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Saturday, November 12, 2016

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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Dear Producer,
It’s impossible to fully appreciate the mania of last week over the election of Donald Trump, the place switching of Democrats and Republicans, the hatred of the winner, the disrespect, the immaturity of young people acting like babies and the open weeping.

This will be talked about for decades to come. And the amount of naval gazing will be outrageous. I’m seeing written analysis that is very analytic and interesting.

This is also the opportunity to see who is really working on behalf of the public and who is still taking orders from intelligence agencies while working for the free press. It’s just so obvious if you are No Agenda producers to identify what is really going on.
Neocon, neoliberal Thomas Friedman and handler
The most interesting thing to me, though, is the Republican party picking up the desires and needs of the displaced working class while the Democrats take up the desires of the billionaire class of Silicon Valley along with the bankers and Wall Street. How did that switcheroo occur?

Historically the Republicans were all-in on destructive free trade while the Democrats saw many elements as harmful to the working class. This switcheroo began with Bill Clinton as he managed to leverage the Republican Congress to end Glass-Steagall, pass the WTO agreements and push through NAFTA which Ross Perot said will result in the great “sucking sound” of job losses to Mexico.
Ross Perot appears to have been right all along.
None of these things benefited the American worker, but they stuck with the Democrats anyway. They were glad to vote in Mr. Hope and Change to prove it.

The Republican establishment had no clue what was going on and that was proven true by Trump knocking out all of them to get the nomination. Nobody liked Trump from either party. According to the Podesta email trove much of his rise was due to the Dems promoting his coverage by the news media. Thus they created the monster that ate them.

If the Republicans, who now own the place, get a clue and re-examine the bogus memes about modern unfair free trade, things can improve.  Your No Agenda show will have plenty to talk about. All of it will be the result of deep research and real information not knee-jerk preconceived notions.
This sort of detail roils a lot of listeners who do not want to hear it. But it’s the nature of the show to reveal the underpinnings of thoughts that have been put into the public consciousness by public relations operations who do not have your best interests in mind.

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There were a lot of disrespectful haters showing up after this election. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders folks offered to help the Trump administration.
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