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Sunday, December 14, 2014

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

Note from John C. Dvorak

Today in most of the world it is 12-13-14. This will not happen again for 100 years.


Dear Producer,

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Your No Agenda Show is uniquely ahead of the curve on every news storybecause, as you’ve seen, the entire mainstream media is severely compromised and simply cannot be trusted for honesty or integrity. 

And the mainstream/corporate nonsense pushed at you is unhealthy. This is because it makes no sense, and you can make no sense of it. It is designed to confuse you. Do not be manipulated. Make No Agenda part of your weekly routine.
Teamwork and a plan.
No Agenda only works with your support. That’s the catch.

Only without advertisers, sponsors, and so-called underwriters, can issues and stories be fully discussed and analyzed without conflicts of interest or influence. This is why the show works. But it also means you have to support the show directly for it to work at all.
The fact is, No Agenda is good for you. Be good to yourself today. Visit the support page and find a plan that best suits you. Or click here and just contribute what you can afford.
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PS today is 12-13-14. This is your last chance for the special 12-13-14 special knighthoods. Click here.
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