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Saturday, June 30, 2018

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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Dear Producer,
Today begins the 4th of July holiday week in the USA. This is earmarked by fireworks and outdoor events.

In the SF Bay area it’s marked by the incoming fog and poor fireworks viewing and a general disappointment. Every year No Agenda celebrates the 4th with the date and year donation. This time it’s $74.18 and it supports the No Agenda Show in an attempt to start the month off with a bang not a fizzle. Click here.

Meanwhile, show day is Canada day and you can contribute $71.18 for that annual event and save money! Happy birthday Canada! We too often forget Canada Day in the US.
The news is beginning to heat up as we get closer and closer to the November mid-term elections, so things will get worse insofar as public discourse is concerned. Your No Agenda Show will be tracking it closely. If the House and Senate are taken over by Democrats (very possible) then it will become a put-up-or-shut-up moment regarding impeaching Trump just for the sake of it.
If you didn’t know 60 House Democrats have already gone on the record to impeach.You can call these the 60 dummies because the idea is not to impeach, but to talk about impeaching until 2020. No Democrat wants Pence as President. If Trump was actually impeached after the 2018 election it would mean that Pence could potentially be the President from 2018-2028, a decade of Republican rule picking very conservative judges along the way. Thus the 60 Democrats are dummies for just inviting the possibility.
No, the smarter dems  just want to draw attention to impeachment until 2020 when they can vote Trump out. But who can beat him? None of the current contenders seem likely. Hillary still has the machine. I contend she will be the nominee.
Only No Agenda will give you non-biased insight into the unfolding stories with news analysis that you will not get anywhere else. This is only because the show is not beholding to brand-safe presentations designed to appease advertisers. You provide the support. Click here and help with any donation.
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Best of the Offensive Sexist Ads from 1947-1977
The ad copy on the ad is hilarious.
Yes, admiring the one shoe left behind after she killed her husband with a butcher's knife and fed him to the sharks.
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