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Thursday, October 30, 2014



  • Jihadi Cool
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Woman who documented sexual harassment receives rape threats

For starters, the concept of the video was well done, however to then say how she was 'harassed' seems like a stretch, especially since all of the comments made are more complimentary then derogatory or harassing.  Now to see she is receiving rape threats seems to me like it was inevitable if you are going to provoke the male species.   I suggest she wear loose fitting clothing, make herself look 'less attractive' and see what the results would be.  Heck, throw in the religious angle and see what happens if you wore a full hijab and walked the same streets. I'll bet the remarks would be quite different. 

A good lesson video but with the pretty typical outcome I am afraid.

Woman who documented sexual harassment receives rape threats

How to Downgrade from iTunes 12 Back to iTunes 11

You always seem to find posts like these, explaining how to 'go back' to a previous version of software build. The problem is they don't explain the reasons why you shouldn't do this. In fact in most cases, as in this post, they simply say "if you don't like the new version".  Well sorry, but most people don't like change and if you were to go through the life of technology not accepting change then you would still be riding around in a horse and carriage and using an outhouse for the toilet!  The simple truth is when a brand new version, not just a new build number, as in the case of Itunes 12 from Itunes 11, there are enough changes, typically to the graphical user interface (GUI) to warrant the new built number.  In this case, along with IOS 8 comes Itunes 12.  Instead of posting how you can go back to an earlier version, the real instructions should be on how to use the new version and understand how you can adapt some of the older versions in to the newer version. Quite often it is nothing more than a GUI option within the settings.  Don't fall for these posts that are only pushing you away from technology. When a new build comes out it may look and feel different but in all cases, there are security fixes and other issues that caused the previous versions to malfunction in some way or another. Embrace change!

How to Downgrade from iTunes 12 Back to iTunes 11

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

No Agenda Newsletter

No Agenda
Dear Producers,
The No Agenda Seventh Anniversary is this week and the celebration continues for one more show for those of you who missed the Sunday show deadline. If you enjoy your No Agenda Show and have made it an important part of your life, then please get on the anniversary bandwagon with a celebration donation of any amount by clicking here. 

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If there is any impetus for you, the producers, of the No Agenda Show, to generously support the show, it is because it is a lifeline to reality when compared to the drivel dished out by the mainstream commercial media. The commercial media is so corrupted that it’s lost any grip it had on reality.

One major newspaper, the Oregonian, this week wrote an article comparing Taylor Swift to Bob Dylan then went on for hundreds of words extolling the virtues of her latest album. The writer adds that her shreiky voice is endearing, for example. He calls her a “wordsmith” who shuns the use of a thesaurus (and that’s good, he writes). He then manages to compare her to Billy Joel saying she can hit the pop music middle ground where he cannot. The article is here. 


Working the angles

It would be nice to imagine that Oregon, a haven to hipsters and Portlandia and rank irony, has provided us with high satire in this fawning and ridiculous hagiography obviously designed to further enhance the already bulging coffers of Swift’s money vault, but no.

This review, in fact, epitomizes everything wrong with commercial media. It’s a tool for the vested interests in society, especially the entertainment industry, to lock you in to a vapid entertainment-centric lifestyle. This is why any “man on the street” interview will reveal that more people have heard of Cee Lo Green over Benjamin Franklin. It’s beyond pathetic.

In fact, this is a worldwide, no just an American phenomenon.
Thank you media.

What it boils down to, in the end, is a dumbed-down public pushed around by commercial interests and artificial fads. Do not let this happen to you and support yourNo Agenda Show. The show is the needed antidote to the fake reality pushed by the image-makers running the media.

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Your Co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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Monday, October 27, 2014



  • Boss Ass Look
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Sunday, October 26, 2014

No Agenda-The Seventh Anniversary Show!

Dear Producer,
This is a late Saturday note to remind you that show support for today is down and consider a contribution before the day, and all the football games, are over.

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Tomorrow will be a great show with a discussion on how the Democrats regained control of the message to get women to vote for them. Yes, another high school shooting and lock down. More of these events actually happen then get reported in such a bold nationwide way, so these big stories have some sort of agenda and apparently can be controlled enough to manipulate the media.

The problem with all this are the various stories as to who exactly stopped the shooter. And your No Agenda Show will always ask, “what drugs was the kid using?” and by this we are not referring to street drugs. The media never delves into this because the drug companies own the media with all the advertising they do. Yet another reason the No Agenda Show can bring you stories untouched by the compromised mainstream. And we continue to do this with your support. Visit the support page here.

Your co-host

John C. Dvorak
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One pup for each year.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Universal Media Server Streams Music and Movies to Almost Any Device

This is a complete crock! For a company to use the excuse that the unlimited storage was simply not being used as the reason to get rid of it is a joke.  If it weren't being used by that many then there should be no reason to remove it from your system. The simple truth is, there is more money to be made and this is exactly what I predicted would happen when Bitcasa first started, just like Box and many others that offered the sun, the sky and everything else to get you on board.  Dropbox has been so successful, for the one reason, their camera upload option which increases your storage the more you use it for your camera uploads.. this is a smart approach to roping the person in to your services!

Universal Media Server Streams Music and Movies to Almost Any Device

Friday, October 24, 2014



  • Pupil Progression Plan
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Avast 2015 adds Home Network Security, SecureDNS

I have been a strong supporter of Avast for many years. The main reason is because they offered a very good, clean and fast method to keeping your system safe from viruses.  Unfortunately, like most security companies they have expanded to offer so much more. I say unfortunately because using these services seriously affects the performance of your computer, not to mention the overkill in security.  Yes true, there will be some that do require this amount of security but in general probably not.  The nice part about the Avast product however, is you can turn off the items you do not need or want and keep it just as an antivirus scanner!

Avast 2015 adds Home Network Security, SecureDNS

No Agenda Newsletter

 No Agenda
Dear Producer,
Our overall contributions of support for the No Agenda Show have been waning, except for a very few large contributors who should not have to carry the whole burden of the show. 


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Tomorrow’s show will be outstanding as usual with a deconstruction as to why Ebolahas suddenly taken a back seat to other stories. This was after it was announced that we’d have a million cases in three months despite the fact that there have been less than 10,000 cases so far. One official predicted 10,000 a week beginning soon! 

Meanwhile the ISIS (vote Republican) stories begin to ramp up with a tale about how someDenver schoolgirls skipped school in an attempt to join ISIS. This corresponds with how a mad gunman (vote Democrat) attacked the Canadian Parliament. 

It never ends. And the No Agenda Show will never end if you contribute to its future byclicking here.

Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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OK, here is the pic submitted by producer Elliott Lang. Found on social networks.
Best ever!

Sunday, October 19, 2014



  • Barama
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No Agenda-Saturday Surprise

One of the things that the mainstream corporate media does best is pump up topics then lose interest so fast that the targets of the news stories have to struggle to get their name back in the headlines.

The current example of this is the Boko Haram boneheads who are making a fuss about negotiating with anyone who will return their calls to give the kidnapped schoolgirls back. I guess they are tired of feeding them and listening to their complaints.


But after all the celebrities and their signage “Bring back our girls” got bored with it all, so did the media. Who got bored first is hard to say. The follow up will be anti-climactic and give way to more Ebola fear porn.

No Agenda gets more mail from loyal supporters telling everyone that the No Agenda Show is their needed relief from the nonsense that is the mainstream/corporate media whether it is on TV, radio or in the newspapers.

It is not as though these ‘institutions” of journalism cannot do a better job. They can.

But it does not sell newspapers and it does not satisfy the advertisers. So they do not care about the consumer of their product. It’s very disrespectful if correctly analyzed. It only respects advertisers, not those who read or watch the fear porn.


This is another reason that No Agenda refuses to have advertising of any sort. It disrespects the producers and supporters. Instead, the show does something different. It lets you completely support and own the show. It is your contributions and donations that pay the bills and allow coverage you will never find anywhere else, ever. Nobody else can afford to do what No Agenda does because invariably some advertiser will be offended. Or a lone listener with an agenda will be offended and complain to the advertisers.

This cannot happen with your No Agenda Show. You will always get the truth and analysis not heard anywhere else.

Please contribute today to keep this great experiment alive and continue to support No Agenda with as much help as you can.

Today's donations are very low! Click here for an open-ended donation of any amount. Click here to help us celebrate our 7th year.

Your co-host

John C. Dvorak

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Thursday, October 16, 2014



  • Speciesism
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