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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Top 5 Galaxy Note 4 Defects

Being the proud new owner of a Galaxy Note 4 international version (n910u) I take will respond to these remarks..

First of all to start by saying these are 'defects' is bogus because they certainly aren't defects.
The first: by downgrading it to USB 2 from the Galaxy Note 3's USB 3.. seriously?  who transfers data from their phone these days? and if you do, who does it by plugging in a cable? the odd time I have ever transferred data, other than through a cloud format such as google drive would be using Kies Air and it was for a few ringtones which took all of a minute for the entire task. Sorry but this shouldn't count as a negative.

Next supposed defect is the 'faux leather'.. come on, seriously? who doesn't wrap their new baby in some sort of case anyway so what does it really matter? personally I have always liked the original feel of whatever the device. My previous being the Note 2 and although it was very slippery, the Note 4 is no longer with this 'faux leather' so come one, this certainly is not something to be considered a negative!

The 3rd defect mentioned is no water resistance... again I find myself saying "really?" what phone has any sort of water resistance in the native format? none so move along!

The 4th being the rear facing speaker and yes, I would agree that it may be considered a negative if the strength of the speaker was lacking but it isn't. It is very loud.. much louder than any Iphone I have heard. Enough said!

The final defect mentioned is the bloatware the phone ships with which is the Touchwiz.. Really? this is all you have to complain about? Have you ever use the walled garden known as Apple?

Sorry folks, since my first encounter with the Note 2 and now the Note 4, Iphone and pretty much all apple products are no longer in my sights as a competitor.

Top 5 Galaxy Note 4 Defects