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Sunday, January 3, 2016

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

Note from John C. Dvorak

Watch How the News Cycle Speeds Up!


Dear Producers,

Tomorrow’s show is number 787, which is the last of the current fleet of Boeing jets. This means the end of the mile-high club as ofmidnight tomorrow. After that, all the club member names get downloaded and transferred a permanent list online. There they will remain as a tribute to conceptual humor, your support and your bragging rights.

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We hope to get the year 2016 off to a good start.

On tomorrow’s show it seems as if the news cycle is picking up especially for American politics. Someone hired some sky-typers (similar to sky writing) to slam Trump over the skies above the Rose Bowl. The fellow who paid for this turns out to be a big Marco Rubio supporter. You’ll learn more tomorrow.
Part of a longer message with this as the punchline. This campaign promises to be one of name-calling that should go on for an entire year. This is nothing new in American politics although you will be told that it is new. I consider this the first funny pic and a theme for 2016.
Also, by coincidence, the supposed Trump recruitment video used by terrorists to recruit more terrorists mysteriously appears from the SITE intelligence group. This is the sketchy operation that seem to be the only folks who can manage to find such videos.

All the No Agenda producers spotted this as a ruse almost immediately.
Tomorrow’s show promises to be great.

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