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Sunday, November 20, 2016

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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Dear Producer,
Over the next few months a big fuss is going to be made about “fake” news and people are going to be in a tizzy about supposed fake news sites. You can expect Breitbart, Lew Rockwell, National Enquirer, Virginia Dare, Euro News, Russia Today andInfowars to be among the crowd to be named as such.

I could probably list 100 operations like this for you. None of them are fake news at all but news from an alternative or even fringe perspective. A true fake news site is the Onion.

The irony is that the real fake news comes from the mainstream media. How does that Dutch phrase go? “Wat je zegt ben jezelf, met je kop door de helft.” YOU are what you say others are.

That’s what is going on here.
Top news outlets. Does this count as fake news?
I was raised as a kid assuming that all the reporters are Democrats. It’s not a big deal until they try to shut up the others who do not agree with them.

And insofar as fake news is concerned do you remember the pickup truck scandal where one of the top TV news magazines rigged a truck to explode to tell a news story.

And photoshopped images
 are commonly used to make a point.

Is it real news or fake news to re-write a press release and print it? Is it fake news or real news when a robot is writing news summaries?

And what about the never-ending Internet hoax that will often end up played as fact in a major newspaper or on one of the cable news outlets?
Why do the networks have so many ex-CIA "experts" working for them? Is it real news to hear from anyone who has signed their future away to the government and cannot talk about anything because it's a secret?
And ask yourself what is freedom of the press, anyway? There are numerous “extreme” and fringe sites that report on a lot of sketchy stories. Should access be denied by Google?

The mainstream media, which has completely failed the public as your No Agenda Show proves week after week, is looking for a scapegoat to blame for its shoddy work. This idea is convenient.

The problem is if any blacklisting gets traction then the finger will again be pointed at the MSM with charges of news suppression, making matters worse.

No Agenda will continue to bust out reality for its producers and listeners, but as you can see, the forces of censorship and propaganda are never-ending.

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