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Saturday, July 11, 2020

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Incredible Army Fiasco

Keep Biden Safe
Dear Producer,
The surge is over? Yes. The surge of support for the show from the crossover listeners from the Joe Rogan Experience. They settled in and your No Agenda Show would now love to hear from the long since established base of supporters, many of whom have been hunkered down it seems.

As the M5M and the “find a way to keep Joe in the Basement” Democrats re-emphasize staying holed up at home, give your No Agenda Show some positive thoughts with a contribution to the show by clicking here. 
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Has anyone seen my keys?
Tomorrow’s show we give you an update on the record-breaking Covid cases skyrocketing from record-breaking testing. One assumes at this point that even if Covd-19 deaths dropped to zero it wouldn’t matter.
photo of a staged die-in
On another more distressing note, apparently the US Army is promoting a “listening tour” by the Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy, an apparent Chuck Schumer supporter hired out of Lockheed-Martin. The initiative is linked here.

In an email from what appears to be a civilian contractor, the Army officially subscribes to the notion that White Supremacy is a menace sweeping the nation. AND the following elements are indications that YOU are a white supremacist:
  1. You’re ok with the phrase “Make America Great Again.”
  2. You do not accept the concept of white privilege.
  3. You think there is such a thing as American exceptionalism.
  4. The celebration of Columbus Day.
It’s nuts. The brouhaha is detailed here and long time listeners of the No Agenda Show will recognize this sort of “guide to identification” was employed during the Obama administration when dangerous white radicals could be spotted by their support of Ron Paul and their carrying around a copy of the constitution.
Ryan McCarthy
Ryan McCarthy
The fact that the Army is now officially contaminated with this blatant and subversive nonsense at the highest levels is a serious threat to cohesiveness of the armed forces and thus a massive threat to National security. It’s designed to be corrosive and needs to be stopped.
Bullmarket Wall Street Girl with Covid mask.
Plus Joe Biden news, a Kayleigh report and other comic relief. Note that through these tribulations, your No Agenda Show has been a voice of reason and logicYour No Agenda Show addresses the sort of topics that the compromised mainstream media cannot touch. No Agenda is the only advertising-free news analysis podcast that gives you 6 hours a week of insight, sanity and entertainment. Whatever you can afford is worth it. Click here and help.
John C. Dvorak
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