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Thursday, June 14, 2018

No Agenda Newsletter

No Agenda Thursday Show Newsletter

Show 1042.
Kim Jong Yum Yum & DJT

Father's Day Awaits
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Dear Producer,
It’s that time of year where you get to call out your Dad on Father’s Day, which is this Sunday 6-17-18, which has a nice ring to it.  A $617.18 donation would be great, but you can just do it in dimes and contribute $61.71 and you get the call out. You are assured that every father in the world wants their name called out on the No Agenda Show unless they are under indictment. And even then they might want it. Please contribute to this “holiday” that was created specifically to counter the popularity of Mother’s Day and celebrate the importance of Fatherhood.

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Tomorrow the show gets to wrestle with all the mind-boggling coverage of the Trump meeting with Kim Jong-Un. Your No Agenda Show has been all over the North Korean story and its desires to officially end the Korean War and become a part of the world. NOKO is always called the Hermit Kingdom and said to be mysterious where no news gets in or out. Yet it seems to get all sorts of bogus coverage by experts who have never visited the place. And it seems to somehow be a famous hacking center and now missile developer along with expertise in nuclear physics.
Trump has managed to do what no President has ever done, which is meet with and start discussion with the place. For that, he is praised by many and condemned by many more. This is a perfect topic for No Agenda. What is really going on?
Also, a call out to Marc Maron and his WTF podcast which uncovered the Bourdain use of Chantix. We mistakenly implied that the show was edited in such a way that some members of his audience thought he was a stooge for big pharma. Our commentary was wrong, the edit never happened. And an apology is necessary since nobody this aggravation and we always correct mistakes. Sorry Marc.
In other breaking news we find out that Einstein was a racist, there is a vial of moon dust in private hands, worm holes are dangerous, and people are not eating right.

This is what No Agenda does best, spot and explain the malarkey promoted by the corporate media enterprise. Your support is important. Help us with any contributionyou can afford by clicking here. Meanwhile, let’s start thanking Dads everywhere.
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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