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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

No Agenda Newsletter

Dear Producer,
It is hard to imagine anytime during the seven years of the No Agenda Show when the news available for deconstruction has been more intense and rapid fire.

Is it possible that it’s one giant smokescreen for something bigger that you are not supposed to be paying attention to? If so, then what?

Isis threatened to kill us all. Ebola landing on the shores in, of all places, Texas! Holder quitting. The Secret Service taken to task as a maniac runs into the White House with a knife.

While all these stories are fun to evaluate and deconstruct. You must sense that something bigger is about to happen. You can be absolutely sure that whatever it is, your No Agenda Show will be on top of it before the mainstream and corporate media.

This is why you listen religiously to the show twice a week and then notice how everyone around you (non-listeners) seem so out of touch with everything and depressed.

You notice it, every producer out there notices it.


It’s important because this sort of “insider” insight makes you mentally secure and calm. Things actually make sense.

Your life is otherwise ruined by a media and government whose goal is to make you crazy and dependent. Having genuine understanding and seeing reality properly is healthy. You are not freaked out! This is why supporting No Agenda is a good idea and important.

Besides, the show is a bargain when you consider what you spend on mass media offerings that bring nothing to the table except fear and misinformation.

Help finance the show whenever you can by clicking here or going to the support pagehere. Everything you do helps.

Your co-hosts
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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