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Friday, May 6, 2022

Technology News and More for a Friday

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Musk L. Ellison Twitter•
Enlarge / Oracle Corporation CEO Larry Ellison looks on after Oracle Team USA skippered by James Spithill lost race 1 of the America's Cup Finals on June 17, 2017, in Hamilton, Bermuda. (credit: Xaume Olleros | Getty Images) Elon Musk has raised $7.14 billion of funding for his $44 billion buyout of Twitter from investors including Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, crypto exchange Binance, and ass

500+How-To Geek / 19h
Thirty years ago today, id Software released Wolfenstein 3D, a thrilling first-person shooter game set during World War II. It broke new ground for action-based PC games and continued a string of growing successes for id Software. With help from John Carmack, John Romero, and Tom Hall, we’ll take a look at what made it special. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Binance Musk Twitter•
500+TechCrunch / 19h
A group of nearly two dozen investors including Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, crypto exchange Binance and asset management firm Fidelity are backing Elon Musk’s $44 billion bid to acquire Twitter . The Tesla and SpaceX chief executive said in a filing Thursday that he had raised over $7.1 billion in total from the investors. Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison delivered the largest check, at

Malwarebytes is one of the best anti-malware programs ever made. It has both free and paid versions, but even the free version is worth having around. Here’s how you can use it to remove malware from your PC. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

The Staircase Colin Firth•
Mashable / 37min
HBO Max's The Staircase is like staring into an infinity mirror of true crime. The more you watch it, the more idly transfixed you become by the illusion — and simultaneously perplexed by its existence in the first place. Fascinating, nauseating, and a slog all at once, the 2022 true crime drama starring Colin Firth and Toni Collette should not be confused with the wildly popular 2004 documentary

Gucci Crypto US Stores•
Gucci joins a growing number of major companies that have started to accept digital currencies.

72Mashable / 52min
Some people can't even commit to brushing their teeth once a day. Meanwhile, others find it in them to podcast on a daily basis, providing the perfect weekday companion to help listeners power through their commutes and morning routines. Daily podcasts, though not considered their own genre, are a growing phenomenon. Ever since the news made every 24 hours feel like a thousand years, a cottage in

Starlink Portability•
A select number of Starlink customers now have the opportunity to access a new “Portability” feature and take the satellite internet with them. A user on the Starlink subreddit posted an image of the message they received stating that for an extra $25 a month, you can take your internet connection to a new location. Service restrictions There are some restrictions, according to the official suppo

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to StreamSkill Software Training is on sale for £47.07, saving you 95% on list price. From Microsoft Excel to Adobe Photoshop to Intuit QuickBooks, designated software exists to make our work and everyday lives easier. So, why is it that most of these programs are so complex they end up slowing us down? If there’s software you use daily that makes you work harder, r

Microsoft HoloLens•
Microsoft is working with Volkswagen to bring augmented reality to cars via a new “Moving Platform” mode for the Hololens 2. Neither company goes into exact detail as to how this will work, but there is some indication as to what to expect. Microsoft, for instance, said "Moving Platform" could be used to train drivers on how to handle adverse road conditions. This is not about training everyday d

During a recent earnings call, AMD revealed its plans to bolster its line of EPYC processor s by infusing them with Xilinx’s FPGA-powered AI inference engine. While the first of these new AI-infused CPUs are slated to arrive next year, the move shows that the chip giant is working to incorporate the technologies from its $54bn Xilinx acquisition into its existing products. Still though, recent pa

China EV Nio Singapore•
Nio, an electric vehicle upstart from China, is planning to list its shares in Singapore, which will make the city-state the third base where it trades as geopolitical tensions between China and the US heighten. Nio said on Friday that it is seeking a secondary listing of its Class A ordinary shares “by way of introduction” on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited, a way to list secur

Lyft Shared Cities•
Lyft is bringing back shared rides to San Francisco, San Jose, Denver, Las Vegas and Atlanta this May, the company announced on Thursday, noting that the popular reduced fare service will be expanding to other markets in phases throughout the year. The company originally abandoned its carpooling service in March 2020 when the pandemic made it clear no one would want to ride in a small, enclosed s

Chromebooks AMD Intel•
As businesses around the world begin the shift to hybrid work , HP has unveiled a number of new Chromebooks and thin clients designed to empower business-critical workers and the IT teams that support them. Although Chrome OS has evolved significantly over the past few years, today’s workforce requires more from their devices which is why HP has stepped up to create a portfolio of business Chrome

Mercedes created a one-off vehicle with and West Coast Customs that has its own special bear logo and merchandise that'll deliver money to charity.

Wordle Today Hints•
Happy Friday, nerds! So glad you've joined us for another day of working out the Wordle together. If you just want today's answer, word #321 can be found clearly marked down the bottom of this post — but if you want a buddy to help you with some subtler clues and tips, we've got those too. In case you're new here: Wordle was invented by engineer Josh Wardle as a gift for his puzzle-loving partner

NFT Zora Haun Ventures•
The NFT ecosystem continues to chug along, but the vast majority of volume is still moving through the centralized halls of NFT marketplace OpenSea, leaving crypto VCs eager to find new channels. Katie Haun’s new firm, Haun Ventures, has led its first deal in NFT startup Zora Labs . The $50 million funding round values the company at $600 million. Zora’s protocol allows artists and developers to

California Net Neutrality•
In a win for net neturality, ISPs agreed to end their legal challenge to a 2018 Californa law that bars providers from throttling service. Telecom groups and California Attorney General Rob Bonta today jointly agreed to dismiss the case, reported Reuters . It’s fair that say that luck hasn’t exactly been on the telecom industry’s side. Earlier this year, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refused t

io9 is proud to present fiction from LIGHTSPEED MAGAZINE . Once a month, we feature a story from LIGHTSPEED’s current issue. This month’s selection is “Nobody Ever Goes Home to Zhenzhu” by Grace Chan. You can read the story below or listen to the podcast on our website. Enjoy! Read more...

In 2014, Lamborghini introduced the Asterion hybrid supercar, paving the way for its electric future. Only one was built, but it sent a strong message.

150 One Coinbase NFT•
The U.S.'s largest cryptocurrency exchange has just entered the NFT market...and it couldn't have come at a worse possible time. Coinbase launched its NFT marketplace to the public on Wednesday, allowing anyone to sign up on the new platform. Day one did not go well. Tweet may have been deleted When Bloomberg looked into how things were going yesterday at 5:15pm, only 110 transactions had been ma

Mobile phones have been around for decades. Despite many high-quality studies into the devices' potential health impacts, one big myth remains.

Xbox Cloud Gaming X. C.•
It's not exactly a giant extended middle finger pointed Apple's way, but it's not not that, either. After an extended absence , Fortnite is back on Apple devices, and Epic Games has Microsoft to thank. The company's Xbox Cloud Gaming service expanded on Thursday to add the hit battle royale game. And since the Xbox cloud service is accessible through Chrome, an Apple-supported browser, Fortnite i

“Anyone want to see what I unearthed when I cleaned out my garage and found photos of everything I’ve ever made?” Tony Fadell tweeted in mid-April. It was a rhetorical question. Anyone with a passing interest in the last two decades of consumer hardware would jump at the opportunity to see what the man behind the iPod, iPhone and Nest Thermostat had stashed away in those giant Home Depot boxes. T

Why the hell were two episodes of The Book of Boba Fett about The Mandalorian ? That’s one of many questions answered in Disney Gallery: Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett , a brand new one-hour documentary recently added to Disney+ that dives into the making of the most recent Star Wars streaming show. Read more...

Europe's bike firms want to source more components closer to home, including carbon fibre frames.

Doctor Strange 2 Madness•
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness delivers more than a handful of jaw-dropping moments for Marvel fans, but none are as shocking as the reveal of the MCU's Illuminati. Instead of bringing in all-new characters, Marvel Studios looked back at over 20 years of comic book movies and picked an exciting collection of OG, alt-universe, and anticipated Phase 4 heroes. Warning: Spoilers ahead fo

That Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness post-credits moment is for Sam Raimi's real ones. You might not get the reference if you're a younger Marvel fan or if you've just never spent much time consuming Raimi's past work. But the tough-talking pizza-ball vendor who becomes a victim of the good Doctor's " Why are you punching yourself? " spell is a familiar face for fans of the director's

Between 2014 and 2016, the European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft orbited and studied a comet hundreds of millions of miles from Earth, collecting data on the space rock’s structure and geology. Now, the ESA is asking the public to study images of the comet and to report differences in its surface features over… Read more...

Hubble studied a tough star that survived its companion going supernova. The data collected could help astronomers learn about how stars evolve and die.

100+TechCrunch / 7h
To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PT, subscribe here . What’s a five-letter word containing ERUSS? You made the GUESS — USERS, that’s what — and tens of millions of them have joined The New York TIMES after its acquisition of Wordle , according to Amanda ‘s REPORT. As LOYAL players, we ADORE it. – Christine and Haje The

Whisteblowers are accusing Facebook of purposely blocking government, healthcare and emergency services pages in Australia in order to thwart a potential law that would require platforms to pay for news, according to WSJ . The accusers say the platform last year created an algorithm to identify pages that would affect the most publishers. But Facebook reportedly didn’t just take down pages for me

UK Government Big Tech•
A regulator will have powers to fine firms such as Google and Meta if they fail to follow new rules.

Li-Cycle Glencore Cycle•
Metals and fossil fuels behemoth Glencore is pumping $200 million into battery recycler Li-Cycle as part of a larger, symbiotic supply deal inked by the two firms. Under the new agreement, the Swiss materials giant will ship burnt-out batteries and scraps to Li-Cycle, which will recover the high-demand metals so they can be reused in electric vehicle batteries and other applications. Li-Cycle use

The world’s biggest cruise ships are back to sailing mostly full. Royal Caribbean CEO Michael Bayley on Thursday said occupancy levels on the line’s five giant Oasis Class ships — the five biggest cruise vessels ever built — had been running above 80% in recent weeks. Other vessels in the megaship brand’s fleet also have been seeing high occupancies as of late, he said. “We’ve had ships sailing a

26Gizmodo / 7h
As massive crowdfunding campaigns for tabletop role playing games (TTRPG) dominate the games ecosystem , independent designers and presses are adapting the centuries-old tradition of arts grants and patronage in order to raise up small, often marginalized, authors and artists. Read more...

1KGizmodo / 7h
Amazon Labor Union President Chris Smalls had some choice words for South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham during a congressional hearing this week: “The people are the ones that make these corporations go, not the other way around.” Read more...

If you’re looking to help the mom in your life rest easier, why not try some PJs that are both sustainable and stylish? LifeLabs has a great two-for-one deal on cooling sleep sets for Mother’s Day that will help her get a good night’s sleep — without cranking the AC. In order to fall asleep, your body temperature needs to decrease by 2 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit. While other sleep tech is designed t

WHO Covid 2020 2021•
Enlarge / A woman watches white flags on the National Mall on September 18, 2021 in Washington, DC. Over 660,000 white flags were installed here to honor Americans who have lost their lives to COVID-19 epidemic. (credit: Getty | Chen Mengtong ) An estimated 14.91 million people worldwide died in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to an analysis of global excess deaths released

Digital Privacy Roe•
67Wired / 8h
Reproductive rights are still largely guaranteed in the United States. Here are some key privacy concepts to adopt in the event that they're not.

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards is offering a promotion on purchased points . While there has long been value in strategically buying points , the concept of a revenue based frequent flyer program selling points has always been strange to me, especially for an airline like Southwest. So let’s take a look at the details, but I’ll say upfront that this is an offer you probably shouldn’t take advan

Lucid 2022 Air June•
Lucid Group is the latest automaker to up the price of its electric vehicles. The company announced Thursday alongside its first-quarter earnings report that it was raising prices of the variants of its luxury Air sedan, beginning June 1. The price hikes push the base price of the Air sedan as much as 13%. All existing reservation holders will not experience price hikes, the company said, noting

The Avengers may have messed heavily with the Marvel Cinematic Universe ’s timeline in Endgame , but the stars of the CW’s Legends of Tomorrow were bending, knotting up, and breaking the timeline of the Arrowverse long before that. The only real difference is that the Legends usually caused as almost much chaos as they… Read more...

There are multiple fires currently burning across the U.S. Southwest. The largest is a megafire in northern New Mexico’s San Miguel County called the Calf Canyon/Hermits Peak fire, which has burned more than 165,000 acres (257 square miles) of forest and grassland and is only 20% contained. The fire began as two… Read more...

If you’re an American Airlines AAdvantage Gold or Platinum elite , we have good news for you. Effective immediately, all AAdvantage elite members are eligible for complimentary premium economy upgrades on Alaska and Hawaii routes. Previously, these upgrades were only available to upper-tier Platinum Pro, Executive Platinum and Concierge Key members. This news was first reported by View from the W

The Tesla challenger said it continued to have problems finding needed parts.

Most people probably wouldn't notice if the moon went least not at first. Things would quickly and catastrophically change, however.

In February, Peloton CEO John Foley stepped down as the connected fitness pioneer cut 2,800 jobs. No one could say the news was unexpected. The firm was experiencing dramatic turmoil after flying high from pandemic sales and then falling back down to Earth. Add to that 2021’s massive product recall and you’ve got a rough couple of years for the executive. But even with former Spotify CFO Barry Mc

And. And. And. And. And. For whatever reason that specific string of words seems to be enough to permanently brick a Google Docs page. Noted Google's support pages mere hours ago , the poster who seemingly discovered this unusual bug is quick to point out that the series of five conjunctions, separated by periods, is case-sensitive (at least if the goal is to cause the document in question to bec

Intuit TurboTax Millions•
A record multistate agreement led by New York Attorney General Letitia James has been reached with the tax software company Intuit which makes TurboTax . Under the terms of the agreement that Attorney General James made with officials from all 50 US states and Washington DC, Intuit has agreed to pay out $141m to millions of low-income taxpayers who believed the company’s TurboTax “Free Edition” w

Making a reservation for dinner might seem antiquated to you—a thing your elders did for special occasions. But there are some pretty good reasons to do it beyond the obvious fact that you won’t hungrily stand around in a foyer smelling everyone else’s delicious food. It’s not just about convenience for you (although… Read more...

Xbox Cloud Gaming X. C.•
Microsoft is throwing its weight behind Epic Games in the fight against Apple — and bringing Fortnite back to iOS in the process. The company announced Thursday that it had partnered with Epic to make Fortnite available on Apple devices through its game streaming service, Xbox Cloud Gaming. Fortnite is back, but you still won’t be able to just waltz into the App Store and ask for it. To play, you

Amazon Senate Graham•
Back in February, Amazon tried to arrest labor organizer Christian Smalls for bringing food to warehouse employees during a union drive. One unfathomably monumental labor victory later, and today, the New Yorker is speaking before the Senate and visiting President Joe Biden at the White House. Smalls, the Amazon Labor Union president who led the JFK8 warehouse’s historic union win , testified tod

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Enlarge / Unsurprisingly, things get strange in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness . (credit: Marvel Studios) On paper, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is a formulaic Marvel Studios superhero romp. Its plot beats read like sticky notes slapped onto an overpaid executive's wall: A superhero arrives, seems all-powerful, then runs into

Blizzard Martinez Culture•
Activision Blizzard is continuing a hiring spree in light of its ongoing harassment scandal . Blizzard has hired Jessica Martinez as its first Vice President of Culture. She'll both implement and expand the game studio's culture strategy, and lead a learning and development team that will help create a work environment where people feel "safe, valued" and eager to cooperate. Martinez is a 14-year

Transplants Reverse•
400+Futurism / 9h
Forget blood showers , putting snail slime on your face , or bathing in antler blood to regain that youthful glow. The next big age-defying trend? According to scientists, it might just be poop transplants. A new study published in the journal Microbiome this week claims to have found improvements in gut health in mice following transplants from younger to older mice of fecal microbiota. Accordin

Iconic British carmaker Aston Martin was made famous by James Bond, but became legendary through its own intuition and innovation.

Pilots are one of the few unionized work groups at Delta. They're complaining that Delta gave non-union flight attendants a raise by adding pay for boarding time (in addition to their pre-pandemic raise, post-pandemic raise, and special profit-sharing). However Delta cannot unilaterally change the pay of their pilots. Their pilots literally agreed to - voted on - a contract that paid more for tim

If it seems like allergy season is getting worse every year, you’re probably not imagining it. Scientists who study the timing and movement of pollen have found that allergy seasons really have been getting longer, and potentially more severe. Read more...

The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Steven Puetzer ) The Federal Trade Commission today said it "has moved to stop Internet service provider Frontier Communications from lying to consumers and charging them for high-speed Internet speeds it fails to deliver." Frontier was sued by the FTC in May 2021, and on Thursday, it agreed to a settlement with the FTC and district attorneys in Los Angeles County

Xbox Cloud Gaming X. C.•
Fortnite on Xbox Cloud Gaming. In an about-face, Epic Games has made Fortnite available on Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming service. Among other things, that means the massively popular game is officially available to play on the iPhone again for the first time since it was pulled in the midst of the recent legal battle between Epic and Apple. A post on Microsoft's Xbox blog specifies that

Bill Petty Contributor Bill Petty is a partner at Tercera. He is responsible for sourcing, executing and monitoring investments in third-wave services businesses. Are you a founder looking to raise capital? If so, before you open the door to potential investors, your financial house might need a little spring cleaning. As a growth equity investor, we meet with many founders who have a solid handl

Did you know that most Jeeps have Easter eggs hidden inside? If you own a Jeep, here are some popular locations to look for the tiny symbols.

Xbox Cloud Gaming X. C.•
The popular online game Fortnite has been missing from iPhone and iPad ever since August 2020, when Apple removed it from the App Store over in-app purchase violations. Now the game is once again available for free on iOS devices, thanks to the magic of cloud gaming. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

A proposal for the first-ever space-based observatory for studying gravitational waves just passed a vital feasibility review with flying colors. The mission is called LISA—the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna —and it cleared Phase A of its mission lifetime cycle, the process by which missions are dreamt up and then… Read more...

The right to repair movement has taken off in recent years. With Apple , Google , Samsung , and Microsoft signing on, it feels like the devices we’re buying actually belong to us. But despite the big names signing on, there are still a few caveats to consider—like whether you have the necessary tools to perform phone and… Read more...

It’s easy to hate plastic recycling in the U.S.—even for the most conscious consumer. Read more...

The smart home ecosystem is getting a little more integrated: Google just updated its Amazon Alexa Skill to work on its latest Nest cameras. So if you already own a variety of Nest and Alexa devices, they'll work together more seamlessly moving forward. Now, you can stream live feeds from your Nest cameras, doorbells and other devices to anything from your Amazon Fire TV to any Echo device. Amazo

US China Russia Space•
300+Gizmodo / 9h
In 2018 President Donald Trump first floated the idea of a new branch of the U.S. military known as the Space Force, and ever since, the department has been defined by its branding as much as its actual duties. When Trump personally unveiled the service’s logo in 2020, it immediately inspired derisive comparisons to… Read more...

I like video games, but I love Breath of the Wild . I’m a fan of everything: the story, the music, the open world exploration. Many of my play sessions involve aimlessly riding a horse around the map, or climbing random mountains to see what’s at the top. After five years of adventuring around Hyrule, I’m desperate … Read more...

AMD Ryzen Chromebooks•
Enlarge / HP Elite c645 G2 Chromebook. (credit: HP) AMD is upping the ante when it comes to Chromebooks. While still a ways off from having Chrome OS devices with the capabilities of the Ryzen 6000 mobile CPUs, Team Red announced the Ryzen 5000 C-series for Chromebooks on Thursday. The top chip in the series has eight of AMD's Zen 3 cores, giving systems that use it more x86 CPU cores than any ot

Editor’s note: This is a recurring post, regularly updated with new information and card details. For many, the $500-plus annual fees that come with ultra-premium travel credit cards such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve and The Platinum Card® from American Express aren’t justifiable. Unless you’re traveling somewhat regularly and utilizing the full lineup of perks and credits, it may not be worth i

Walker Drewett founded NuBrakes in May 2019. According to Mike Ghaffary, GP at Canvas Ventures, Drewett is building a high-growth business powered by a marketplace model, which is why Ghaffary led the company’s Series A. The product is simple: On-demand vehicle brake repair services. Join this episode to hear how Drewett raised capital and built NuBrakes on the learnings from his previous startup

Twitter is rolling out a number of new features for its live audio Spaces product this week. The social media giant is giving hosts and co-hosts on iOS and Android access to analytics about their Spaces. For example, hosts and co-hosts can now get information about how many total live listeners tuned in to the broadcast, how many times it was replayed and how many people spoke during the Space. T

A new patent registered by Apple with the USPTO describes a next-generation solution to car automation that could make parking a problem of the past.

TikTok Revenue Creators•
TikTok has introduced a new way for creators to make money: Pulse, its first advertisement revenue sharing program linking creators and brands.

25Gizmodo / 9h
Sure, you could run to your local comic book store this Saturday, May 7, aka Free Comic Book Day , and grab whatever issues catch your eye in a whirlwind of kleptomania until you run out the door whooping like a loon. Or you could read io9's guide to the best of this year’s FCBD offerings and enter that comic shop with… Read more...

uwmspeccoll : Cinco de Mayo CELESTE CONTRERAS For Cinco de Mayo , we are proud to present some of the work of a UWM MFA student who has spent a considerable amount of time in our Special Collections in her 3-year graduate career at UW-Milwaukee. Celeste Contreras is a Xicana-Indigenous artist and activist from Milwaukee who works in a variety of media and narrative forms, such as drawing, paintin

Xbox Cloud Gaming X. C.•
Now you can play Fortnite wherever there’s an internet connection. Microsoft announced today that Epic Games’ flagship title is now available to play for free through the Xbox Cloud Gaming service, including on mobile. Right now, the game is available in 26 countries, including the U.S. and Mexico. This is pretty big… Read more...

GitHub 2FA Two 2023•
In an effort to further secure the developer accounts and code hosted on its platform, GitHub has announced that its users will need to enroll in two factor authentication ( 2FA ) by the end of next year. More specifically, anyone that contributes code on the Microsoft-owned platform will need to enable one or more forms of 2FA. Share your thoughts on Cybersecurity and get a free copy of the Hack

500+Futurism / 10h
The head of the US Food and Drug Administration, Robert Califf, says pandemic misinformation is now the country’s leading cause of death. Following the Health Journalism 2022 conference in Austin, TX, Politico reporter Alice Miranda Ollstein reported about the remarks on the organization’s blog . “I believe that misinformation is now our leading cause of death,” Califf said, according to Ollstein

Virgin Atlantic Heathrow•
In what’s been described as a major embarrassment for Virgin Atlantic , a New York-bound Airbus A330 was rerouted back to London’s Heathrow Airport (LHR) on Monday when it was discovered the copilot hadn’t fully completed his training. Roughly 40 minutes into the journey, the pilot of the Airbus A330 was informed by bosses on the ground that the first officer had yet to fully complete their flyin


Google Chrome makes it easy to disable the Lens search feature and bring back the traditional “Search Google for This Image” context menu option. Here’s how you can do that in Chrome on desktop and Android. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson) Regular readers may remember how the viral success of Wordle led to an unexpected flood of downloads for an unrelated, six-year-old iOS game that also happened to be called Wordle! (note the exclamation point.) Those readers may also remember how mobile developer Steven Cravotta pledged to donate some proceeds from his unexpected Wordle! windfall to charity . Since

Enduring Planet , a new fintech firm that exclusively funds climate entrepreneurs, is taking the wraps of its first product after securing $5 million in debt and equity financing. The company aims to deliver fast debt capital to startups and small businesses that focus on climate, such as by mitigating emissions or helping humanity adapt to the disastrous effects of burning fossil fuels. “When th

Microsoft has replaced its old Movie Maker application with a new video editor called Clipchamp, but you don't have to pay to get access to it.

After prolonged use, your iPhone might run into a non-charging battery situation. The fix could be simple, or a more complicated procedure might be needed.

Unusual Ventures , a now 30-person outfit founded nearly five years ago by former Lightspeed Ventures investor John Vrionis and serial entrepreneur Jyoti Bansal, has closed its third fund with $485 million in capital commitments, says Vrionis. It’s not a huge step up from the $425 million that Unusual raised for its second fund in late 2019, and that’s very much by design, says Vrionis, who is th

Stack Overflow has released The Key v2.0, a sequel to the novelty keyboard it released last year in the wake of an April Fool’s joke. The popular programming resource’s first foray into the hardware market, ‘The Key’ , apparently found a niche in the market, selling over 10,000 units despite having only three keys, “Ctrl, C, and V”. The joke referenced the longstanding stereotype of programmers b

Boeing’s days as a Chicago-based company are drawing to a close. The aerospace giant is set to relocate its headquarters to the Washington, D.C., area. Boeing will move to Arlington, Virginia, directly across the Potomac River from Washington, it said on Thursday. The company already has a large campus in Arlington, nestled between the Pentagon and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA).

British Airways Avios have long been one of my favorite airline currencies. They’re exceptionally easy to earn and have a slew of great redemptions — even for U.S.-based flyers. Right now, you can book Avios awards at a discount with a 40% transfer bonus from American Express Membership Rewards to British Airways Executive Club. This means points transfer at a 1:1.4 transfer ratio, giving you a n

The security company best known for making giant armored trucks and inspiring elaborate heist fantasies from bored suburban kids is getting in on crypto. Read more...

Odds are, over the past two years, you’ve woken up at least one morning with a scratchy throat and clogged sinuses, and your first thought was: Is it allergies? Or is it COVID? The frustration of this ambiguity lies in the completely disproportionate amount of stakes in each scenario. A positive COVID-19 test will… Read more...

Dish Service Las Vegas•
Dish Network has been building its own cellular network in the United States, mostly with leftover wireless spectrum acquired from T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint. Now the network is starting to go live… in one city, anyway. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Toyota Gazoo Racing has a long, fascinating history that probably doesn't begin the way you'd expect. Here's what you should know about the performance brand.

100+Gizmodo / 10h
A perfect example of how we’re in the midst of more Star Trek than ever right now is quite literally just as one series ends today, another begins. We already broke down our extensive thoughts about that season finale of Star Trek: Picard , but Star Trek: Strange New Worlds also boldly went out today with its season… Read more...

It appears that Senator Bernie Sanders has lost his latest battle against private space ventures, as the Senate has voted against a motion that would’ve cut funding for a second NASA lunar lander. Read more...

The best gaming mouse pads may be the missing piece of your gaming rig. After spending thousands on a curved monitor, a programmable keyboard, and enough RAM to run “Crysis 3” in the middle of summer, it’s easy to forget a crucial element of the gaming setup. A good gaming mouse pad makes every drag, scroll, and click on your mouse as responsive as possible, so you’re never caught off guard when

300+Futurism / 11h
Elon Devil A New York-based tattoo artist who goes by the moniker Mashkow has really outdone themselves with one of the most grotesquely fascinating Elon Musk tattoos we’ve ever seen. An image circulating online shows the billionaire CEO’s face imprinted in full color on the forearm of the artist’s client, throwing the Twitterverse into a fit of rage and confusion. The depiction is truly a sight

Hello and welcome back to the Chain Reaction podcast, where we unpack and explain the latest crypto news, drama and trends, breaking it down block by block for the crypto curious. On this week’s episode, we talked about the virtual land sale that (temporarily) broke the blockchain. Yuga Labs’ now-infamous NFT drop was — to put it lightly — chaotic. Users swarmed the sale like it was a Supreme dro

Last year was big for the play-to-earn gaming scene, which goes hand-in-hand with the crypto world, but as the games become more advanced and provide more opportunities for users, what’s next for the industry? Perhaps it’s building out the gaming experience or creating new openings for non-crypto-native players to enter the space, but there’s a range of opportunities and challenges for builders a

Charles Fry Contributor Charles Fry , CEO of CODE Exitos , is a technology entrepreneur and investor who has launched and grown successful companies in e-commerce, logistics and IT services. Whether it’s a new mobile, IoT or web3 product, the one question I’m asked almost always is: How much will it cost to build? I get this question often from entrepreneurs who know their business but don’t have

Steam Deck is a number one seller -- but things haven't always come so easy for the now-iconic, cloud-based video game distribution service.

EV Battery India Batteries•
It may seem logical to fully charge an EV to get the max range, but doing so could result in a large battery replacement bill much sooner than expected.

Google Cloud API•
A misconfiguration in Google Cloud Platform has been found which could give threat actors full control over a target virtual machine (VM) endpoint , researchers have said. In a blog post published by cloud incident response experts Mitiga, the company noted that by (ab)using legitimate system features, potential attackers could read and write data from VMs which could, in theory, result in a comp

Every job comes with a variety of expected duties, some of which may be helpful, longterm, for earning you a promotion—and some of which never will. For example, if you are a teacher, designing and implementing a new curriculum might help put you in line for a promotion, while volunteering your time for… Read more...

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You won't have to leave the social media sphere to catch some of the coverage surrounding FIFA World Cup matches. Fox Sports has expanded its relationship with Twitter to offer live pre-game shows and in-match previews (through @foxsports and @foxsoccer) for every match of World Cup 2022 and Women's World Cup 2023. You can also expect "near real-time" highlights during play as well as post-match

If you use Apple’s AirPods, you don’t have to reach for your phone to play or pause your music. You can use your AirPods’ built-in music controls to do that, and we’ll show you how. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Out of the box, Nanoleaf Lines smart lights look a little plain. The lights themselves are colorful, for sure, but the hardware is just white. That’s why Nanoleaf now sells official matte black and pink skins for its Lines smart lights—prepare to drop $20 on these puppies; you definitely want them. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

I’ve long thought that Miami could use a higher-end Hyatt option, and it looks like that’s finally happening . Plans for an upcoming Andaz Miami Beach The Confidante Miami Beach currently belongs to The Unbound Collection, which is Hyatt’s brand for independent upscale hotels. Well, the branding of this hotel will be changing in the next couple of years. It has been announced that the 339-room ho

Mike Myers, Ken Jeong, Debi Mazar and the cast and crew of The Pentaverate shower each other with love while breaking down the message of their new show: kindness.

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Is Elon Musk really that bad ?

Three of the world’s biggest tech companies are promoting the idea that you won’t need to keep entering in your password anymore, in which case you’ll no longer have to remember different variations of your regular “Kingkong05jacksonsbestfilm69!” login to access your email or Amazon accounts. Read more...

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With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness arriving on Friday (read io9's review here !), now’s the perfect time to revisit the uniquely weird and often gruesome filmography of director Sam Raimi —a horror icon who’s achieved blockbuster success while also retaining his cult-beloved status. Read more...

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Antarctica, far from just a sprawling mass of ice, is a geologically complex continent made of expansive glaciers, jagged bedrock, and, as new research finds, large amounts of groundwater. A study published today in the journal Science describes a thick layer of groundwater underneath West Antarctica with the… Read more...

From lush waterfalls surrounded by bushy pine trees to desserts made with wild Washington blueberries, the Pacific Northwest offers something for everyone during the warmer months, making it a prime destination for summer getaways. In fact, the region boasts so many attractions and activities to enjoy that it’s easily one of my favorite areas to visit in summer. So, if you’re looking to take an e

Going out on a limb here and guessing you don’t need me to tell you why we wanted to chat with Amazon at our upcoming robotics event . Well before we were discussing how the pandemic has radically transformed automation, the retail giant had already begun to transform the category. Amazon’s got hundreds of thousands of robots deployed in fulfillment centers across the country, with a push dating

Thanks to sonification, the sounds of one of the most mysterious phenomena in the universe is now available to here in this video.

Most web browsers feature an incognito mode, which is useful on shared computers. Too many users still misunderstand what the feature is for, however.

Lyft is slowly but surely bringing back shared rides in more cities. Users in San Francisco, San Jose, Denver, Las Vegas and Atlanta will once more be able to take shared rides. That option was suspended soon after the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in March 2020. Lyft started offering shared rides again last summer in select cities such as Chicago, Denver and Philadelphia. The company plans to brin

Blizzard has released a new patch for the Overwatch 2 beta, nerfing strong characters and buffing weaker ones. On top of that, Zenyatta has gotten a new, experimental ability. In the patch, which is now live, a multitude of changes and fixes have been made to try and shake up the current Overwatch 2 beta . The most drastic change is almost certainly coming to Zenyatta, who is getting a whole new

Executive Platinum, Platinum Pro and Concierge Key members have received premium economy upgrades free when they are available (and when they aren't being upgraded to business class). For Alaska and Hawaii routes, these complimentary premium economy upgrades at the gate are now available to all elites. Gold and Platinum members are now eligible for complimentary premium economy upgrades when list

The heavens are providing us earthlings with a bountiful array of interesting things to see in the sky this month. The total lunar eclipse and planetary alignments would have been enough, but there’s more: Shooting stars from the Eta Aquarid meteor shower will be streaking across the sky this week. Read more...

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HBO's new series, House of the Dragon , is a prequel based on George R.R. Martin's Fire & Blood . Many Game of Thrones fans no doubt view the looming debut of House of the Dragon , GoT 's first spinoff series, with considerable trepidation. On the one hand, the 10-episode prequel series is based on George R.R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood , and it's complete, so there's no chance of the series gett

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Subscribers to Elon Musk’s Starlink internet service can now carry their connectivity with them to remote areas as part of a new portability feature that the company announced on Wednesday. In an email to its customers, SpaceX’s Starlink rolled out the new feature for a fee of $25 a month, in addition to the service’s… Read more...

Product placement is nothing new for movies and TV shows, but Amazon is interested in pushing the idea a bit further with some content on Prime Video and Freevee (formerly IMDb TV). Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

If you’ve ever felt like introducing some Vegas-style odds into your retirement plan, you’re finally in luck. Read more...

If you aren’t familiar with “ Cancel For Any Reason ” coverage, you should be. This supplement to travel insurance policies allows you to cancel a trip for nearly any reason, and as long as you follow the terms, you will be able to get a refund for a large portion of your prepaid expenses. American Express is now adding an optional service called Trip Cancel Guard, which you can purchase when boo

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with current information. The Marriott Bonvoy program has gone through some fundamental changes as of late, but Bonvoy points still have value when redeemed for hotel stays and even airline tickets. But how do you actually put them to use while maximizing their potential value? In this article, we’ll dive deep and show you all the different ways you can r

On Deck , a tech company that connects founders to each other, capital and advice, has laid off 25% off its staff, per sources familiar with the company. The layoffs were announced today during an internal all hands meeting, and impacts about 72 people. Sources say that mostly operations and investing roles were impacted by layoffs. Severance packages were offered and include eight weeks of paid

If you have a big idea the world needs to read about, you can write a book—but the publishing world is hard to break into and tricky to navigate. What does an agent do? What is a query letter? Do you have to know someone who knows someone to get anywhere? Will the pub-world gatekeepers stand between your message and… Read more...

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The Vatican is trying to jump on the latest trend: a digital art gallery for NFTs in the metaverse, a “public-private partnership” aimed at extending “the availability of the Vatican’s heritage,” according to a press release . But the project’s rollout has been mired in confusion. The press release provided minimal details, and even though a spokesperson approached numerous publications over the

The vaquita ( Phocoena sinus ) is treacherously close to extinction, but the population could rebound without genetic problems related to inbreeding, according to researchers who recently studied the species’ genome. Read more...

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Scientists have finally found Antarctica’s missing groundwater, which will help them predict ice flows on the continent.

Lyft’s shares lost nearly a third of their value yesterday after the ride-hailing company reported its Q1 2022 results , despite the company beating market expectations for revenue. If you delve a little deeper, it seems the market was instead focused about something else entirely: Slightly soft guidance on revenue growth in Q2 2022 when compared to analyst expectations, as well as the cost of dr

For the better part of a decade, VC firms and growth equity funds have plowed nearly $42 billion into battery technology startups across almost 1,700 deals, according to an analysis by PitchBook and TechCrunch. What’s more, about 75% of the investments in that period happened in the last two years alone. Venture capital firms aren’t unusual in the battery world. Five years ago, they reliably made

The Chevy SSR was an eye-catching convertible pickup truck. Despite its unique style, the car was a failure - here's why it couldn't find an audience.

War, what is it good for? Well, when we’re talking about wardriving, it’s away to find unsecured Wi-Fi, sometimes with malicious intent. Wardriving is hard to detect, but with preparation you can protect your home network from being targeted. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

It took NVIDIA a few years to get here, but the company is finally offering its GeForce Now cloud gaming service at 4K and 120FPS for those on Windows and macOS. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Because Chromebooks run a lightweight operating system, they require far less horsepower than Windows or Mac computers. But power users are willing to pay out the nose for a speedy computer; they don’t care that $1,000 is “overpriced for a Chromebook.” So, Acer is giving those power users a much more affordable alternative. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

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The first Thursday of May is apparently "World Password Day," and to celebrate Apple , Google , and Microsoft are launching a " joint effort " to kill the password. The major OS vendors want to "expand support for a common passwordless sign-in standard created by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium." The standard is being called either a "multi-device FIDO credential" or just a "p

Technology is advancing at ever-increasing rates. Here are the 12 most significant technological breakthroughs that happened in April.

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After pandemic safety measures ended in the US, ride-hailing companies lifted their requirements for riders—leaving those behind the wheel on their own.

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How is Moon Knight over already ? It feels like yesterday that news broke Oscar Isaac was going to play the mysterious, powerful Marvel Comics character for Disney+, and now we’ve already seen everything the show has to offer. But could there be more? Read more...

GPS networks are already a crucial part of everyday life around the world, but an international team of scientists has found a new, potentially life-saving use for them: tsunami warnings. Researchers from University College London and universities across Japan studied the ability of the GPS network to detect tsunamis, concluding that instruments can indeed detect the destructive waves from space.

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An Apple Music bug is perplexing some iPhone owners. According to various reports, the Apple Music iOS app is installing itself directly to the iPhone’s dock when downloaded, instead of to the phone’s home screen. It’s also kicking out other apps users had set up in their dock and taking their spot, which is not something apps would normally do. Some iPhone owners also found the bug was causing A

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The U.S. Supreme Court is anticipated to overturn Roe v. Wade , the landmark 1973 case that guaranteed a person’s constitutional right to abortion, allowing states to decide whether to heavily regulate or ban the procedure. This reported move, based on a leaked draft of an opinion that hasn’t yet been issued but would mean abortion rights would be protected in less than half of all U.S. states, h

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After years of being without one of the world's most popular games, gamers of iOS and iPadOS can finally play Fortnite once again thanks to Microsoft and Epic Games bringing Fornite to Xbox Cloud Gaming and allowing everyone to play it without the need for an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. As part of Microsoft’s “mission to bring the joy and community of gaming to players wherever they are

You may be a hard worker who graduated at the top of your class. You may be an asset to any organization that employs you. Even so, you may still, at times, sound immature or unprofessional at work. Because in the workplace (as in life) we are judged not only for the action items we can efficiently accomplish, but by … Read more...

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Facebook is shutting down its podcast service on June 3 barely a year after its launch. The social media giant told TechCrunch that it’s also going to discontinue its short-form audio Soundbites feature and its Audio hub in the coming weeks. Facebook will also integrate its Live Audio Rooms offering, which is its Clubhouse clone, into its Facebook Live experience. The company says this integratio

OnePlus seems to be on the brink of revealing another new Nord device, as evidenced by the appearance of a set of rather official-looking press photos.

Google's next new device appears to have leaked in the form of a pair of higher-end earbuds called Pixel Buds Pro. Could these earbuds do battle with AirPods?

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E3 isn't happening at all this year, but that doesn't mean there won't be a ton of gaming news to look forward to in June. Three days before Xbox and Bethesda's event , the third annual Summer Game Fest showcase will take place on June 9th at 2PM ET. We Have A Date! Don't miss #SummerGameFest streaming live on Thursday, June 9 at 11a PT / 2p ET / 6p GMT. I'm hosting a live cross-industry showcase

I don’t think I’m going out on a limb suggesting that dumbbells aren’t at the top of anyone’s list when it comes to connectivity. Heck, when you’ve got “dumb” in your name, you’re really operating at a disadvantage. Of course, given the smart home fitness explosion of the past several years, why not? Kabata joins a growing number of startups bringing connected strength training into the home. But

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Editor’s note: This is a recurring post, regularly updated with new information and offers. From Independence Hall and the Betsy Ross House to the art collection at The Barnes, Philadelphia is home to enough A-list attractions to keep you busy for a whole summer’s worth of we