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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

No Agenda Newsletter

No Agenda Newsletter

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The Holiday Season Begins
Dear Producer,
Today is Halloween and your No Agenda Show has never offered you any sort of Halloween donation. So let’s make it a simple date contribution of $10.31. This is something everyone can afford. A remember you do not need a PayPal account to donate to the show. PayPal also will process your credit card.

For those of you feeling more generous and in the holiday spiritplease click here and contribute whatever you want to support the show.
Halloween is probably the weirdest non-holiday celebration of the year surpassing the other crackpot days such as take your child to work day or Valentine’s Day.The history of Halloween is very sketchy with all sorts of contradictory origin stories. A good rundown is here.

It is skewed in various ways around the world and has changed a lot in the USA with the rise of corn mazes, pumpkin patch festivals, costume parties and haunted houses.

Actual door-to-door trick or treating is a localized phenomenon and often involves parents or older siblings accompanying the youngsters from door-to-door for safety reasons. The “trick” side of the equation is rare nowadays. In the past flaming bags of dog poop, egging a house or a house covered in toilet paper were not uncommon. Now it’s politically incorrect if not vandalism.
Somehow wrong on many levels, yet oddly creative.
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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Halloween images
Va-va voom
Needs some repairs
Worth re-using
No cultural appropriation: GOOD TO GO
Even a sexy Donald Trump costume?
How repressed is the politically correct culture that it has come to this?
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200+ Google Engineers Organize Walkout over Alleged Company Protection of Sexual Harasser | Breitbart

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Glen Woodfin - According to Buzzfeed, the “women’s walk” protest will be staged on Thursday “in light of a story by the New York Times last week into the alleged misbehavior of Android creator Andy Rubin and other …

Report: Chinese Students Illegally Forced to Make Apple Watches

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