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Thursday, October 11, 2018

No Agenda Newsletter

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No Agenda Newsletter

Show 1076
Chinese 10-10 Lucky Day

Tomorrow's Show will be Great
Dear Producer,
Today is 10-10 Day which is a major holiday in China (PRC) and Taiwan (ROC). It marks the Wuchang uprising in 1911 and the beginning of the fall of dynastic China. Most American Chinatowns celebrate the day and it is considered very lucky to do so.

When it comes within range of your No Agenda Show, the same is done – a special 10-10 day Lucky donation of the date and year in dimes (10-cents adding as much lucky 10 as possible). Click here to contribute $101.01 (rounded down to make a palindrome) and let’s all celebrate this. And may you receive the good luck from doing this.

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Tomorrow’s show looks to be a doozy as the midterm election blather is heating up and spilling over into all sorts of lunatic news stories. Everything has a political angle with Trump being a lightening rod for all sorts of abuse. Most No Agendalisteners, and especially you newsletter subscribers, seem to be immune to the nonsense, unlike the public at large.

This immunity – a bloodless vaccination of sorts – has to be worth something to you. Look at the people around you who are taken in by the targeted propaganda. Many need a pill to stop the fretting and to relieve  the angst created by the mainstream media which hopes these frightened souls go out and vote Democrat.
Another victim of the Mainstream Media
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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Yes, Communists!!
Global warming leads to this, obviously.
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Today the cover letter is most important.
This is how a cyber thief looks.
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