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Thursday, December 20, 2012

No Agenda Newsletter

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 No Agenda
Dear Producers,
 Just for you, we  have a real treat this week:  A free collectible Christmas song specially recorded for you, the No Agenda fans by Roger McGuinn. Right click “save as” on this link to download the song. (Change extension to .mp3 if song fails to play). Roger was the former lead guitarist lead singer for the Byrds in the 1960's and 1970's and is considered the premier 12-string guitar practitioner in the world today. You should check his websites here and here. He still tours and does a great show and is a No Agenda fan!

 We will try to bring to you more and more bonuses like this in 2013 and hope you continue the great support you've given so far this month. Keep it up!You can go to the donation page here and contribute to the future of the show.

On Thursday, it looks like we are going to do all we can to not talk about the continued discussion of the elementary school massacre. There now seems to be a weird link to the batman theater shooting. Stay tuned to see if that plays out. It's really weird.

Also an update on the Micky and Adam adventures in Euroland.

The fiscal cliff approaches and nobody has found a way, yet, of going over the edge. It's not going to be pretty for the American taxpayer if nothing is done. Friday will be 12-21-12 – aka the end of the world, so it may not matter anyway. Although the odds are against the end of the world. If you come up with creative donation models for the end of the world, then we will discuss them on the show. Click here.

Thanks for your continued support,
John & Adam
PS Merry Christmas to you all! May it be a great one.