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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

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Teens and College kids demand Trump Quit
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Dear Producer,

It’s been a long week after the elections and protests continue, but to what end? Do these characters expect Trump to resign? Apparently they do. And they want him to turn over the office of the President to Hillary? Yes. It’s that simple.

These are mostly high school and college students who, on campus, demand safe spaces and freedom from speech. This phenomenon is something your No Agenda Show tries to understand since the discovery of the “noodle boy” clip which has been played on the show for years.
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Much of academia has been ruined by the emergence of the new class of students who demand they not be challenged by anything because it is all one big micro-aggression which is, by definition, bad. Words like “master” must be expunged from the system because there should be no masters in college.

It is an offensive word referring to slavery and the oppression of blacks. And that is what it always meant.

While it has yet to be discussed, you can be sure that the Master’s degree will be renamed within the next year or two. No more MBA, MA or MS degrees for you.
If you want to be more appalled by it all there is a commentary about it and you can listen to it here. It’s noteworthy to listen to the complaining professor telling some horrific stories then concluding that Hillary would make things worse, but he has to vote for her because he must always vote for the Democrats. This was peculiar in and of itself.

Where this all leads is towards an even dumber generation armed with meaningless college paper that the student had to borrow money to obtain. This is just part of the mess that No Agenda sifts through to keep you, the producer, grounded and sane.

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Your hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

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