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Friday, December 1, 2023

Technology News and More-Friday Edition...

 Technology News and More...

'Furiosa' trailer: 'Mad Max: Fury Road' prequel returns to the Australian wasteland
100+Mashable / 7h
The first official trailer for Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga is finally here, teasing at the origin story of Mad Max: Fury Road 's titular Imperator. Set in a post-apocalyptic Australian wasteland, the film follows a young Furiosa ( Anya Taylor-Joy ) after she is taken from her home in the Green Place of Many Mothers. Now in the hands of Warlord Dementus' Biker Horde, Furiosa is soon caught in the conf

Advertisers Say They Do Not Plan to Return to X After Musk’s Comments
6KNYT > Technology / 11h
Elon Musk, the owner of X, criticized advertisers with expletives on Wednesday at The New York Times’s DealBook Summit.

Smartphone sales to rebound on AI gains, Morgan Stanley says
TechCrunch / 15min
Smartphone sales will mount a comeback starting in 2024, defying growing warnings of a prolonged slump across the mobile sector, according to separate projections by Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley reviewed by TechCrunch. Morgan Stanley’s report predicts global smartphone shipments will rebound by nearly 4% in 2024 and by 4.4% in 2025, shrugging off comparisons […] © 2023 TechCrunch. All rights

China Sulfur Contamination Attack on LK99 Paper is Same Work From August
Next Big Future / 35min
Researchers led by Prof. LUO Jianlin from the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) have observed that Pb10-xCux(PO4)6O (0.9

Huawei is allegedly building a self-sufficient chip network using state investment fund
Engadget / 3h
We've seen Huawei's surprising strides with its recent smartphones — especially the in-house 7nm 5G processor within, but apparently the company has been working on something far more significant to bypass the US import ban. According to a new Bloomberg investigation, a Shenzhen city government investment fund created in 2019 has been helping Huawei build "a self-sufficient chip network." Such a

This helpful puppy and dog training bundle is on sale for under £20
Mashable / 3h
TL;DR: The Complete Guide to Puppy and Dog Training Bundle is on sale for £18.18, saving you 92% on list price. Some of us can't resist a dog or puppy. We "aww!" out loud at the mere sight of a doggo being walked nearby. If you are one of these dog-loving people and are looking to make some extra money, dog training could be an option. This informative puppy and dog training package has eight ful

Anduril’s New Drone Killer Is Locked on to AI-Powered Warfare
50Wired / 3h
Autonomous drones are rapidly changing combat. Anduril’s new one aims to gain an edge with jet power and AI.

Anduril unveils Roadrunner, “a fighter jet weapon that lands like a Falcon 9”
24TechCrunch / 3h
Leading defense tech startup Anduril has developed a new product designed to take-on the proliferation of low-cost, high-powered aerial threats. The product is called Roadrunner, a modular, twin-jet powered autonomous vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) air vehicle that’s designed for low costs. Anduril has also developed a variant called Roadrunner-Munition, or Roadrunner-M, a “high-explosive i

WhatsApp now lets you use secret codes to lock your private chats
TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 3h
WhatsApp is making its Chat Lock tool even more secure by introducing Secret Codes that will hide private chat rooms. The way it currently works, Chat Lock takes conversations and places them into a separate folder that can only be opened with either your phone’s password or biometric login. This can be helpful if you share the device with others. However, it doesn’t stop other people who know th

TikTok: US judge blocks Montana's ban citing free speech
75BBC News - Technology / 3h
Chinese-owned app welcomes the ruling against "unconstitutional law" due to come into effect in January.

Wordle today: Here's the answer and hints for December 1
Mashable / 5h
Oh hey there! If you're here, it must be time for Wordle . As always, we're serving up our daily hints and tips to help you figure out today's answer. If you just want to be told today's word, you can jump to the bottom of this article for Dec. 1's Wordle solution revealed. But if you'd rather solve it yourself, keep reading for some clues, tips, and strategies to assist you. Where did Wordle com

NYT Connections today: See hints and answers for December 1
Mashable / 5h
Connections is the latest New York Times word game that's captured the public's attention. The game is all about finding the "common threads between words." And just like Wordle , Connections resets after midnight and each new set of words gets trickier and trickier—so we've served up some hints and tips to get you over the hurdle. If you just want to be told today's puzzle, you can jump to the e

Today's NYT Connections Hints (and Answer) for Friday, December 1, 2023
LifeHacker / 5h
I found this to be one of the easier puzzles lately. If you’re looking for the Connections answer for Friday, December 1, 2023, read on—I’ll share some clues, tips, and strategies, and finally the solutions to all four categories. Along the way, I’ll explain the meanings of the trickier words and we’ll learn how everything fits together. Beware, there are spoilers below for December 1, NYT Connec

Tesla Powersharing Cybertruck Can Power Other EVs and Each Cybertruck Is Like Eight Powerwalls
Next Big Future / 5h
Tesla now has Powershare vehicle-to-grid, vehicle to home charging and charge other EV with the new Cybertruck. Cybertruck owners can power their camping equipment, power tools, or even their entire home during a blackout by using their electric truck as a mobile generator. The truck has 240-volt outlet in the rear bed that can be ... Read more

Everything We Caught in Furiosa's Epic First Trailer
Gizmodo / 6h
The first trailer for George Miller’s Furiosa is finally here and it’s all new, shiny, and chrome. Anya Taylor-Joy stars as a younger version of the character we first met in Mad Max: Fury Road, and she’s joined by Chris Hemsworth as another evil warlord in this vast, post-apocalyptic wasteland. Read more...

You Can Now Play PC VR Games on Your Meta Quest Headset With Steam Link
LifeHacker / 7h
When it comes to VR headsets right now, there are Meta's Quest 2 , Quest 3, and Quest Pro , and then there's everything else . You already know you can use the Meta Quest devices to play bespoke VR games like Beat Saber and Among Us VR , but if you have a powerful gaming PC, you can now more easily play demanding PC-based VR titles on your Quest headset with minimal fuss. Previously in order to p

TikTok ban in Montana blocked by US judge over free speech rights
41Engadget / 7h
Montana's unprecedented state-wide ban of Chinese short-video app, TikTok, was supposed to take effect on January 1, 2024, but as reported by Reuters , US District Judge Donald Molloy issued a preliminary injunction just one month ahead to block said ban. This means that for now, ByteDance and app stores are allowed to continue serving TikTok to users within the Montana state, without being fined

Google researchers report critical zero-days in Chrome and all Apple OSes
34Ars Technica - All content / 7h
Enlarge (credit: Getty Images ) Researchers in Google's Threat Analysis Group have been as busy as ever, with discoveries that have led to the disclosure of three high-severity zero-day vulnerabilities under active exploitation in Apple OSes and the Chrome browser in the span of 48 hours. Apple on Thursday said it was releasing security updates fixing two vulnerabilities present in iOS, macOS, an

Tesla Cybertruck Has a 120 Mile External Range Extender Battery With About 40 KWh
Next Big Future / 7h
Tesla Cybertruck has a 120 Mile external range extender battery. It is like a large 140 kilogram superbattery with about 40 KWh of power. This would be like three powerwalls. As a modular external battery, people could either own one for those who are towing and moving heavy loads all the time or people could ... Read more

Tesla Cybertruck Has a Great Driving Experience and Dry Cell Batteries
Next Big Future / 7h
Sandy Munro describes driving the Tesla Cybertruck. It has the best panoramic view of any vehicle other than a motorcycle or convertible. It has a very tight turning radius because of the front and rear wheel steering. Driving is very responsive because of the drive by wire. It is very quiet to drive because of ... Read more

Google Celebrates 1 Billion RCS Users With a Feature Drop for Green Bubbles
Gizmodo / 7h
Google’s bet on RCS is paying off, or at least that’s what it wants us to think. After a few minor wins, including Apple quietly confirming RCS support in the next iPhone and officially surpassing 1 billion monthly active users, Google is celebrating its successes by announcing new features for Messages users on… Read more...

Judge Halts TikTok Ban in Montana
NYT > Technology / 7h
TikTok, which is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, has been locked in a legal battle with Montana since the state passed the ban in April.

Columbia's New Star Wars Winter Collection Is Hoth as Hell
Gizmodo / 7h
Live out your Hoth fantasies—look, some Star Wars fans happen to prefer the characters when they’re stuck in freezing cold environments —with Columbia Sportswear ’s latest collaboration with Lucasfilm . The special-edition line is inspired by Luke Skywalker’s iconic flight suit from the Star Wars universe . Read more...

How to Make a Collaborative Playlist on Spotify
LifeHacker / 8h
Spotify first released the option to make collaborative playlists back in September of 2020 , but a lot of people still don't know how to use it. Thankfully, the process isn't difficult. With this tutorial, you and your friends can get started making playlists together in no time. How to make a collaborative playlist in Spotify Whether you're creating a playlist from scratch or looking to invite

Holiday Cookie Shots Are Fun for Drinkers and Stoners Alike
LifeHacker / 8h
The holiday season is in full swing, parties are filling your schedule, and cookies are always in style. This year, I’ve got a very special cookie project for you. One for the drinkers, non-drinkers, and the stoners in your group (and even the ones who manage to do both without tossing their cookies). Whether you’re hosting or bringing a gift, bake a batch of cookie shots for the holidays. Here’s

What People are Getting Wrong This Week: The Chiefs Fan Wearing ‘Blackface’
LifeHacker / 8h
The screenshot above, taken from CBS's broadcast of Sunday's football game between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs, caused an online controversy after it was posted on Twitter on Sunday night. It seems to depict a double-dose of racism—a white kid in blackface wearing a traditionally native American headdress—and people were (understandably) appalled at such a blatantly racist im

'Red gold': Why saffron production is dwindling in India
47BBC News - Technology / 8h
The spice saffron fetches huge sums of money, but is hard to grow and Indian production is falling.

How the Tesla Cyberbeast compares to other high-priced electric pickups
100TechCrunch / 8h
After keeping some key specs close to its proverbial chest, Tesla is finally sharing more details about the final production versions of the Cybertruck electric pickup. Tesla published battery, speed and other stats during its delivery event on Thursday, during which the automaker went out of the way to compare the Cybertruck to some of […] © 2023 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use

Quordle today - hints and answers for Friday, December 1 (game #676)
TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 8h
It's time for your daily dose of Quordle hints, plus the answers for both the main game and the Daily Sequence spin off. Quordle is the only one of the many Wordle clones that I'm still playing now, around 18 months after the daily-word-game craze hit the internet, and with good reason: it's fun, but also difficult. What's more, its makers (now the online dictionary Merriam-Webster) are also keep

Meta takes down China-based network of thousands of fake accounts
100+BBC News - Technology / 8h
The company says accounts posted about divisive issues ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Giant Stone Age Cemetery Near Arctic Circle Surprises Archaeologists
Gizmodo / 8h
The soil in one of the largest Stone Age cemeteries in Europe is so acidic that all the human remains were destroyed thousands of years ago. But now, a team of archaeologists reviewing the site have found that at least 120 people were once buried there, three times previous estimates. Read more...

Buy Air France-KLM Flying Blue Miles With 100% Bonus (1.53 Cents Per Point)
500+One Mile at a Time / 8h
It can be a great deal to strategically buy miles & points for luxury travel . Along those lines, the Air France-KLM Flying Blue program has just launched a promotion on purchased miles, which is in line with the offers we typically see from the program. Promotion on purchased Flying Blue miles Through 11:59PM CET on Thursday, December 21, 2023, the Air France-KLM Flying Blue program is offering

Will Tesla's truck recover from its shattering start?
94BBC News - Technology / 8h
Tesla boss Elon Musk says the new cybertruck will "change the look of the roads".

Furiosa's First Trailer Is Here, Oh What a Lovely Day!
Gizmodo / 8h
Mad Max: Fury Road was a game-changing , rip-roaring, masterpiece of filmmaking and now we finally have our first look at Furiosa, its follow-up. Today is a lovely, lovely day indeed. Read more...

Something Fascinating Happens When You Take Smartphones Away From Narcissists
Futurism / 9h
It sounds like an update to an old adage: what happens when you take a smartphone away from a narcissist? The answer, according to researchers in Romania who published a recent study about that exact question in the Journal of Psychology , is fascinating. They found that individuals who exhibit signs of narcissism, which is defined by a sense of both self-aggrandizing and insecurity, are much mor

Steam drops macOS Mojave support, effectively ending life for many 32-bit games
Ars Technica - All content / 9h
Enlarge / macOS Mojave's wallpaper. (credit: Apple) Valve Software's Steam gaming marketplace and app will drop support for macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and 10.14 (Mojave), according to a support page post . The change will go into effect on February 15, 2024. What will happen exactly? Valve writes: After that date, existing Steam Client installations on these operating systems will no longer receiv

Defense startup Epirus CEO leaving to take new job at a public company
28TechCrunch / 9h
Defense startup Epirus is getting new leadership. TechCrunch has exclusively learned staff were informed at an all-hands meeting this morning that CEO Ken Bedingfield was leaving. The news was later confirmed by a company spokesperson, who told TechCrunch that Bedingfield accepted a role at an unnamed public company. He will be replaced by COO Andy […] © 2023 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For

Bottlenose Dolphins Somehow Even Cooler Than We Knew, Can Sense Electricity
31Gizmodo / 9h
It looks like bottlenose dolphins may have more tricks up their fins than we knew. New research involving trained zoo dolphins seems to confirm that these mammals can sense electricity, much like other aquatic life. The talent may allow them to better hone in on hidden fish prey and navigate using the Earth’s magnetic… Read more...

Tesla's Cybertruck is a dystopian, masturbatory fantasy
300+Engadget / 9h
It’s been four years since Tesla first announced the Cybertruck, a hideously ugly electric pickup truck that didn’t seem to actually improve on EVs or pickups in any meaningful way. Instead, the 6,600-pound mass of “stainless super steel” seems to be more the culmination of one man's bizarre fantasy, and that man just so happened to own an entire company he could leverage to birth that fantasy, w

Your Electric Kettle Is Dirtier Than You Think
LifeHacker / 9h
When you're used to the speed and efficiency of an electric kettle, waiting for water to boil on the stove can feel unbelievably slow. And if you've someone who has granted precious counter space to what's essentially a single-use appliance, you probably rely on it for everything from making hot beverages, to boiling water to transfer it to a pot on the stove, to making instant oatmeal or noodles

You Need to Update Your Apple Devices Now
LifeHacker / 9h
It's time to update your Apple devices yet again, but not for new features. Rather than adding things like collaborative playlists or the ability to change your default alert tone , this latest update patches two zero-day security vulnerabilities within iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. What's new with iOS 17.1.2 and macOS Sonoma 14.1.2 Apple dropped the updates, iOS 17.1.2 , iPadOS 17.1.2 , and macOS Sono

Google Chrome has a serious security flaw — update your browser now
Process Injection (Enterprise T1055)•
36Mashable / 9h
Google Chrome users, take note: Update your web browser immediately. The search giant released a new update this week. It includes a crucial patch for an active zero-day exploit that leaves your computer susceptible to malicious actors seeking to steal your data. The severity of the flaw is rated 'high' According to Android Central , the issue Google patched is being tracked as bug CVE-2023-6345

Happy Birthday, ChatGPT
Gizmodo / 9h
Did I hear that someone has a birthday today? That’s right, it’s everyone’s favorite language model, a little guy we like to call ChatGPT. Read more...

Airlines With Strange Seatbelt Sign Policies…
One Mile at a Time / 10h
I just took a very long EVA Air flight (more on that shortly), which reminds me of how the Taiwanese Star Alliance carrier takes an odd approach to using the seatbelt sign. I figured this would be a fun topic to discuss more broadly, as I’m curious to hear what OMAAT readers think… The seatbelt sign serves an important purpose To state the obvious, the seatbelt sign is supposed to be there for ev

Tesla’s cheapest Cybertruck won’t drop until 2025
62TechCrunch / 10h
Bad news: If you had your heart set on a sub-$40,000 Cybertruck, it ain’t coming next year, if ever. Though Tesla plans to ramp up production of its electric pickup in 2024, the company clarified today after its splashy delivery event that the cheapest Cybertruck variant will be available in 2025. Tesla first announced a […] © 2023 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

Automatic bike transmission concept is wild and spiky—and could be a big shift
Ars Technica - All content / 10h
Enlarge / Haven Mercer's prototype front assembly for an automatic bike transmission. (credit: Haven Mercer) Depending on how you look at it, either a lot or not very much has changed about the way bikes shift gears since the mid-19th century . A lot has been refined along the transmission path, in which your feet push cranks, those cranks turn a big gear, and a chain connects that big gear to a

Elon’s Edsel? The Tesla Cybertruck went on sale today
32Ars Technica - All content / 10h
Enlarge / It will probably be a while before you see these on the road, but some Tesla stores now have display Cybertrucks. (credit: Jonathan Gitlin) On Thursday afternoon, Tesla delivered the first 10 production Cybertrucks to customers at an event livestreamed on X, Tesla CEO Elon Musk's social media network. A demo video featured shots of the Cybertruck negotiating barren wildernesses, includi

Reddit updates look after rough 6 months and ahead of reported IPO
Ars Technica - All content / 10h
Enlarge / Left: Reddit's old logo. Right: Reddit's new logo. (credit: Reddit ) Writing a long comment providing detail about Reddit's refreshed logo, mascot, and typeface this week, a Reddit employee seemingly rethought the post and opted to conclude it with choice words. The post's last line currently reads: "Edit: Obligatory 'Fuck Spez' for karma." The Reddit employee, going by Acidtwist on Red

If You Used Gmail Today, Your Emails May Be Delayed
31Gizmodo / 10h
Significant delays affected certain Gmail users on Thursday, and Google says you may need to send that email again. According to Google’s Workspace status page , emails from Gmail users sent between 11:30 AM EST and 2:00 PM EST on Thursday may not have gone through or were significantly delayed. Read more...

Tesla Cybertruck delivery event: Everything Elon revealed about the EV pickup
20TechCrunch / 10h
With dubstep as the soundtrack and neon lighting as the backdrop, Elon Musk handed the first Cybertrucks over to a select group of customers that included Reddit co-founder and VC fund Seven Seven Six founder Alexis Ohanian and Trousdale Ventures founder and CEO Phillip Sarofim. The livestreamed portion of the Tesla Cybertruck delivery event was […] © 2023 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For per

These Clues Hint at the True Nature of OpenAI’s Shadowy Q* Project
21Wired / 10h
Reports of a mysterious breakthrough called Q* at OpenAI sparked anxious rumors. AI experts say it’s probably just a conventional attempt to make ChatGPT a little smarter.

Hulu's Only Murders in the Building Is Making the Leap to ABC
Gizmodo / 10h
The mystery of “Who killed Tim Kono?” is coming to ABC. Emmy-nominated Hulu Original comedy series Only Murders in the Building is the latest title to shift from streaming to broadcast, with the first three episodes of season one arriving in early 2024. Read more...

Best credit cards with customizable rewards
The Points Guy / 10h
Editor’s note: This is a recurring post, regularly updated with new information and offers. There’s not just one way to go about earning credit card rewards. Are you looking for a card that provides the same earning rate , no matter the purchase? Or, would you rather have a card that offers bonus points on purchases you spend the most on (such as gas and groceries )? Here’s some food for thought:

Doctor Who Christmas Special First Look Gives Us a New Doctor, New Companion, and New Little Freak
Gizmodo / 10h
If you thought Miriam Margolyes’ the Meep was the apex of Doctor Who ’s creepy little guys, then either good or bad news: things are going to get so much creepier littler and guy-er this Christmas. Read more...

Antisemitic Congresswoman Demands Answers After American Airlines Bans Palestinian Sweater
View from the Wing / 10h
On Wednesday I wrote about an American Airlines passenger being made to remove to turn their sweatshirt inside out in order to fly on American Airlines flight 2829 from New York JFK to Phoenix. The sweatshirt said “Palestine” and defined it as, in essence, the whole of Israel. American’s policy on passenger attire says “Dress appropriately; bare feet or offensive clothing aren’t allowed.” There's

Former Blue Origin rocket engine manager alleges wrongful termination for whistleblowing on safety
TechCrunch / 10h
The former program manager of Blue Origin’s BE-4 rocket engines has filed a lawsuit against the company alleging whistleblower retaliation after he spoke up about safety issues. The complaint was filed on Monday in the Los Angeles County Superior Court. It includes a detailed narrative about program manager Craig Stoker’s efforts over seven months to […] © 2023 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. Fo

Crypto saw lots of chaos, charges and price changes in November
TechCrunch / 10h
We didn’t publish a Chain Reaction newsletter last week because of Thanksgiving. But we’re back -- and saying goodbye to November after a month filled with lawsuits, price changes and crypto chaos. © 2023 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

The Cybertruck's Actual Price Just Dropped and Yikes
500+Futurism / 10h
What a Steel Just over four years following Tesla's unveiling of its brutalist Cybertruck, the company has finally answered some key questions during its incredibly awkward delivery event today. And judging by the numbers, the odd-looking truck will be eye-wateringly expensive — unless you're willing to wait an indeterminate period for a lower quality model. A top trim "Cyberbeast" model of the t

At Awkward Event, Elon Has Guy Halfheartedly Lob Baseball at Cybertruck
58Futurism / 10h
Lobbing Softballs During Tesla's long-awaited Cybertruck delivery event , a mumbling CEO Elon Musk took the stage — well, he climbed into the bed of the truck, where there was no lighting and he was shrouded in darkness — while an infant sobbed loudly in the background. When it comes to the pickup truck's windows, which Musk claimed to be "bulletproof" during the company's unveiling just over fou

Apple patches two security vulnerabilities on iPhone, iPad and Mac
22Engadget / 10h
Apple pushed updates to iOS, iPadOS and macOS software today to patch two zero-day security vulnerabilities. The company suggested the bugs had been actively deployed in the wild. “Apple is aware of a report that this issue may have been exploited against versions of iOS before iOS 16.7.1,” the company wrote about both flaws in its security reports . Software updates plugging the holes are now av

Meta Sues FTC, Says it Has No Constitutional Right to Stop Facebook From Profiting Off of Kids' Data
Gizmodo / 10h
Meta is working all the angles it can to ensure it will still be able to profit from children’s Facebook data. After a recent loss in court, the company has now sued the Federal Trade Commission, arguing the agency doesn’t have the constitutional authority to change a 2020 $5 billion settlement over the company’s… Read more...

Optimism execs are optimistic for Ethereum’s future amid its ongoing scaling battle
TechCrunch / 10h
The goal is to help users forget which chain developers are building on, because it ultimately won’t matter. © 2023 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

4,789 Facebook Accounts in China Impersonated Americans, Meta Says
200+NYT > Technology / 10h
The company warned that the inauthentic accounts underscored the threat of foreign election interference in 2024.

Where in the U.S. to Spot Tonight's Potential Magnetic Storm Aurora
94Gizmodo / 10h
A strong geomagnetic storm will hit Earth tonight following a significant solar flare that occurred on Tuesday, NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center reported today. Read more...

4,789 Facebook Accounts in China Impersonated Americans, Meta Says
200+NYT > Technology / 10h
The company warned that the inauthentic accounts underscored the threat of foreign election interference in 2024.

You Can Watch Augmented Reality Porn on a Meta Quest 3
LifeHacker / 11h
Meta's just-released Quest 3 virtual reality headset features some serious upgrades from the Quest 2: and probably the most notable is its array of front-facing color cameras. This allows better pass-through video than the grainy, black-and-white of the previous generation. Better pass-through cameras means better mixed reality; and better mixed reality means a new kind of porn. In other words: T

Why You Should Reset Your PC for the New Year
LifeHacker / 11h
For most of us, resetting our PC or tech is simply a last-ditch effort to fix some annoying and troublesome issue that has been plaguing our computer. But resetting your PC in December or January can actually make a huge difference going into the new year: Not only does it resolve any of those tech hurdles you might be dealing with, but it gives you a clean slate, and that technical and mental re

Google Messages new update makes it look a bit like the iPhone's Messages app
20TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
To commemorate one billion monthly active users, Google is introducing several new customization options on its Messages app. What’s particularly interesting about the update is that a few of the features are reminiscent of what you find on Apple’s own Messages app. For example, you have Photomoji, allowing you to clip specific parts in a photograph and use them as emoji reactions. iOS 17 has som

This Gift Guide Will Bring Marvel Merriment to Your Holiday Season
Gizmodo / 11h
The whole family can channel their favorite Marvel characters with gifts inspired by the heroes and villains of the MCU, Spider-Man films, Disney+ shows like Loki and Ms. Marvel , and ‘90s X-Men cartoon throwbacks. Read more...

No, Burlington wasn't the most popular Spotify Wrapped sound town
Mashable / 11h
This week, the internet celebrated Spotify Wrapped and in the process, it led us to believe that the vast majority of us share a musical affinity with Burlington, Vermont , but in reality, it was a textbook case of social media creating a moment of false universality. Wrapped is one of the most anticipated days for Spotify users. It's when the streaming giant gathers your listening data for the p

Tesla’s Cybertruck Is Here and It Costs $61,000
400+Wired / 11h
Elon Musk personally handed over the first Cybertrucks to reach customers at a delivery event in Austin today. Tesla also revealed the price and specs of its latest EV.

How to redeem your points with the Southwest Rapid Rewards program
31The Points Guy / 11h
Editor’s note: This is a recurring post, regularly updated with the latest information. Southwest Airlines is known for its generous policies on ticket changes and cancellations, complimentary checked bags and unique boarding process. However, Southwest Rapid Rewards is yet another enticing feature for frequent travelers. One notable advantage is the program’s lack of blackout dates for award red

Tesla's long-awaited Cybertruck will start at $60,990 before rebates
200+Engadget / 11h
After years of production delays, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to a dimly-lit stage on Thursday to hand-deliver the first batch of Cybertruck EVs to their new owners. The company has also, finally announced pricing for the luxury electric truck. Prospective buyers can expect to pay anywhere from $60,990 to $100,000 MSRP (and potentially $11,000 less after rebates and tax credits). The company has lau

Microsoft Phone Link Might Let Android Users Turn Their Phone Into Webcams
Gizmodo / 11h
Android users might soon be able to turn their smartphones into a webcam for their PCs via Microsoft’s Link to Windows app, according to Android Authority . Read more...

Tesla Cybertruck Pricing
Next Big Future / 11h
Tesla has revealed final Cybertruck pricing, trims and range. Starting prices (excluding Fed EV credit): • RWD: $60,990 (250 mile range) • AWD: $79,990 (340 mile range) • Cyberbeast: $99,990 (320 mile range) There is a 120 mile range extended option with unknown pricing. BREAKING: Tesla has revealed final Cybertruck pricing, trims and range! Starting ... Read more

Tesla 48 Volt System Will Be Licensed to Legacy Auto
Next Big Future / 11h
Larry Goldberg said 5 days ago the most important part of the Tesla Cybertruck would be the 48 volt system. He believed that it would be the next product to be licensed by legacy auto. The first systems to be licensed are the charging network and the charging hardware. I just saw the Cybertruck at ... Read more

Tesla Cybertruck – The Future Will Look Like the Future
Next Big Future / 11h
The Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Event has started. A better truck than a truck. A better sportscar than a sportscar. Can two 11000 pounds and it can carry over 2000 pounds inside. It has a 48 volt architecture with 75% less wire. 0-60 in 2.6 seconds. It can tow a Porsche 911 faster than a 911. ... Read more

Makers of popular Dream by Wombo AI app launch a new app for AI avatars
TechCrunch / 11h
Wombo, the makers of viral AI-generated art app Dream by Wombo, is back with another new AI-powered app called Wombo Me. The new AI avatar app from the Canadian startup lets you turn a single selfie into multiple lifelike avatars. Although there are several popular AI avatar apps already on the market, like Lensa AI, Wombo […] © 2023 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

The Guardian Building in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, USA
Music, Arts & Literature / 11h
trb752 : Originally called the Union Trust Building. It has 40 floors and serves as county headquarters. Opened in March 1929. Architect: Wirt C. Rowland Photographs by Leandro Martins Photography. Used with permission.

Here It Is, Your First Look at the Final Cybertruck
56Gizmodo / 11h
Tesla delivered its first Cybertrucks on Thursday afternoon in Austin, Texas, four years after the dystopian electric vehicles were unveiled. Musk kicked off the delivery event by driving a Cybertruck up next to a crowd of people, standing on top of the car, and giving a speech in the dark. The top-end Cybertruck… Read more...

Relatable! Scientists Say Dinosaurs Mainly Died From Climate Change
Futurism / 11h
Apocalypse Then Scientific consensus has coalesced around the notion that a killer asteroid , measuring about nine miles in width, slammed into what is now the Gulf of Mexico around 66 million years ago and basically put a brutal end to the reign of dinosaurs on Earth. But what if the asteroid, now called Chicxulub, was just a killing blow in a slow-motion climate disaster that had already consig

American Regional Jets Getting High Speed Wi-Fi
One Mile at a Time / 11h
American Airlines generally does a great job with offering high speed Wi-Fi, with the notable exception being regional jets. Well, the airline has just made an exciting announcement regarding that. American is upgrading regional jet Wi-Fi American has announced that starting in 2024, the airline will be installing high speed Wi-Fi on nearly 500 regional jets. All two cabin regional jets will be g

Yieldstreet to acquire real estate investment platform Cadre
20TechCrunch / 11h
Alternative investment platform Yieldstreet announced today that it has agreed to acquire Cadre, an online real-estate-focused investment platform aimed at institutional and high net worth investors. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Founded in 2015, Yieldstreet gives people a way to invest in areas like real estate, marine/shipping, legal finance, commercial loans and […] © 2023 Te

How come founders don’t give a crap about sustainability?
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If you care about equity, sustainability, parental leave — pick your poison — you have a chance to make a difference. © 2023 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

Marvel Just Made Nightcrawler Part of a Big, Queer Family
200+Gizmodo / 12h
Kurt Wagner ’s relationship with Mystique and Destiny has long been a messy, divisive one–but as the current era of X-Men comics is more explicit about their queer family, this week it righted the wrongs of the past to bring Kurt and his upbringing into a bold new light. Read more...

The Differences Between Pressure Washers and Power Washers (and When to Use Each)
LifeHacker / 12h
When it comes to maintaining a home’s exterior—from the house itself, to the driveway, sidewalk, deck, and patio—pressure washers can shave hours off of an otherwise time-consuming, tedious job. For example, if you’re restoring your wood deck , you could spend countless hours scrubbing stains and old paint with a stiff-bristled brush or broom—or use a pressure washer, and get it done much faster.

Pressurized Walls Can Embiggen Your Crowded Apartment
LifeHacker / 12h
Housing has become pretty expensive—rent is super high all over the country, and mortgage rates have shot up 4.6% since just last year. So it’s not really all that surprising that more adults are entering into roommate situations in order to afford their housing. A roommate can magically turn an apartment that makes you choose between rent and groceries into an affordable home. Roommates, of cour

TikTok's new profile tools are just for musicians
Engadget / 12h
TikTok has introduced the Artist Account, which offers up-and-coming musicians new ways to curate their profiles in ways that boost discoverability. The new suite of tools are not just meant for rising stars: established pop icons can also add an artist tag to their profiles, giving their music its own tab next to their videos, likes and reposted content. To be eligible for an artist tag, TikTok

The action shooter Spine is taking a page out of films like John Wick 4
TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
Spine is an upcoming cyberpunk-style third-person shooter in development at Nekki. As is, this sci-fi action title looks poised to make a name for itself by using creative camera angles and intimate fight scenes. The intense close-quarters ‘Gun fu’ action game follows a rebel named Redline and her physically-enhanced backbone, called Spine (think Sandevistan from Cyberpunk Edgerunners ), as she n

ChatGPT revealed personal data and verbatim text to researchers
Mashable / 12h
A team of researchers found it shockingly easy to extract personal information and verbatim training data from ChatGPT . "It's wild to us that our attack works and should’ve, would’ve, could’ve been found earlier," said the authors introducing their research paper, which was published on Nov. 28. First picked up by 404 Media , the experiment was performed by researchers from Google DeepMind, Univ

Steam’s streaming software now lets you wirelessly play PC VR games on Quest headsets
34Engadget / 12h
One of the key selling points of Meta Quest VR headsets is that they can play PC VR titles, but you have to be physically connected via a link cable to the PC. There are some third-party workarounds that allow for wireless game streaming, like Virtual Desktop, but now Steam has unveiled an official solution. Steam Link is a tool available for Meta Quest 2, 3 and Pro that wirelessly streams PC VR

YES! American Airlines Will Install High Speed Wifi On 500 Regional Jets
View from the Wing / 12h
Starting next year, American will install high speed internet in its two-cabin regional aircraft. That means Embraer E-175, Bombardier CR7 and CR9s. Their 50 seat Embraer E-145s will remain dark. The process is expected to take two years to complete. Continue reading ...

'A mini data center village under the sea' — China sinks tens of thousands of powerful servers in fresh seawater as it grapples with demand for more power
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China has started to assemble what might turn out to be the world's first commercial underwater data center, as it aims to take advantage of the freezing water to cool its operations and save on energy consumption. The data center, which comprises 100 units spanning 68,000 square meters in size, will be constructed over five years at the bottom of the sea off the coast of Sanya, a coastal city on

The best rewards credit cards for each bonus category
The Points Guy / 12h
Editor’s note: This is a recurring post, regularly updated with new information. There are many different types of rewards cards . As such, sorting through all the available cards and determining which card (or cards) is best for you can be confusing. Once you have multiple credit cards, remembering which one to use for each transaction can make maximizing the points and miles earned on everythin

Hack Tricks ChatGPT Into Spitting Out Private Email Addresses, Phone Numbers
69Futurism / 12h
Unsafe Secrets A group of researchers led by scientists at Google DeepMind have cleverly tricked OpenAI's ChatGPT into revealing individuals' phone numbers and emails, 404 Media reports — an ominous sign that its training data contains large amounts of private information that could unpredictably spill out. "It's wild to us that our attack works and should've, would've, could've been found earlie

Inside United’s 1st Airbus A321neo — step onboard ahead of the inaugural flight
100+The Points Guy / 12h
It’s a new, or neo , day for United. The airline’s first Airbus A321neo aircraft is set to enter service with an evening flight from Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport (ORD). The plane is the newest model to join United’s fleet, and it’s the first new Airbus that the Chicago-based carrier has taken delivery of since 2002, according to da

Tesla Cybertruck Factory Tours
Next Big Future / 12h
John Gibb, Dr Know It All, went on the Tesla Cybertruck Factory tour. Gjeebs taking a tour of the Tesla Cybertruck factory on Cybertruck delivery day. The first video in the factory had poor image quality.

Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Event
Next Big Future / 12h
The Tesla Cybertruck delivery event is happening now and the public presentation is starting. Cybertruck Delivery Event — Tesla (@Tesla) November 29, 2023 — Franz von Holzhausen (@woodhaus2) November 30, 2023

Tesla Car Expert Inspects a Cybertruck at the Delivery Event
Next Big Future / 12h
Sandy Munro and other Tesla Youtubers are at the Cybertruck Delivery Event which will start in about 12 minutes. Sandy is a car expert who does complete vehicle teardowns and analysis.

These Penguins Nap Thousands of Times Per Day
49Gizmodo / 12h
In what either sounds like a blissful cruise through life or hell on Earth, nesting chinstrap penguins apparently take thousands of naps per day, in order to get enough sleep while remaining alert to threats. Read more...

Call of Duty games start landing on NVIDIA GeForce Now
24Engadget / 12h
One of the major concessions Microsoft made to regulators to get its blockbuster acquisition of Activision Blizzard over the line was agreeing to let users of third-party cloud services stream Xbox-owned games . Starting today, you can play three Call of Duty games via NVIDIA GeForce Now: Modern Warfare 3, Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone. They're the first Activision games to land on GeForce Now sin

You Should Update Chrome Right Now (Again)
LifeHacker / 12h
Attention Chrome and Chromium-browser users: Your internet activity is vulnerable to cyberattacks, unless you update to the latest version of your browser. On Tuesday, Google announced on the Chrome Releases blog that a new version of Chrome, 119.0.6045.199 for Mac and Linux and 119.0.6045.199/.200 for Windows, is available, and patches seven different security vulnerabilities. All of these disco

These Are the Best New Accessibility Features in macOS Sonoma

LifeHacker / 12h
Apple continues to improve the accessibility features available for all of its devices, and the Mac is no exception. macOS Sonoma ships with a few accessibility features that launched earlier in iOS and iPadOS , but never on the Mac. This version of macOS comes with unique and useful features, such as the ability to create and store your own voice—invaluable to people who are at risk of losing th

How to Tell When Rust Has Won
LifeHacker / 12h
Rusted tools, cars, bolts or even your stainless steel appliances can often be salvaged —if the rust is caught early enough. At those early stages, rust is more of an aesthetic issue and an annoyance. But rust is a process of corrosion that will eventually render its victims unusable and unrepairable, making any effort to clean them up and protect them against further ruin a waste of time. The tr

Google wants you to bring the laughts with its new .meme domain
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Memes, the internet's favourite way to spread culture and ideas, have a new home onlinethanks to the launch of Google's new top-level .meme domain. Google Registry recently announced that the new .meme domain will be publicly available from December 5 at a base annual price. Early adopters can secure a .meme domain before then as part of Google’s Early Access Period (EAP), but this will require a

Formula E now lets you stream every race from its first nine seasons for free
Engadget / 12h
There's still time to get acquainted with Formula E before the new season begins in January. To help with that, the all-electric racing series has opened up its vault and made every race from its first nine seasons available to stream for free . Starting with the first event in Beijing in 2014 through this past season's finale in London, there's a lot to relive or watch for the first time. If you

Millions of lead pipes would finally be ripped out under proposed EPA rule
Ars Technica - All content / 12h
Enlarge / City workers unload a truck containing pallets of bottled water to distribute during a water filter distribution event on October 26, 2021 in Hamtramck, Michigan. The state Department of Health and Human Services has begun distributing water filters and bottled water to residents due to elevated levels of lead found in the drinking water due to old and un-maintained water pipes in the c

New chip-packaging facility could save TSMC’s Arizona fab from “paperweight” status
Ars Technica - All content / 12h
Enlarge / Apple wants to build more of its A- and M-series chips in the United States. (credit: Apple) Late last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the company would definitely be buying chips made at Taiwan Semiconductor's new Arizona-based fab once it had opened. Apple working with TSMC isn't new; most, if not all, of the processors currently sold in Apple's products are made on one of TSM

The Great Google Account Purge starts tomorrow for inactive users
29Ars Technica - All content / 12h
Enlarge (credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images ) Hello fellow procrastinators. This is your last-minute warning that you have until the end of the day to log in to any inactive Google accounts before they start getting deleted on December 1. Google is going to wipe any accounts that have been "inactive"