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Friday, July 31, 2015

BB17 update-James is making the plans

There is always one rat in the house and that rat is most definitely Becky. Such a shame when she had a chance to have a f2 with Johnny and straight out said no to him "because it was too early".. whatever bitc@.. then to suck up to Van/Shelli/Clay's side just to stay when Jason leaves, only to stick with that side and ditch her friendship with Jackie whom she feels has been the trader anyway.. Note Jackie did NOT vote for Jason so that she wasn't a major target.. not that this matters now that James is HOH, but at the same time, Becky takes advantage of her friendship with Jackie to walk right in to the HOH along with Meg/Jackie/James to sort out the week ahead. I am hopeful this rat will get caught pretty quickly (thanks to Steve who wants to stay quite neutral--I won't say floater). Not that it should matter if Becky (the rat) wants to continue her style of game play this week because if James' main target (Shelli) doesn't go out the door then he has quite a few alternatives. The plan as I see it would be to nominate Vanessa and Liz. That way you have one from each power group and then depending on who plays for POV, if they don't win and take themselves off, there is a good chance that one of their power couples would and the back door would be either Shelli/Clay/Austin.. take your pick! James has a good week--rather easy week actually.. just like Vanessa and Shelli could have if they went with the house but instead they figured the HOH power would be more fun screwing up their own season by going their own way. All I can say is I am glad the power changed hands this week otherwise it was going to be one very boring season.

BB17 Update-James wins HOH

OH how I have always been a big fan of Karma and in BB it can be so sweet.... yes there are basically 2 groups of three.. Clay/Shelli/Vanessa and then the Twins + Austin so if he puts up two of the three from either group he then also has a back door for the third which will make sure one of the groups is completely split apart. Obviously the twin power is strong but Shelli has been running the game so far so my pick would be Shelli/Clay group first.. we'll have to wait and see how this first HOH meeting goes which is going on as I write this at 1:20am

BB17 Update-What happens when Jason is gone?

What's a real pisser for me is the fact that Shelli and her Son are obviously running the game, giving Vanessa control to some point so that she feels she is in control. Now, we have the fact that Jason is going home because he is such a threat--they saved Austin instead. Yet they (Shelli and her Son) are now figuring they will need to get rid of Austin soon--because they realize the Twins + Austin=3 and they are only 2 so Shelli's paranoia is kicking in to high gear.  This is where Derrick was so great because he had the ability to think not one or two, but 3 weeks ahead with scenarios and if they were to have realized that, then keeping Jason would have been the smart thing to do.  As we  have all seen in past BB Seasons, Karma has a way of biting you in the A$$ and so we can only hope this is exactly what happens this week. Austin should/could make the first attack and go after Shelli/Clay or better yet, Jackie, Meg or James win the HOH's and we have a real scramble.

How to Tweak Windows 10 and Fix Its Minor Annoyances

​You had me until you wanted to remove the quick access all together!

There will be many posts coming out with ways to customize and tweak your new windows 10 and the one (below) is pretty good. Although they then go in to how to remove the quick access all together.  You see, this is where I really have problems with those that will never accept change.  It is one thing to move forward and have the ability to customize things and go to the 'classic view' within any program however to completely remove something, especially when it is brand new and you have never really even experimented with it, is just crazy!​  The simple fact is the easy access is nothing more than your favorites area and is truly better than that because you can place anything there or nothing at all and it is not taking up any screen space.  My opinion is to read embrace the many tweaks and technical tips you will find while reading the many news articles and blogs but don't necessarily react to them without doing your own trials first.

How to Tweak Windows 10 and Fix Its Minor Annoyances

Thursday, July 30, 2015



  • Misgendering
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    Quit saying Jason has given up!

    I am really tired of people suggesting Jason hasn't tried. If any of you have watched BB seasons in the past, it is the quiet HG that waits until the last minutes before eviction that make it work. If you can be the last one to speak to the person in charge then odds are you are going to have their vote. Yes Meg and Jackie have been doing a lot of the leg work to keep Jason and yes, even James by acting the way he typically does makes it seem like they are already throwing in the towel in trying to save him so this works well for Jason. It does look hopeless but there is always a chance for some sort of miracle.. if not, odds are good that the swing of power will happen this week and HOH will go to James, Meg, Jackie and if that happens you can count on some turmoil. If it doesn't happen then the season is over and we have a very boring house with a bunch of dumb HG scratching their heads, wondering why they now are faced with not just one power couple (Shelli and her Son) but the Twins which come as a package deal with this lug of a guy named Austin so you might as well call that a triple threat.  Oh, you can bet that the current side in power is going to regret keeping Austin in the game at that point!

    Wednesday, July 29, 2015

    No Agenda Newsletter

    No Agenda

    The Mainstream

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    The corporate media attacks Google. What?


    Dear Producer,

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    And when you look into it, the message communicated by the caption is also not true.
    According to the apparently genuine and damning documents attached to this story about the MPAA going after Google, the MPAA was getting a little annoyed with Google failing to protect the interests of the movie and music industries. By failing to protect they meant that Google was allowing search results that would find links to copyrighted material that could be downloaded without payment or permission

    Worse, Google’s YouTube was a constant source of irritation for hosting copyrighted clips and entire presentations and had to be constantly monitored.

    The idea, as outlined in this article, was to put together a public relations campaign to smear Google and teach them a lesson and send the company a message. There were earlier hints that something like this would happen when so-called project Goliath was revealed last year.
    This in itself was not weird or unusual in the world of business. What should get your attention was the explicit manner in which they would do this: By specifically planting negative stories within the Wall Street Journal and the Today Show.

    It seemed as if these were conduits for smear campaigns orchestrated by the MPAA as well as conduits for movie promotions. And this makes nothing but sense when you consider the fact that the WSJ is owned by Rupert Murdoch who owns the Fox movie studios and the Today show is owned by the same company that controls Universal Studios another massive Hollywood operation.

    This scandalous story has no traction on any of the networks and certainly not Fox news or MSNBC. ABC is run by Disney, so they are not about to cover it.  CBS is controlled by Sumner Redstone who also runs Viacom and thus the Paramount movie studios.
    Does anyone see a problem here? And what other non-movie media operation is going to go after this cabal? Would the New York Times risk it? These guys are going after Google! This is non-trivial. So nobody is making a fuss.  Nobody.

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    How to Stop Windows 10 Auto-Updates

    ​With Windows 10 now being released, it is posts like this (below) that truly give Microsoft and Windows a bad name. Although it may be the case in the olden days like with Windows XP where we wanted to have more control over the updates. This shouldn't be addressed in Windows 10 right out of the gate.  Since Microsoft has boldly stated this is the last operating system and the fact that it is being released not only for free, but through the normal windows update channel should provide people with at least a little bit of security knowing they are pretty sure things will go smoothly.  There have been a few million computers being testers over the past year or so and although it may be true there will be some computers that may go in to some sort of endless loop as a result of a bad update, it shouldn't be posted as "this is how you can turn this off" because in my opinion all this does is prevent true security from being implemented which in turn will help break the internet.  If you are an IT tech then sure, you are going to want to know how to go about turning things on and off but to post this for all to see when it is already hard enough convincing some people to upgrade in the first place.  What is next-- how to 'go back' to the previous operating system and/or 'how to make it look and feel like windows 7' because people are afraid of change.. change is good (generally) so long as you allow yourself at least a little time to see what this bold new future has to offer!​

    How to Stop Windows 10 Auto-Updates

    Tuesday, July 28, 2015

    BB17 Update-Becky's strategy

    Becky's strategy is that she doesn't really have any.. and that is because she is not a game player.. she was the result of a tinder candidacy and has no clue what is going on. To her this is summer camp! Jackie on the other hand, can see the real picture. Coming in to the game with a target already on her back being from The Amazing Race and a supposed couple. Now she is out to prove she is on her own. Jackie has the right attitude IMHO as these HG seem to know exactly what is going to happen each week and when the double evict will happen. I am hopeful production will finally realize they need to throw some wrenches in to the mix. They (production) know it is time for a shake up and if that means somehow getting a power shift to the other side of the house in order to create drama, you can be sure they are working on something. My hope is it happens sooner rather than later and the twist will be a REWIND or magic power of Veto that magically appears under Jason's pillow tonight. All I know is something has to happen soon if CBS wants to have any sort of ratings numbers for this season!

    BB17 Update-Jason's time appears to be dwindling

    I really don't get why everyone ranks Johnny so high. True he has won comps and thrown comps and has a great D/R session but come on, the guy sleeps a normal schedule and rarely gets any feed time. When he does, it is to talk with Becky who, even production didn't have her on an entire week without any D/R time. Becky now being OTB is getting her time and is now being saved by the other side.

    But I will say it again and again... this season's HG are a joke when it comes to playing the game. Da had game but because she was too loud and boysterous with these HG and for that she went home. She was the one that caught on to the Twins so early as well as the obvious Audrey. With Jason at her side, knowing the game so well, it was a true power couple--but after all it is a game and even good players get sent packing early on. We can of course hope production plays a REWIND or something but who knows.. so far this year has sucked big time in that category, with no new twists and the old ones they are far and few between. Where is the takeover that is supposed to be weekly?

    Back to Becky.. her being saved this week is one thing but for her to choose sides at this point is pretty silly, especially since the odds are in the 'other side's favor for the next challenge--even with the numbers twindling. Right now she is on the bottom of the totem pole in this current alliance in power so I'm really not sure what she is thinking.. she is the silent floater of the season even though initially it appeared that Jackie was going to be the new Victoria. I think with Jackie's recent HOH and how she is now VERY vocal, she is placing a target firmly on her--which is fine by all the rest. Clay and Shelli continue to reign (Shelli IMHO will win the game at this point) keeping the target on others like the Twins that will now be entering the game.

    The one great thing I have always loved about BB is the radical changes that happen week to week. This hasn't really been the case so far and that is probably why I am so far ranking this season as one of the worst.. but it is never too late.. There is still a chance production can turn this around in to a better season--l remain hopeful of this!

    BB17 power of veto and Jason going home!

    After the power of veto ceremony resulting in the blindside of the season so far which has Jason now the replacement nomination, we will see a house divided. We knew this would come sooner than later but the fact that Vanessa who didn't even want to remain HOH this week because she is afraid of blood.. to do what she did is going to be interesting to see if it does in fact help her game.

    Just as I have been saying all through the season, these HG suck.  The ones that actually want to play the game (Da and Jason) are now going to be sent home before jury.  The fact that these HG think it wise to allow twins to enter the game and play for the money, not to mention the Clay/Shelli power couple that has been together since week 1 is pretty crazy.  At this point I am with Britney Haynes on saying "one of the Shay" alliance winning, my money is on Shelli, since it was her that put the seed firmly in Vanessa's mind to keep Austin, even though he has betrayed her trust more than once.  Yet the supposed "other side' has not gained her trust enough that she has to use excuses like "James not throwing the BOB" which would have only had Vanessa not have to make any moves as HOH at all. If she was so worried about blood on her hands then she should have stayed with the house and taken Austin out when she had her chance.  True, Jason is a power player so for Vanessa it will look good on her rsume for the rest of the jury but the fact that her and Shelli both wanted to make sure the "house was on board" because they didn't want it to be their fault if things backfire during their HOH reign. 

    At this point the house is divided and the power is firmly in Vanessa's court. Whether her court has anyone other than the Twins and Austin remain to be seen. Shelli and Clay are happy because they are skating by another week with no target on them.  Now that the twins will be in the house, they are sure to be more of a target than Clay/Shelli so that should easily give them a few more weeks.

    We can hope that production will recognize the importance of keeping a player like Jason around a little longer and possibly have something like the REWIND to take place this week.. lets face it, there hasn't been any more BB Takeovers for a few weeks and if they are killing that twist then what else is there? The twins enter this week so that twist is now done.  I am pretty sure there will be a mass exodus from the feed subscriptions as a result of Jason going home. There is a chance he could stay but it would have to be Clay and Shelli growing a spine and realizing their mistake in siding with the Vanessa, Austin,Twin side of the house.. 

    Monday, July 27, 2015



    • A.Q. in the Maghrim
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      My How things change in the BB House in 1 Day!

      It should come as no surprise that the original plan to backdoor Austin has changed, thanks to Shelli, who is in my opinion the head of the snake!.  She couldn't be satisfied with Austin going home because when Austin made the comment that their side would be down a vote and the fact that Becky would be a vote for the 'other side' this got Shelli moving in top gear. This started getting Vanessa to doubt the original plan which was to get all 8 to the jury--seems like an easy week.. the backdoor was going as planned and all that has to happen is Vanessa places Austin on the block.  Now, about 15 hours later the plan is to actually put up Jason because he is a huge target? These people are seriously screwed up--probably thanks to production but also because Shelli started running her mouth. This girl has no game whatsoever and her first mission is to save/be with her son (Clay).  

      The irony here is Vanessa says she is such a loyal person, yet here she is going against what was planned.  I personally had no doubt this sort of thing would happen, even when Vanessa went on and on about throwing HOH and NOT wanting to remain up there because it was "too stressful". She enjoyed her first HOH so much that her HOHitus caused her to continue acting like she was HOH when Shelli was up there. So now that she is back as HOH, it didn't take long for Shelli to continue her reign as HOH even though she isn't. At one time Clay/Shelli wanted to put up Jackie but Vanessa, being the loyal girl that she is (NOT), promised Jackie that she would not be backdoored if she lost her HOH. So Vanessa is (so far) staying true to this but yet has it firmly in her sites to keep Austin now and put up Jason.  I have friends that were sure Jason would be safe because Clay/Shelli were in an alliance with Jason and Meg but I told them this is not the case as Shelli has only one thing on her mind--Clay.. she doesn't know the game at all.. yet as Britney said during her interview with Julie Chen, that one of the Clay/Shelli alliance would probably win the game.. I would agree with her here, and say Shelli has a very good chance.   All I can say is at this point, I'm not impressed with things.. but that is the same the past few weeks, when it was a no-brainer to put up Audrey but that didn't happen.. thanks to production mainly.. now they can cause all this reaction before the POV Ceremony.  What I don't get is  how Steve, which was the backup to Austin not going up, is not even being thought of anymore as a target... since one simple conversation Steve had in the HOH room today, the current side with power seems to figure he is an easy vote for them and he should stay, along with Austin.  What I don't get is how this side of the house thinks throwing up Jason and sending him home is going to place "less blood" on their hands when all they had to do is get rid of Austin. They still had the numbers--as it appears they have now roped in Steve easily and Johnny Mac is in as well, so long as Becky isn't going home. 

      So once again I am hating the show, simply because these HG have no game.. they are lemmings and no brain to think for themselves.  1: Clay/Shelli are a power couple.. that should be your first target and 2: the twins, now that you have allowed them to come in to the game, they become even stronger than #1 target as they are sisters and nothing comes between blood relations.  So this current side in power has their work cut out for them if they want to make it to the end. If they were to have left it as is, and send Austin home, they all would have had an easier time to get rid of the twins the next week, which will most likely be a double eviction and possibly even Steve as well as one of the two evictions of the week. Then the rest of the house would have done just as they had planned originally.. to have a 8 way deal to jury.  Monday is POV Ceremony so by Noon we should know what really happens and you can be sure if it is Jason up there, there will be some serious drama.   What production probably doesn't realize is they will have a mass exodus from their feed subscription as Jason is one of the most liked people in the house.. Austin's numbers don't even come close... he is creepy and in my opinion, worse than BM Cowboy was last year.  

      Oh well, just another day in the BB House..

      Sunday, July 26, 2015

      Big Brother 17 (BBUS17) update-Austin isn't going anywhere, or is he?

      It's always about the numbers. Or at least that is what I tell my fellow feeders while I am watching things unfold in front of me.  With over 30 years of Television Production experience in my back pocket it is safe to say I do know something about how these producers are controlling the game.  Let's face it, that is what got me intrigued in this show in the first place.. it is a Human Experiment. Or at least that is how it started. But of course with any Network TV show, the advertisers have a huge part in this since the idea is to be the most watched program on the air at that time so you have the most eyes watching it so that the advertisers are happy and in return the production series can charge more for the airtime.  It's basic TV.. use the SuperBowl, The Academy Awards, The President's Speech... anything the general public find important enough to stop what they are doing and tuning in to watch the show..  If you look at the numbers the very first season the show had the highest numbers and since then it has gone down hill.. the first year was the only year the general public voted each player out of the house and also voted for the winner.  Obviously now that the social networking/internet is the way that it is, this may not be quite as easy to do as it might get gamed to the point where it wasn't even close. This is where in my opinion, the CBS US series is NOT doing a good enough job of taking advantage of the social media and allowing "us" be more powerful. They seem to give the feeders absolutely no credit, yet they continue to use the comments posted everywhere in the script they give to Julie Chen each week.  BB Canada has done a stellar job of giving the live feeders and viewers more power in the game, yet still keeping full control of the production. CBS US can definitely learn from this. After all, the casting director for both series is the same person.

      As much as I love the game there are times when I seriously want to throw my tv/computer out the window. Listening to these HG go on and on about getting blood on their hands and 'at the end of the day'.. Enough is enough.. you entered this game to win a half million dollars and you want to do it without getting a few people upset with your decisions when you happen to win HOH.

      Vanessa is now HOH once again.. I never trusted this girl from the start.. how can you when she was a professional poker player.. check out her Wiki entry and you will see the stats for yourself. You have to hope she is loyal and just dismisses the people the lie to her.. she feels like they are gaming her and that is NOT what you want to do against a professional gamer!  But here is the thing, it is only Saturday night/Sunday morning and the power of veto ceremony doesn't happen until Monday afternoon so a lot of game talk will happen and Shelli will continue to convince Vanessa, now that her son (Clay) has won the power of veto and is safely off the block and back in her arms (excuse me--a little puke in my mouth) I'm ok now..  If the tables were turned and Becky would have won POV and Clay remained OTB then Shelli would be signing a different tune, because she would realize how important Meg, Jason, James votes would be to save Clay and she would be freaking out because there is a chance they would jump at this opportunity to get the most powerful player out of the game. After all, that is why Shelli was so paranoid when Clay was OTB in the first place.  So now that her man/son is safe, she once again turns and realizes how she can make this a win-win for HER Game.. (got to give her credit there because it is a game and you should always be thinking of Number 1 which is yourself).  For Shelli, having Austin stay means one more vote for "her side" and Becky would go so that is one less vote for the other side. The problem is, there really is no solid line in the house. 

      If you look at the twin twist and how Liz and Julia now have to look at the game once they are both in, she wonders who should we trust. Right now she is counting on Vanessa, since Julia initially let the twin twist out of the bag by telling Vanessa the truth and introducing herself as Julia while they were sleeping in the same bed some time back.  The problem will be how much power Shelli has over Vanessa this week to see just where the Twins will be in the house.

      So in summary, at midnight Saturday/Sunday morning, it appears Austin is still going to be the replacement nomination and will get back doored but we haven't heard the last of Shelli/Clay's arguments. Not to mention production and all the D/R sessions where they will continue to put ideas in people's minds about pros to Austin staying--if production recognizes it appears he is the one going home.  If you dont believe me, then take a look what happened last week when Audrey was sure to be going on the block and even before she was officially put up, was already shutting every other HG out and wouldn't speak to anyone followed by not even showing up for the POV ceremony and then production giving her a single penalty for having normal food due to the fact that she was also a have-not. At this point production had to make it into what it was.

      It is safe to say I am happy to see the he said/she said continue to manifest throughout the house creating much needed drama which makes this Human experiment fun to watch once again.

      CBS-Under The Dome--it was on but I didn't watch it!

      As per my previous post on the CBS series "Under The Dome" where I gave it two full seasons (and 4 episodes of Season 3).  With episode 5 airing this week I had my hand on the trigger as to "Do I watch it and hope that it gets better or just give up?" feelings.  I decided I would leave it like the LoST series.  With LOST I watched about 4 or 5 episodes and thought to myself, "This show is just crazy and is all over the place" and gave up watching.. then after about 3 or 4 seasons, when everybody was raving about this series, I decided before Season 5, that I would binge watch the entire series.. I must say, that was truly the way to watch that series--all at once.  So if that is what happens with Under the Dome- then that is what I will do--when the time comes.  

      The problem with a series like Under the Dome, in my opinion, was right out of the gates, I couldn't see how this could last a second season because let's face it, how would these people either continue to survive or how is it that the rest of the world had pretty much given up on them as all the hustle and bustle around the dome had disappeared and there were many scenes where you could see no activity on the outside at all. Lets face it, this is NOT what would ever happen in real life..There are enough "GOOD" programs out there that I can feel confident in my decision! 

      No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

      Note from John C. Dvorak

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