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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

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For some reason, the media cannot accept the election.

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On tomorrow’s show you will hear an examination of the news media’s continued personal attacks on the President-elect as if the election is still underway. The primary offender is the Washington Post along with its news magazine Slate.

Exactly how long these publications will continue to push this narrative is hard to say, but at some point it will hurt sales of the publications. The public will see this apparent continued hatred as unpatriotic. An example of this vitriol is here in a recent Slate piece titled, “How to Manipulate Donald Trump.”
In the article, the author gives his bias away with a throwaway premise: “Trump did run a despicable campaign, and he’s a menace to the country and the world. But it’s not because he’s a strongman. It’s because he’s a weakling.”

You quickly realize that deep-rooted animosity and resentment has replaced any sort of thoughtfulness. This will continue at many of the newspapers who put their reputations at risk with their awkward coverage of the campaigns. The TV networks, being subject to FCC oversight, and naturally fearful, are backing off.

This all creates an unfortunate smokescreen to the realities of the day for the mainstream press making them even more vulnerable to losing business. Most operations, including the New York Times, have resorted to native advertising to make ends meet.
The discussion of "fake news" overlooks the real fake news which is native advertising. In fact, the whole fake news debate is a distraction away from this unethical abomination which has overrun the media..
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