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Saturday, May 21, 2022

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Pregnant Men!

Ukraine for Statehood
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John Kerry
Why can't these guys shut up?
Tomorrow's Show
The Ukraine Russian conflict continues largely unabated thanks to American support. In the USA inflation remains high with no signs of abating with gasoline prices skyrocketing. Crime in the USA is on an upswing as the Democrats have re-introduced the 1970’s style revolving door style of criminal justice, more recently re-named to “catch and release.”

This new narrative led by the Democratic-Socialists ideology is counter the previous efforts by the party to curb crimes in the 1990’s with the 1994 Clinton crime bill. It was ushered through the Senate by none other than Joe Biden. Crime plummeted but incarceration became a national humiliation, and remains so to this day.

This current situation is what the Democrats have to run on in November and everyone should wish them luck.
Trudeau and Zelensky
"He asked to see!"
"Yes, this big!!"
Pregnant Men
There was some hilarious testimony before Congress where the general public learned that men can become pregnant and can have abortions. This is, of course, misleading and easy to ridicule. (How can you resist?) Let’s try and explain this remark so you can roll your eyes even more.

If you are into identity politics with 75 genders and he/him/they/Xie and muscle-bound men claiming to be women for the sole purpose of kicking ass in woman’ sports, then you will understand the pregnant men comment.

What was meant as a sincere answer was that a biological female who decided to identify as a man --probably without doing anything more than changing appearance -- can indeed get pregnant. Thus this self-identified “man” is thus pregnant allowing for the idiotic answer since being ridiculed.

In other words, and to simplify, the pregnant man is actually a female claiming to be a man and such claims must be respected in all circumstances if you are a liberal. So men can get pregnant. Get it?

Not sure how anyone can possibly be confused. /sarcasm
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