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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Technology News and More for a Sunday

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lls us what Larry Connor, Mark Pathy, Michael López-Alegría and Eytan Stibbe thought about their trip to the ISS, because the team attended a pres

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I’m spending time with my family in Florida this week. I’ll be in the US for two more weeks before heading to Europe for most of June, which I’m looking forward to. On the points & travel front, this week Star Alliance announced some updates about a co-branded credit card and an intermodal member, we learned that Lufthansa is installing first class suite

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Summer is so close. In just a matter of weeks, school will be out — and if you still need to plan a summer getaway, you should do it quickly. According to a survey by Vacasa, North America’s leading vacation platform rental company, summer vacations are back, with 63% of Americans planning to travel this summer and approximately three out of four travelers planning to keep their summer trips with

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As the country awaits a final decision from the United States Supreme Court on the future of Roe v. Wade, reproductive justice activists and community members rallied together in several nationwide marches to call for bodily autonomy. The groups organized in response to a leaked draft opinion on a current Mississippi abortion law case being heard by the Supreme Court. As written, the opinion woul

Zero Genshin Impact•
500+Engadget / 13h
Genshin Impact developer Hoyoverse is working on a new project. On Friday, the studio shared the first trailer for Zenless Zone Zero , an action RPG set in a modern urban setting. Reminiscent of titles like The World Ends With You and Scarlett Nexus, the game pits players against Ethereal, monstrous creatures borne from another dimension. In a nod to Neon Genesis Evangelion , the action takes pla

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Earlier in the week, game developer Warner Bros. Montreal revealed a new look at their upcoming superhero action-RPG, Gotham Knights . Where the game’s debut back in 2020 featured footage focusing on Tim Drake’s Robin and Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl, this 13-minute presentation was all about the game’s other two leads,… Read more...

Now that the all-new Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck has officially launched and is on the way to buyers, we’re starting to see ridiculous price gouging and dealer markups. In fact, one dealership in California is asking over $145,000 for the Lightning EV. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

If you’re sending a spoiler image to someone on Discord, consider using the spoiler tag so that your recipient needs to click the image to view it and that it doesn’t open directly. You can do this on both your desktop and mobile, and we’ll show you how. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

thekimonogallery : Cats drawn by Kawanabe Kyosai. Ota Memorial Museum of Art

Stardew Valley Sold•
1KEngadget / 14h
Six years after its initial release, Stardew Valley has sold more than 20 million copies. Creator Eric Barone shared news of the accomplishment in an update posted to the game’s press site and an interview with PC Gamer . "The 20 million copies milestone is really amazing," he told the outlet. But what’s even more impressive is the increasing pace of Stardew Valley’s sales. It took four years for

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Marvel’s TV enterprise has grown just a little bit smaller, as their animated series MODOK won’t be coming back for a second season. The stop-motion show starred Patton Oswalt as the titular bigheaded Marvel baddie in a comedy series about him trying to balance his somewhat normal life as a suburban family man in the… Read more...

The state of Colorado is truly a special place. If you pick the right time and place, you can, as the great John Denver sang, “see everything as far as you can see.” With this latest sale, the right time to visit may be in the fall. We’ve seen some great discounts on flights to Colorado Springs and Pueblo in Colorado from a number of U.S. cities. Most flights involve a layover, but there are a fe

There's an argument for slowing down spread when you're on the cusp on prophylactics and treatments, or when hospital capacity is overwhelmed. Neither is the case today, so while a test prior to travel reduces the likelihood a given individual is infectious at time of flight it doesn't have a material affect on the broader public health situation. And we don't require testing prior to domestic tr

antiqueanimals : From Friendly Animals, published in 1905 by McLoughlin Bros., Inc.

If you’re even remotely interested in gaming, you’ve come across the acronym F2P or the term “free-to-play.” What does this mean, though? Is it really free, or are there strings attached? Let’s take a look. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Microsoft Xbox Series•
While it’s certainly a bargain, the Xbox Series S’ inability to play discs can cause a lot of frustration, especially if you own a bunch of old games. But a new patent from Microsoft shows that the “digital only” console could gain disc-playing abilities, sort of. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

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Welcome to Startups Weekly, a fresh human-first take on this week’s startup news and trends. To get this in your inbox, subscribe here. Hey Jane , a digital health startup that scales access to abortion pills, makes sense. It’s a direct-to-consumer pharmacy that aims to meet consumers where they are, which is especially important as the pandemic’s extended stay continues. Hey Jane’s core product

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the weekly TechCrunch series that recaps the latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications and the overall app economy. The app industry continues to grow, with a record number of downloads and consumer spending across both the iOS and Google Play stores combined in 2021, according to the latest year-end reports . Global spending across iOS, Google Play and thir