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Saturday, November 26, 2016

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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Adam and I have been getting more than our usual share of meme-laden complaint letters that come straight out of the mainstream media talking points and it is distressing. It’s apparent that doing No Agenda is a never-ending struggle against the well-established megamachine.

This is a reference to the Lewis Mumford books of the mid-Twentieth Century, none of which are studied in college any more. Here is a good quote from his Wiki page: "Mumford also refers to large hierarchical organizations as megamachines—a machine using humans as its components. These organizations characterize Mumford's stage theory of civilization."
If I were to recommend one Mumford book, it would be the Myth of the Machine volume two. I have read almost all of his books over the years and find them enlightening and incredibly readable. When you see one, buy it.

Most of these books show what we are all up against, and it is not pretty. The most obvious example of the megamachine is modern media and its corporate control. In its current form it exhibits the occasional fault of veering out of control and revealing itself in some unsubtle ways that are funny to anyone with a clue.
The current machine as it now operates seems to be on a suicide path to mass murder and war. Trump was an anti-machine candidate and had to be treated as a very bad person for challenging the system and for wiping out a slate of Republican “mechanisms.”
The Huffington Post said that they would only cover his campaign in the Entertainment section. That was one humorous kind of off-the-rails reaction, but as you can see by my collection of hilarious front pages, the New York Daily News flew off the tracks in a fit of madness that was absolutely insane.

Looking at the collection as a whole, you could find nothing more hateful. If you had some sense you’d see this for what it was, lunacy.

You can thank the No Agenda Show for your remaining calm. If you had no immunityyou would absorb this and other megamachine propaganda and become upset by the very existence of Trump as a human. He was made inhuman, indecent, horrible. Disrespectedto an extreme.
In today's Washington Post (here), Larry Lessig argues that the Electoral college, despite pledges, should just vote Hilary in. Apparently the idea is that the vote by the people is just a suggestion. Of course he uses the argument that Hillary did win the popular vote. For some reason nobody wants to note that California alone was pretty much the reason Hillary won the popular vote. Remove California results and things are not so simple.
So, as you look at these covers (below) remember that this newspaper along with all the rest of them portray themselves as honest examiners of facts. They are neutral balanced and fair reporters.

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Here are a collection of the covers of the New York Daily News during the Presidential campaign. Hateful and bigoted (and creative and funny), these did affect critical thinking in a negative way, as they were inteded.
This was the opening salvo indicating that this paper, from top to bottom was all in for one candidate with no mercy for the other. This is called media bias and indicates no objective reporting and pure propaganda. In the process Trump is reviled as 1) a racist, 2) clown, 3) Anti-Christ, 4) misogynist, 5) brain dead, 6) less popular than lice, 7) immoral, 8) Hitler. Wow. It never lets up. Nobody among the mainstream elite ever took the Daily News to task for this.
Lest anyone think it was only the Daily News that made it clear that Trump was horrid, a few others showed up willing to play this game on behalf of the elites. Though not so outrageous or unrelenting, there is no flattering portrayal and lots of associative smears: 1) Dummies, 2) WTF?, 3) Loser, 4) toast.
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