can use such as image mirroring. If you want to flip a picture in Microsoft Word, here’s what you’ll need to do. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Don't Leave Passwords in Your Code; Use AWS's Secrets Manager Instead

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AWS Secrets Manager makes working with access keys (like database credentials) easier by storing them remotely and controlling the access of them behind IAM permissions. This allows you to smoothly rotate access keys and fetch the latest one whenever needed. Read This Article on CloudSavvy IT ›

Telegram hits out at Apple’s App Store ‘tax’ in latest EU antitrust complaint

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Apple has another antitrust charge on its plate. Messaging app Telegram has joined Spotify in filing a formal complaint against the iOS App Store in Europe — adding its voice to a growing number of developers willing to publicly rail against what they decry as Apple’s app “tax.” A spokesperson for Telegram confirmed the complaint to TechCrunch, pointing us to this public Telegram post where found

Tesla's Model 3 under investigation in South Korean safety probe

Panasonic Tesla Model
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South Korea has launched a safety probe into Tesla, focusing on braking and steering systems including Autopilot, according to Reuters . The transport ministry is specifically looking at the the Model 3 in an investigation that could take from six months to a year. The news casts a bit of a shadow on Tesla’s huge sales surge in the nation, spurred on by the Model 3. Tesla has an excellent safety

The EU Is Chucking Yet Another Hurdle at That Google-Fitbit Deal

Google Fitbit EU Android
Gizmodo / 4h
At the end of last year, Google decided to plop down $2.1 billion and buy Fitbit. Almost immediately after, there were questions whether the deal counted as a data monopoly, and now Reuters is reporting that the European Union is ready to launch a full-scale antitrust investigation into the deal next week. Read more...

PGA Tour live stream: how to watch 2020 WGC St Jude Invitational online from anywhere

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The third WGC tournament takes place at TPC Southwind this week - follow our guide to watch the WGC St Jude Invitational online and get a PGA Tour live stream today.

Best Adidas backpacks: 5 great options to consider

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We've selected five of the best Adidas backpacks for use at school or college, just in time for the back to school season.

What’s ahead for no-code and low-code startups?

Low Code TechCrunch
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Since The Exchange last checked in on the world of low- and no-code startup funding , several more interesting rounds in the niche have bubbled up. This week, TechCrunch covered a startup called Hevo raising $8 million, and Paragon , which raised a $2.5 million seed round . Hevo is a “data pipeline startup” that helps “clients’ employees to integrate data from more than 150 different sources — in

Park Hyatt Mallorca Will Be Rebranded, Leave Hyatt

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Park Hyatt will be losing its only resort in Europe… Park Hyatt Mallorca being rebranded Majorca Daily Bulletin is reporting that the Park Hyatt Mallorca will no longer be branded as a Hyatt . The 142-room hotel first opened in 2016, and was an exciting addition for Hyatt, as all other Park Hyatt properties in Europe are city hotels. The Park Hyatt Mallorca has been closed since mid-March, and as

Best DSLR camera 2020: 11 great cameras to suit all budgets

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Trying to find the best DSLR camera for you? We've rounded up the best options, from starter cameras to pro powerhouses.

Delta CEO Calls 17,000 Departing Employees “Heroes”

200+View from the Wing / 4h
Seventeen thousand Delta Air Lines employees, with an average of 25 years of service, have taken early departure packages according to a new internal memo from the carrier's CEO Ed Bastian. Even with this many people leaving the airline, Bastian says it helps them towards their goal of minimizing furloughs - it's not, it seems, enough to eliminate layoffs. Continue reading ...

Impossible Burger's fake meat is coming to 2,000 Walmart stores

Impossible Burger Walmart
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Impossible Foods has just announced that its plant-based Impossible Burger will be available at Walmart starting today, which is the most significant rollout of its faux-meat product so far. The company had already started expanding its grocery store rollout earlier this year with availability in Kroger as well as Safeway, Albertsons, Vons and more. Earlier this week, the company also announced t

Twitch is helping to create an esports league for HBCUs

Twitch HBCU Cxmmunity
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Twitch has announced that it is partnering with Cxmmunity , an organization that encourages participation of minorities in esports and the video game industry, to create the first-ever Historically Black Colleges and Universities esports league. The league will provide HBCU students educational and scholarship support via Twitch Student and help HBCUs expand their esports programs, among other ob

Galaxy Z Flip 5G pre-orders open, but you may want to hold off

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Samsung today opened pre-orders for a new version of its foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip. This new model doesn’t change a whole lot from the original, but it is outfitted with 5G capabilities. So, if you live in a place where your carrier is already offering 5G (or will be soon at any rate), this could be worth considering … Continue reading

'Ring Fit Adventure' is back in stock at Best Buy — get yours before they're gone (again)

32Mashable / 4h
TL;DR: The highly sought after Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch has been nearly impossible to get as of late — as of July 30 at this writing, Best Buy has a limited stock of the game, so act fast if you want one of your own. Ring Fit Adventure has been almost as impossible to get as a Nintendo Switch itself since lockdown started. Everyone wants one, and every single time it gets a rest

CBS All Access adds 70 shows from BET, Comedy Central, MTV and more

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Today, ViacomCBS is adding over 3,500 episodes and 70 shows to CBS All Access. The shows come from Viacom’s cable networks, and they’re part of a larger plan to bulk-up and rebrand All Access. The new episodes include a mix of content from BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Smithsonian Channel, TV Land and VH1. ViacomCBS is also rolling out a new user interface that should make it easier to s

You and Your Mom Can Save 33% on This 'Supermom' CBD Starter Pack From Sunday Scaries

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Supermom CBD Package | $149 | Sunday Scaries

This Free macOS 8 Emulator Lets You Play 'Oregon Trail'

Mac OS 8 Linux JavaScript
69Lifehacker / 4h
macOS 8, not to be confused with OS X 10.8—which you’re probably much more familiar with—is a 1990s-era operating system that found a home on ancient Apple systems with decidedly old-school names, such as “Power Macintosh” and “PowerBook.” But now, you can use it for free on any modern Mac or Windows PC—or at least … Read more...

Cadillac Lyriq design details tease GM’s more memorable EV

Cadillac GM GMC Hummer EV
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Cadillac will unveil its new Lyriq all-electric crossover SUV on August 6, but it can’t apparently resist the urge to tease with new images released of the upcoming EV. The first of Cadillac’s new line-up of electrified vehicles, and indeed the first of General Motors’ models to use its new Ultium platform, the Lyriq promises to kick off what the … Continue reading

Amazon knocks $200 off the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Amazon
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You’re in luck if you’ve been holding out for a better price on the latest MacBook Pro. Amazon has both the 512GB and the 1TB models of the 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro for $200 off right now, dropping their prices to $1,600 and $1,800, respectively. This sale has come and gone quickly over the past month, and the last time these laptops dropped to these low prices (and remained there for a few days)

China’s electric SUV maker Li Auto raises $1.1 billion in US IPO

100+TechCrunch / 4h
Trade tensions between China and the U.S. have not stopped Chinese companies from eyeing to list on American stock exchanges. Li Auto, a five-year-old Chinese electric vehicle startup, raised $1.1 billion through its debut on Nasdaq on Thursday. The Beijing-based company is targeting a growing Chinese middle class who aspire to drive cleaner, smarter, and larger vehicles. Its first model, sold at

NYC pre-seed powerhouse Notation has a new fund and a new community for founders

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While we often focus on the mega rounds that drive big startup valuations, the reality is that every startup has to start somewhere and find that first check that few to no investors are willing to actually write. Notation has made that first hurdle its key differentiator. Across its first two funds, an $8 million vehicle raised in 2015 and a $28 million second fund with more institutional capita

NASA successfully launches new Mars rover

NASA Perseverance Mars
Popular Mechanics / 4h
The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

Here's a super-cheap Surface Go 2 alternative with quad-core CPU

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Chuwi’s Ubook X comes with a quad-core SoC and could rival Microsoft’s Surface Go 2.

Telegram files EU antitrust complaint against Apple’s App Store

100+Ars Technica / 4h
Enlarge (credit: Carl Court / Getty Images ) Telegram, the messaging app, has become the latest company to file a formal antitrust complaint to the EU over Apple’s App Store. In a complaint to EU competition chief Margrethe Vestager, Telegram, which has more than 400 million users, said Apple must “allow users to have the opportunity of downloading software outside of the App Store.” In June, Ms

Keep Emergency Cocktails in Your Freezer

200+Lifehacker / 4h
Every Friday morning I make a cocktail (for work), and every Friday morning I resist the urge to drink the entire cocktail right then. I taste it, obviously, but I’m not as young as I once was, and writing while drunk is not as fun as Hemingway said it would be. Instead of dumping the drink down the drain—which would… Read more...

Damon Lindelof Still Has Hopes for More Watchmen (Even If He Doesn't Make It)

84Gizmodo / 4h
Octavia Spencer and Riz Ahmed team up for a new sci-fi thriller at Amazon. Whenever Black Widow shows up in theaters, it’ll have a good chunk of IMAX footage. HBO teases what’s to come on Lovecraft Country . Plus, Matt Bomer on where Doom Patrol is headed, and what’s next on Agents of SHIELD . To me, my spoilers! Read more...

Disney and Pixar's new film 'Luca' spends a summer of friendship in the Italian Riviera

Pixar Luca tIR Italian
200+Mashable / 5h
If you'd like to while away summer days in the Italian Riviera with a secret sea monster next year, you might want to pencil in a date with Disney and Pixar's new film Luca . Directed by La Luna 's Academy Award nominee Enrico Casarosa, who grew up where the film is set, Luca is set to open in U.S. theaters June 18, 2021. Announced on Thursday, the upcoming film is set in a seaside town on this i

Riot ends Saudi Arabian esports deal following fan and caster backlash

Riot Saudi Neom LEC
67Engadget / 5h
One of the biggest esports leagues in Europe has quickly reversed its decision to enter a sponsorship agreement with Neom, a divisive smart city project in Saudi Arabia, following widespread backlash from its own commentators and fans. Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends and the owner of the professional LEC championship in Europe, confirmed the decision in a blog post . “After furth

NASA’s Mars 2020 launch runs like clockwork: Perseverance rover is on its way

NASA Perseverance Mars
29SlashGear / 5h
NASA’s new Mars rover is headed out to the red planet, with Perseverance successfully launching this morning atop a mighty Atlas V rocket. The culmination of years of development and research, Perseverance will mark a number of firsts when it reaches Mars and begins its scientific exploration. Liftoff occurred exactly when NASA intended it to, with the United Launch Alliance … Continue reading

Children Stream on Twitch—Where Potential Predators Find Them

100+Wired / 5h
A WIRED investigation found dozens of channels belong to children apparently under 13 and anonymous chat participants sending inappropriate messages their way.

Surface Neo is officially not coming this holiday

SlashGear / 5h
If the rumors are correct, the Android-powered Surface Duo might finally be arriving on August 24. Initially slated for “late 2020” and then to July, Microsoft may finally be launching one of two incarnations of the stillborn Microsoft Courier device. For some, however, the phone-like Surface Duo is merely a shadow of that dream, with the Surface Neo and its … Continue reading

How Do You Make Movies in a Pandemic? Ask Horror Directors

Zoom Five Minutes Pandemic
84Wired / 5h
With Hollywood productions largely shut down, more filmmakers are making use of computer screens—something genre films have been doing for years.

The Motorola Edge is a solid 5G phone with a catch

86Engadget / 5h
The Motorola Edge is a lot of things. It's a handsome phone, one that looks good enough to pass for something much more expensive. It's the more modest sibling of Motorola's first flagship device in years . And for now, at least, it's a very good deal in the US -- Motorola will sell the Edge for $500 instead of the usual $700 for a "limited time." Maybe more than anything, though, the Edge is one

HMD's Nokia 8.3 5G 'flagship' is coming to the US this fall

HMD Nokia 8.3 5G US
100+Engadget / 5h
HMD Global will soon offer a 5G-ready smartphone in the US. Today, the Finnish company — which has been making handsets with the Nokia name since 2016 — confirmed that its Nokia 8.3 5G ‘flagship’ will be offered Stateside sometime “this autumn.” For now, the smartphone maker is staying tight-lipped about the exact launch date, the various configurations and pricing, and whether any carriers will

How to Set Up Recurring Reminders on iPhone and iPad

36How-To Geek / 5h
It’s not always easy to remember when to do important things. Luckily, your iPhone or iPad can easily remind you about a repeating task or event using the Reminders app. Here’s how to set it up. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

The Best AWS Feature You Should Be Using: Object Tagging

How-To Geek / 5h
Tags are pretty simple—they store a single key-value pair, and are used as metadata for AWS resources to help you stay organized. We’ll show you how to use them, and how to set effective tagging policies for your organization. Read This Article on CloudSavvy IT ›

Punch Up Your Style with the Best Clothing Subscription Boxes

How-To Geek / 5h
Clothing subscription boxes are an easy way to liven up or revamp your wardrobe. The best ones can send you casual and designer shirts, pants, underwear, shoes, and accessories every month, with each piece handpicked for you by experienced stylists. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Is It Worth Buying a Mirrorless Camera Yet?

28How-To Geek / 5h
Canon recently announced two new mirrorless cameras—the EOS R5 and the EOS R6. They’re set to be Canon’s best cameras ever, but are they good enough that people should buy a mirrorless camera? We think…. Maybe. But probably, yes. Here’s why. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

How to Install and Use Jenkins to Build a CI/CD Pipeline

How-To Geek / 5h
For software companies following an agile development process, releasing software every day is an intensive process. Jenkins is a tool that can speed up your workflow by automating many of the repetitive tasks, such building, testing, and releasing. Read This Article on CloudSavvy IT ›

HMD Is 'Doubling Down' on Nokia Phones in the U.S.

HMD Nokia 8.3 5G US
Gizmodo / 5h
HMD has made some major strides in reviving Nokia phones after purchasing the branding rights from Microsoft back in 2016 . However, despite enjoying 20% year-over-year growth as recently as Q2 2019 , Nokia phones haven’t been quite as successful in the U.S. as the company had hoped, which is something HMD’s chief… Read more...

Fi Wants You to Stop Paying for Your Pet’s Microchip

100+Gizmodo / 5h
There are two things you need to know about microchips for your pets: First, a microchip does not have GPS, so it can’t be used to track your lost pet. It can only be used to figure out that you are the pet’s owner once it’s found. Second, if you’re paying to register your pet’s microchip and keep the data linked to… Read more...

Hilton Honors Selling Points For 0.5 Cents Each

500+One Mile at a Time / 5h
Hilton Honors has just rolled out its latest promotion on purchased points, which is in line with the best promos offered by the program. Buy Hilton Points With 100% Bonus Through Sunday, September 20, 2020, Hilton Honors is offering a 100% bonus when members purchase points . With this promotion you receive a 100% bonus as long as you purchase at least 15,000 points in one transaction, pre-bonus

Jesus, SaaS and digital tithing

200+TechCrunch / 5h
Will Robbins Contributor Will Robbins is an early-stage investor at Contrary . More posts by this contributor Voodoo Games thrives by upending conventional product design Venture investing in elder tech There are more than 300,000 congregations in the U.S., and entrepreneurs are creating billion-dollar companies by building software to service them. Welcome to church tech. The sector was growing

Epic Games Store adds in-game achievements

55Engadget / 5h
Early last year, Epic published a public roadmap listing all the features coming to its Games Store. Now, the video game publisher has finally started rolling out one of the feature additions it promised back then: achievements. The company has announced on Twitter that “certain games on the Epic Games Store may begin to display achievements” as they’re unlocked. It comes with a reminder, however

New Relic is changing its pricing model to encourage broader monitoring

New Relic One Platform
100+TechCrunch / 5h
In the monitoring world, typically when you spin up a new instance, you pay a fee to monitor it. If you are particularly active in any given month, that can result in a hefty bill at the end of the month. That leads to limiting what you choose to monitor to control costs. New Relic wants to change that, and today it announced that it’s moving to a model where customers pay by the user instead wit

Six leading investors assess the remote-work startup landscape

Zoom Pandemic Remote
100+TechCrunch / 5h
The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up the startup world, slowing some high-growth unicorns and promoting others onto the coveted list. In the earlier-stages of startup land, the same patterns of acceleration and braking can be found. TechCrunch wanted to dig more deeply into the cohort of startups that are seeing acceleration, so we put together a list of investors who have put money to work in sta

The rumored Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV has gone up for pre-order on Amazon

20TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 6h
The rumored Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV might have accidentally been released into the wild by Amazon Canada...

Earn extra points at over 11,000 restaurants with Marriott’s Eat Around Town

The Points Guy / 6h
If you’re going to dine out or order food online, you might as well earn lots of points and miles. Using one of the best credit cards for dining is a good start, as is joining restaurant loyalty programs . But, you can earn even more points by signing up for a dining rewards program . One dining rewards program to consider is Marriott’s Eat Around Town. This program allows you to earn Marriott Bo

2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class previews rear-axle steering and E-Active Body Control suspension

SlashGear / 6h
Mercedes-Benz is at it again. Slowly but surely, the German carmaker is highlighting the many different new features in its next-generation 2021 S-Class luxury sedan. Yesterday, Mercedes-Benz went to Facebook to showcase its latest augmented reality heads-up display screen (AR-HUD) complete with innovative graphics and animations. But now, Mercedes-Benz is talking about the S-Class’ optional rear

ispace reveals the final design of its lunar lander ahead of its first mission to the Moon in 2022

100+TechCrunch / 6h
Japanese new space startup ispace has revealed the final design of its HAKUTO-R lunar lander, a spacecraft set to make its first touchdown on the Moon in 2022 if all goes to the updated plan (it had been set to fly in October 2021 until today). ispace is part of a team led by Draper selected by NASA for its Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program to deliver various payloads to the Moon a

Intel Evo could be a revolutionary new lineup of processors

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 6h
A new trademark name might just be Intel’s 12th-gen chips which promise major architectural changes.

Buildots raises $16M to bring computer vision to construction management

Buildots AI Construction
200+TechCrunch / 6h
Buildots , a Tel Aviv and London-based startup that is using computer vision to modernize the construction management industry, today announced that it has raised $16 million in total funding. This includes a $3 million seed round that was previously unreported and a $13 million Series A round, both led by TLV Partners. Other investors include Innogy Ventures, Tidhar Construction Group, Ziv Avira

Great Deal: British Airways Double Avios Promo

100+One Mile at a Time / 6h
British Airways has just brought back a double Avios promotion for upcoming flights. British Airways offered a similar promotion last year, though suffice to say that circumstances are a bit more dire for the airline at this point. British Airways double Avios promotion British Airways is offering Executive Club members double Avios on up to 10 flights . In order to be eligible you need to: Regis

British Airways Celebrates Covid-19 With Double Miles

View from the Wing / 6h
The airline explains the reason for the promotion as celebrating the current good times . The global pandemic has sapped air travel demand. U.K. quarantine rules have limited travel further. So pop the bubbly by yourself in a socially-distanced way, fly to or through Heathrow if you're able, 2020 is something to celebrate. Continue reading ...

Huawei tops the worldwide smartphone market for the first time

Huawei Samsung China
100+Engadget / 6h
Despite bans in the US and its own dire predictions , Huawei shipped more smartphones last quarter than any other company, according to research firm Canalys . The Chinese company took over from previous world leader Samsung, as Huawei’s sales declined by by only five percent to 55.8 million units, compared to a 30 percent drop for Samusung to 53.7 million smartphones shipped. China mainly drove

Netflix's Fake-News Thriller 'The Hater' Is Way Too Real

100+Wired / 6h
The Polish crime flick represents a shift in how filmmakers imagine the role of the internet in the stories they tell.

How I get free lunch twice a month with this one card

The Points Guy / 6h
There have been dozens of limited-time credit card benefit changes as a result of changing consumer behavior during the coronavirus pandemic. Now that I’m covering the COVID-19 card benefits beat at TPG, I’ve noticed one card that has quietly stood out among the rest. In fact, this card has zero temporary bonuses, credits or annual fee reductions. Interested in credit card news and travel advice

How to Do OCR from the Linux Command Line Using Tesseract

45How-To Geek / 6h
You can extract text from images on the Linux command line using the Tesseract OCR engine. It’s fast, accurate, and works in about 100 languages. Here’s how to use it. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Mac OS 8 emulator lets you relive the past for the first time

Apple 2020 Mac Amazon
SlashGear / 6h
When people talk about Macs or Mac OS, they’re most likely referring to what was previously and perhaps lovingly called “OS X”. That “X” is, of course, the Roman numeral that notes that this is the 10th incarnation of Apple’s desktop operating system. Few of today’s Mac users have probably used Macintoshes before that, let alone older versions of their … Continue reading

NASA successfully launches its Mars 2020 Perseverance rover using an Atlas V rocket

NASA Perseverance Mars
400+TechCrunch / 6h
NASA has launched one of its most crucial science missions to date, the Mars 2020 mission that carries its Perseverance robotic rover. This rover, a successor to the Curiosity robotic explorer, is equipped with sensors specifically designed to help it hopefully fund evidence of ancient, microbiotic life on Mars. Mars 2020 departed from Cape Canaveral in Florida at 7:50 AM EDT (4:50 PM PDT). Perse

What is Zoom? How it works, tips and tricks and best alternatives

Zoom Five Minutes Pandemic
200+TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 6h
Zoom meetings are a great tool for communicating with colleagues and clients - but also family and friends.

Chinese hackers may have attacked the Vatican

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 6h
State-backed hackers reportedly infiltrated Vatican systems ahead of landmark negotiations.

Panasonic boosts energy density, trims cobalt in new 2170 battery cell for Tesla

Panasonic Tesla Model
200+TechCrunch / 6h
Panasonic has developed new battery technology for the ‘2170’ lithium-ion cells it produces and supplies to Tesla, a change that improves energy density by 5% and reduces costly cobalt content. The new, higher-energy dense 2170 cells will be produced by Panasonic at Tesla’s factory in Sparks, Nevada, the company said Thursday. Panasonic is upgrading its battery cell lines with production slated t

Watch NASA launch its Perseverance Mars rover mission at 7:50AM ET

100+Engadget / 6h
Following an eight-day delay NASA is set to launch the Perseverance rover at 7:50 AM ET today. The lander, orbiter and rover will launch aboard United Launch Alliance’s highly reliable Atlas V rocket to kick off what should be a very exciting mission. The original launch, scheduled for July 22nd, had to be scrubbed due to a balky liquid oxygen sensor. You’ll be able to watch the launch live on NA

Ex-Google engineer Levandowski asks judge not to send him to prison

80Ars Technica / 6h
Enlarge / Anthony Levandowski exits federal court in San Jose, California, on August 27, 2019. (credit: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images) The federal government on Tuesday asked a federal judge to sentence Anthony Levandowski to 27 months in prison for theft of trade secrets. In March, Levandowski pled guilty to stealing a single confidential document related to Google's self-driving

Redmi 9 Prime India launch on August 4 - here's what we know

Xiaomi Redmi 9 India
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Xiaomi will unveil a range of new products including the Redmi 9 Prime, Mi TV Stick etc on August 4

The ultimate guide to Royal Caribbean cruise ships and itineraries

The Points Guy / 7h
For megaresort lovers, Royal Caribbean may be the ultimate cruise line. The line’s biggest ships are more than 20% bigger than any other cruise vessel afloat, and they’re chock-full of more restaurants, bars, entertainment zones and attractions than you’ll find anywhere else at sea — or even at many of the biggest land resorts . On Royal Caribbean’s biggest ships, there are multiple pool areas, w

New cooling fabric could help people beat the dog days of summer

SlashGear / 7h
In much of the United States, the worst of the summer heat is upon us. Summer heat causes all sorts of problems for people, the least of which is often extremely expensive electricity bills trying to keep homes and businesses comfortable. In many of the hotter climates, no matter how much you run the air conditioning, it’s still hot inside … Continue reading

Chinese ambassador warns UK could forfeit Huawei investment and 5G gains

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UK is warned it risks missing out on investment and economic gains if it bans Huawei.

The Morning After: Finding some peace playing 'Microsoft Flight Simulator'

78Engadget / 7h
Why is Konami making low- to midrange gaming PCs? I do not have the answer, and I can’t tell you why they’re in these bulging grater-style cases. But here it is, the Arespear lineup that’s ready to go on sale in Japan . Konami There’s no indication they’ll ever be released anywhere else, but maybe Silent Hill fans are looking to import the ultimate accessory. Or maybe not. — Richard What to expec

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G is available for preorder

79Mashable / 7h
Read more... More about Samsung , 5g , Samsung Galaxy Z Flip , Tech , and Smartphones

TikTok launches £54m fund for European creators to make videos

300+BBC News - Technology / 7h
The video sharing app launched a $200m fund for American users earlier this month.

PS5 DualSense controller and 3D audio will wow players, says Ghostwire: Tokyo director

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The hype rumbles on

EVA Air Operating Hello Kitty Flight To Nowhere

200+One Mile at a Time / 7h
I’m undecided as to whether this is the coolest idea ever, or just plain strange. Now that I think about it, those two things don’t have to be mutually exclusive, so maybe both? EVA Air’s Hello Kitty Father’s Day flight This week EVA Air has started selling tickets for a special Father’s Day flight, which will operate on August 8, 2020. There’s a lot that makes this flight unique. For one, the sp

Can I use miles to upgrade on partner airlines?

The Points Guy / 7h
Here at TPG, we primarily use points and miles to book business and first-class class awards. This is partly because those redemptions offer great value , and also because premium seats make a huge difference on longer flights. However, there are opportunities to sit up front even if you don’t have enough miles to book those awards outright. Most airlines allow you to use miles to upgrade paid fa

'Serial' team's new podcast spotlights the anti-racist work that needs to be done

500+Mashable / 7h
If the title of Serial Productions’ new podcast makes you uncomfortable, good. That's the point. It’s emblematic of what makes Nice White Parents such a powerful, vital example of the anti-racist work white Americans need to be doing right now if we have any hope of even beginning to make good on our recent promises to support the equality of Black lives. Nice White Parents , released on July 30,

Bose Headphones and Bluetooth Speakers Are on Sale

100+Wired / 7h
Looking for a great pair of noise-canceling cans or workout earbuds? A ton of audio devices from the brand are discounted right now.

Covid-19 Data in the US Is an ‘Information Catastrophe’

400+Wired / 7h
The order to reroute CDC hospitalization figures raised accuracy concerns. But that's just one of the problems with how the country collects health data.

There's No Such Thing as Family Secrets in the Age of 23andMe

400+Wired / 7h
DNA tests are cheap and ubiquitous. For some donor-conceived people, they can unearth long-buried truths about their ancestry—and lead to unorthodox reunions.

AI Is All the Rage. So Why Aren’t More Businesses Using It?

100+Wired / 7h
A big study by the US Census Bureau finds that only about 9 percent of firms employ tools like machine learning or voice recognition—for now.

2021 Brabus Mercedes-Benz GLB: Worthy alternative to a proper AMG

Brabus GLB Mercedes-Benz
SlashGear / 7h
For a moment, let’s forget the fact that Mercedes-Benz has a proper AMG 35 version of the 2021 GLB crossover. Now we got that out of the way, we present to you the Brabus GLB, a worthy alternative to the AMG GLB. It may have less power than the one from Affalterbach, but the Bottrop native has more torque from … Continue reading

Huawei announces new arrivals in SA

Huawei Samsung China
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Huawei have been having a good year, despite COVID, and South Africans will now be getting even more from the company

Sex Education season 3: release date, cast, trailer and what we know

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Sex Education season 3 has been announced by Netflix. Here's what we know about the British comedy's return, including its likely release date.

Huawei takes top spot in global phone shipments for first time

Huawei Samsung China
500+BBC News - Technology / 7h
The Chinese firm has overtaken Samsung as the world's biggest smartphone vendor.

New studies around wearing masks: Narcissism and super spreaders

24Popular Mechanics / 7h
The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

Archaeologists find the source of Stonehenge sarsen stones

One Stonehenge Sarsen
100+Ars Technica / 7h
Enlarge / Feasts at nearby Durrington Walls drew attendees from all over Britain. (credit: Stefan Kühn / Wikimedia ) The huge slabs of stone that make up the most iconic structures at Stonehenge came from about 25km away, according to chemical analysis. Since the 1500s, most Stonehenge scholars have assumed the 6- to 7-meter tall, 20-metric-ton sarsen stones came from nearby Marlborough Downs, an

Cursed season 2: release date, cast and what we expect if the Netflix show returns

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What we know about a potential Cursed season 2 on Netflix, following a solid first season of the Arthurian legend retelling.

Why People Still Buy Feature Phones in 2020

95How-To Geek / 7h
The smartphone in your pocket can perform millions of calculations per second, play visually stunning 3D games, access information worldwide, and maybe even take DSLR-quality photos. It’s easy to take that for granted—particularly when you consider the cell phone’s humble beginnings. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Huawei became the world’s largest smartphone vendor in Q2 2020

Huawei Samsung China
SlashGear / 8h
Two years ago, it was on the road to becoming the world’s top smartphone maker. Last year, it seemed almost impossible despite wresting the number two spot from Apple. Now it seems that the embattled Chinese phone maker and networking equipment manufacturer has made good on its promise and has actually beaten Samsung in the numbers game last quarter. Whether … Continue reading

Telegram is the latest company to file an EU antitrust complaint against Apple

Apple Store iPhones
100+Engadget / 8h
If big tech thought that its antitrust reckoning would end with yesterday’s hearings, it’ll have its optimism sorely dented by what’s likely to follow. A number of smaller players are lobbing grenades over the fence in the hope of forcing regulators on both sides of the Atlantic to intervene . Today, secure messaging app Telegram is joining in, filing a formal antitrust complaint to the European

Video shows the horrendous amount of droplets we spew out when we don't wear masks

100+Mashable / 8h
Researchers filmed the droplets produced when people talk, sneeze, and cough. Masks blocked a significant amount of droplets from escaping into the air. The results, recently published in the medical journal Thorax, underscore the critical importance of wearing masks amid a newly emerged pathogenic virus that spreads mostly by airborne transmission between people. Read more... More about Masks ,

Zoom bug gave hackers access to any private meeting

Zoom Five Minutes Pandemic
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Zoom meetings could be infiltrated via simple brute force technique.

Scientists identify a key enzyme related to body odor

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If there’s one thing that reaches across all walks of life and nationalities and is something most try to avoid is body odor. Scientists have discovered a unique enzyme that is responsible for the smell we call body odor. Past research showed that there are only a few bacteria that live in the armpits of humans that are the real … Continue reading

Cheap Photoshop deal: get Adobe's Photography Plan for just £8.93 a month

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Adobe has cut the price of its photography plan for a limited time, including both Photoshop and Lightroom.

Watch NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover launch live

NASA Perseverance Mars
200+TechCrunch / 8h
NASA is set to launch its newest rover to Mars later this morning. The liftoff is set for 7:50 AM EDT (4:50 AM PDT), with a broadcast beginning at 7:00 AM EDT (4:00 AM PDT). This mission will launch a ULA Atlas V rocket to carry the Perseverance rover to Mars with a trip that will last several months, arriving in February 2021. The 2,260-lb rover is equipped with a range of sensors to help it sea

O2: Coronavirus causes 'unavoidable' revenue drop

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O2 records 1.1% decline in revenue during first six months of 2020.

'Fight Crab' is a bizarre, joyous experiment in crustacean combat

37Mashable / 8h
There stands a snow crab, spindly and splendid orange, on top of a wooden table inside a Chinese restaurant. Across the table is a coconut crab, a beefy thing with green blotches along its back and thick, meaty claws. In those meaty claws is a halberd, a medieval weapon that’s a cross between an ax and a spear with a sweep that spans half the table. I, the lowly snow crab, must defeat this imposi

Disney World projects that will still get completed — and those that may be canceled

36The Points Guy / 8h
Disney World shut down in one reality in mid-March and reopened in mid-July to an entirely changed world. Before 2020 got weird, to say the very least, Disney World was on track for some pretty aggressive additions and expansions . The iconic theme park’s 50th anniversary is next year in 2021. That means 2020 was a good time to make everything from Cinderella Castle to the entrance of Epcot as ne

Desperate TikTok allays Indian govt's misgivings - but will it be enough?

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TikTok, desperate to resurface in India, has asserted that it has not shared information of Indian users with any foreign government, nor has it used such data to compromise the integrity of the country.

Epic Games Store is getting achievements, but it still doesn't have a shopping cart

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Epic Games Store users can start hunting for achievements in Ark: Survival Evolved, as certain games begin to get support for the new feature.

Sony tests its electric car on public roads in Japan

Popular Mechanics / 8h
The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

Register to earn double Avios on British Airways flights

The Points Guy / 8h
On Thursday, British Airways unveiled its latest promotion for members of the British Airways Executive Club . Members who register, book and travel can take advantage of double Avios on up to 10 flight bookings. The offer also extends to British Airways holidays for those members who live in the U.K. and in the U.S. To be eligible, all you have to do is be a member of the British Airways Executi

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 leak shows improved hinge design

200+Engadget / 8h
Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Fold2 has leaked out in full, high-resolution glory with a more sophisticated design and robust-looking hinge. The renders, found by MySmartPrice (via Android Police ) show that Z Fold2 has completely lost the original Fold’s cutout selfie camera notch on the interior screen, replaced by a hole-punch. The exterior LCD screen now takes up most of the front space, as wel

OnePlus 8T might not be much better than the OnePlus 8, benchmark hints

OnePlus Geekbench 11
26TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 9h
A benchmark listing points to the OnePlus 8T's specs not being much of an upgrade over the OnePlus 8.

Microsoft is taking this Windows 10 Linux tool back from...Facebook?

Microsoft Windows 10
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Windows 10 and Linux get machine learning boost as Microsoft claims back PyTorch.

‘This Is a New Phase’: Europe Shifts Tactics to Limit Tech’s Power

300+NYT > Technology / 9h
The region’s lawmakers and regulators are taking direct aim at Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple in a series of proposed laws.

Wyze Now Supports Two-Factor Authentication Through Google and Microsoft

How-To Geek / 9h
Wyze is ready to take pre-orders for its excellent outdoor camera, but it isn’t prepared to take a break. After suffering a data breach last December, it became clear that Wyze’s singular implementation of SMS two-factor authentication isn’t enough. Now Wyze is read to support Google and Microsoft authenticator apps. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Take your YouTube videos to the next level with these feature-rich editing options

YouTube VENN Moonbug
36Mashable / 9h
These days, you don’t need a college degree or formal training to edit videos for YouTube — although, it might help in the grand scheme of things. Rather, with the help of sophisticated video editing software and some patience while you get the hang of it, you can edit movie-quality videos from the comfort of your home. What should I look for in YouTube editing software? When you first set out to

Are you a writer? There's a Squarespace template for you.

28Mashable / 9h
If you’re a writer, what kind of website do you need? The answer depends a little on what kind of writer you are. A book author, for example, needs a very different kind of website than a freelance copywriter. That’s why we love Squarespace as a website building and hosting service: It allows writers to build stunning, personalized websites to fit their needs relatively easily — and you don’t nee

This spooky VPN is extending annual subscriptions for free

32Mashable / 9h
TL;DR: An 18-month subscription to CyberGhost VPN is on sale for $2.75 per month as of July 30, saving you 79% on list price. If we told you that CyberGhost VPN offers access to over 6,000 servers worldwide, seven simultaneous connections, and around-the-clock customer support, you might be interested in subscribing. There's more though, because CyberGhost VPN is now extending annual subscription

Plant the seeds of your retirement plan with $25 off Blooom

20Mashable / 9h
TL;DR: Retirement management company Blooom is offering $25 off your first year of easy, accessible financial advice with promo code: VACAAA. Offer valid through Sept. 1. It’s 2020. You’re young, spry, with decades of life ahead of you. The concept of saving money for your future self may sound unappealing when you could probably use the cash today. But planting the seeds of your retirement fund

Transformers embraces the darkness in the new Netflix anime series

100+Mashable / 9h
Sing it with me, children of the '80s: "Transformers! More than meets the eye." That forever catchy tagline, embedded into the hearts and souls of fans the world over, takes on a new meaning in Transformers: War for Cybertron - Siege . The title is a mouthful, but it's on purpose. The six episodes comprising Siege mark the opening chapter of what will eventually be a trilogy. Based on this first

Snag this showerhead flosser and streamline your morning routine

28Mashable / 9h
TL;DR: Take care of your smile with the ToothShower® Water Flosser Suite 2.0 for $125.99, a 10% savings as of July 30. It turns out there are a lot of us not taking the best care of our teeth. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 27% of Americans between the ages of 20 and 64 have untreated tooth decay. (Yikes.) A whopping 91% have had cavities. So what gives? When it

Best headphones for kids: Comfort, safety, and durability win every time

28Mashable / 9h
You might think that the main benefit to buying headphones for your children is so that you don't have to hear what they're listening to, but there's actually a more important reason. Your child's ears are super sensitive while they're developing and it's possible to damage them by hearing sounds over 85 decibels. Adult headphones just aren't the best idea for them to use. At least not unless you

The TicWatch Sport is on sale for more than 50% off

Google Search Updates
28Mashable / 9h
TL;DR: Don't start your next workout without a TicWatch Sport Smartwatch with Google Assistant for $79.99, a 55% savings as of July 30. Apple Watch's sporty cousin: That’s how to best describe the TicWatch S , a shiny new activity tracker that comes from Mobvoi, a company founded by a few ex-Google employees. Operating on Google’s Android Wear OS, this smartwatch does everything you need it to, r

This inexpensive wireless charger is great for your iPhone and AirPods

28Mashable / 9h
TL;DR: Make charging quick and easy with this wireless charger for Apple AirPods and iPhones for $16.99, a 66% savings as of July 30. Is your nightstand completely cluttered with wires and chargers galore? You can do better. This wireless charging pad is where it's at for simplifying your countertops and bedside tables — or wherever you do your charging. But it's more than a pretty exterior. You

This handcrafted wooden dock charges your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch at once

iPhone Apple Watch
24Mashable / 9h
TL;DR: Enjoy wireless charging with the Triple Dock, a 3-in-1 Apple device charging station for $67.99, a 13% savings as of July 30. Do you have a power strip full of chargers for your army of Apple products ? It comes with the territory, but that doesn't make it any less unsightly. If you're asking yourself WWMKD (what would Marie Kondo do), take a look at the Triple Dock , a 3-in-1 Apple device

PUBG ban in India - Could this move change the govt's mind?

TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 9h
After being under scrutiny, the popular battle royal game has quickly updated its privacy policy to avoid a ban.

Pokémon Go Fest 2020 brought players together at a time they needed it most

39TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 9h
This year’s Pokémon Go Fest was unique one after pivoting away from a live event to a virtual one – but how did it go?

SABC secures the rights to broadcast the FA Cup final

Popular Mechanics / 9h
The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

Microsoft Surface Duo dual-screen device could be out in August, avoiding the Neo’s fate

24TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 9h
Both these dual-screen Surface devices were supposed to launch in holiday 2020, but could end up releasing a year apart.

Apple Store app's 'For You' tab shows personalized shopping suggestions

iPhone Apple 5.4-Inch
77Engadget / 9h
Apple has updated its Store app for iOS and iPadOS with a new tab that shows all the devices linked to your Apple ID along with shopping suggestions based on that list. As 9to5Mac notes, tapping on the tab shows an overview of the iPhones, iPads and Macs you have under the “Your devices” list. The new section also shows accessories you can buy that are compatible with your devices. And if you hav

Singapore-based Volopay wants to be the “Brex of Southeast Asia”

300+TechCrunch / 9h
Volopay founders Rajith Shaji and Rajesh Raikwar Small- to medium-sized companies that do a lot of international business have to deal with two big headaches: high foreign exchange fees and corporate expense tracking. Volopay , a Singapore-based financial tech startup with offices in Bangalore, wants to help by integrating prepaid multi-currency corporate cards, expense tracking and accounting to

Tecno Spark 6 Air with 7-inch display launched in India

20TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 10h
Tecno has announced a budget smartphone with a massive screen and battery. It has also announced an affordable pair of TWS.

WhatsApp could be introducing “Mute Always” feature

Popular Mechanics / 10h
The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

How to watch: NASA Perseverance rover launch

Popular Mechanics / 10h
The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

Samsung offers 'Shop 20K Advantage' for online shoppers

TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
In line with the trends, Samsung is trying to give more incentive to customers who buy its products online with discounts and referral initiatives.

Asus updates its ZenBook and VivoBook lineups with four new laptops in India

ASUS ZenBook VivoBook
TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
Asus has introduced the new ZenBook 14 and the ZenBook 13 laptops along with VivoBook S14 and VivoBook Ultra K14 laptops

Pichai, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Cook at antitrust hearing: The key takeaways

Cook Pichai Apple Google
24TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
Sundar Pichai. Mark Zuckerberg. Jeff Bezos. Tim Cook. They belong to the the all-star global tech lineup. And they were up against US lawmakers in an antitrust hearing. It was intriguing.

Qualcomm results suggest the 5G iPhone will be slightly delayed

Qualcomm iPhone Apple
100+Engadget / 11h
Qualcomm reported its Q3 2020 earnings on Wednesday ( PDF ), and of course the company informed investors about how the transition to 5G may boost its business. Also, it’s signed a global patent licensing deal with Huawei that apparently isn’t affected the US government’s ban on sales to the company, but the part that jumped out is how it aligns with rumors of the iPhone 12 / 5G iPhone launch . I

Microsoft’s new Flight Simulator is a beautiful work in progress

Microsoft FS Simulator
500+TechCrunch / 11h
For the last two weeks, I’ve been flying around the world in a preview of Microsoft’s new Flight Simulator . Without a doubt, it’s the most beautiful flight simulator yet, and it’ll make you want to fly low and slow over your favorite cities because — if you pick the right one — every street and house will be there in more detail than you’ve ever seen in a game. Weather effects, day and night cyc

Google’s ‘no choice’ screen on Android isn’t working, says Ecosia — querying the EU’s approach to antitrust enforcement

100+TechCrunch / 11h
Google alternative Ecosia is on a mission to turn search clicks into trees. The Berlin based not-for-profit reached a major milestone earlier this month, having used ad revenue generated by users of its privacy-sensitive search engine to plant more than 100 million trees across 25 countries worldwide — targeted at biodiversity hotspots. However these good feels have been hit hard by the coronavir

Samsung Galaxy M31s with 6,000mAh battery launched in India

Samsung Galaxy M31s
20TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
The much-awaited Samsung Galaxy M31s has finally landed in India, with an Exynos 9611 chipset and 25W fast charging.

Flight Simulator hands-on: Microsoft looks different 20,000 feet in the air

Snapshot VR August Steam
400+Ars Technica / 11h
This opening gallery includes screen captures provided by Microsoft. Based on our extensive hands-on time, we believe they're wholly reflective of real in-game performance. [credit: Microsoft / Asobo ] Pilots, we thank you for choosing Ars Technica for your travel needs. Microsoft Flight Simulator 's closed beta is about to take off as a prelude to its retail launch in three weeks, so we're here

Playing 'Flight Simulator' at home feels like meditation

Microsoft FS Simulator
300+Engadget / 11h
Hummm. That sound has been playing on a quiet loop at the base of my brain for the past few days, propping up all of my other thoughts with soothing white noise. It’s the background tone of Microsoft Flight Simulator , which I’ve been playing in preview ahead of its full launch on August 18th. The sound is subtle, buzzy and distinctly mechanical, and it reminds me of traveling. Mostly it evokes t

'Microsoft Flight Simulator' will support one VR headset this fall

Microsoft FS Simulator VR
500+Engadget / 11h
Microsoft Flight Simulator is heading to VR devices, starting with a launch on the HP Reverb G2 this fall. The VR version will be free for anyone who owns the game and it’ll come to additional headsets in the future, but Microsoft hasn’t shared an exact timeline. Support for Microsoft’s head-tracking system, TrackIR, is also going live in the Flight Simulator beta. The most recent entry in the Mi

Intel: Join us in making diversity in the tech industry a reality

TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
As big tech firms face increased scrutiny around their demographics, household names need to set an example and lead the way in order to enact long lasting change.

'I don't want to die': Ice-T shares his family's experience with coronavirus

200+Mashable / 11h
Despite the U.S. having surpassed 4 million confirmed COVID-19 cases, some people still aren't grasping just how serious this virus can get. Speaking to Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, actor Ice-T shared the terrifying experience of seeing the coronavirus incapacitate his "Harley Davidson-riding, no masking" father-in-law, damaging his lungs "indefinitely." "I don't want to die becau

Nasa Mars rover: Perseverance robot launches to detect life on Red Planet

NASA Perseverance Mars
3KBBC News - Technology / 11h
The Perseverance robot launches from Florida on a seven-month flight to the Red Planet.

Coronavirus: Samsung profits soar on work from home demand

500+BBC News - Technology / 12h
The world's biggest producer of memory chips sees demand jump as data centres expanded during lockdowns.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20’s chipset might not be that bad after all

20TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
A new rumour suggests that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series will bring improvements and optimizations to the Exynos 990 chipset.