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Saturday, October 18, 2014

No Agenda-Saturday Surprise

One of the things that the mainstream corporate media does best is pump up topics then lose interest so fast that the targets of the news stories have to struggle to get their name back in the headlines.

The current example of this is the Boko Haram boneheads who are making a fuss about negotiating with anyone who will return their calls to give the kidnapped schoolgirls back. I guess they are tired of feeding them and listening to their complaints.


But after all the celebrities and their signage “Bring back our girls” got bored with it all, so did the media. Who got bored first is hard to say. The follow up will be anti-climactic and give way to more Ebola fear porn.

No Agenda gets more mail from loyal supporters telling everyone that the No Agenda Show is their needed relief from the nonsense that is the mainstream/corporate media whether it is on TV, radio or in the newspapers.

It is not as though these ‘institutions” of journalism cannot do a better job. They can.

But it does not sell newspapers and it does not satisfy the advertisers. So they do not care about the consumer of their product. It’s very disrespectful if correctly analyzed. It only respects advertisers, not those who read or watch the fear porn.


This is another reason that No Agenda refuses to have advertising of any sort. It disrespects the producers and supporters. Instead, the show does something different. It lets you completely support and own the show. It is your contributions and donations that pay the bills and allow coverage you will never find anywhere else, ever. Nobody else can afford to do what No Agenda does because invariably some advertiser will be offended. Or a lone listener with an agenda will be offended and complain to the advertisers.

This cannot happen with your No Agenda Show. You will always get the truth and analysis not heard anywhere else.

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