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Saturday, October 4, 2014

No Agenda Newsletter

Dear Producer,
Like everyone else your No Agenda Show is waiting for the news to cycle away from Ebola, ISIL and the George Clooney wedding. The media is going to have to find something new to pump.

Oh my, I'm getting the vapors.

This week there was a lot of noise about the unemployment rate supposedly dropping to 5.9-percent, which seems like nonsense because wages have not budged and they usually go up with decreasing unemployment rates. Also there seems to be no shortage of available office space – at all. That statistic is stagnant.

Perhaps this is because the US Government has been lying to the public for quite a while. Although if you look at this Shadowstats “real” unemployment chat you see that the lies have been exaggerated since  2008 when once parallel graphs began to diverge. The top/blue “Shadowstats” shows genuine unemployment the way it used to be calculated before all the new fudge factors were worked in to make the government look better.


This employment funk is not helped by fear mongering initiated by the government combined with obvious government psy-ops using the public-at-large as guinea pigs.

We get some great email from various producers and appreciate those who recognize that what we do is to remove the government veil of propaganda that is fed on through to the public via a passive media that does not bother to question the integrity of the government, its sources or the many non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) with an agenda. Their agendas are always designed to manipulate public opinion.

And while there in nothing wrong with this on the surface, it's the techniques that should bother you. Fear tactics and lies are unhealthy, period.

Your No Agenda Shows identifies these ploys and helps you see through the smokescreensfor a clear view of reality. Nobody does this as well as No Agenda. It’s important that the work of the No Agenda Show continues and we need your support to do it. Please contribute today byclicking here or here. Any amount helps.

Tomorrow's teaser: Adam deconstructs another bogus beheading.

Your co-host,

John C. Dvorak
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