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Friday, May 13, 2016

Big Brother Canada Final Wrap

It's over and I can quite honestly say I am glad.  It's the fourth season and in my opinion, the worst one. Ok so I might be a little bitter by the end result which by now most of you reading this already know and if you don't then stop reading now!  

The brothers.. really?  Canada even voted for them, really?  Yeah that's what happens when you give the internet a chance to vote and then allow up to 20 votes per person. Not only that, you have TWO people you are voting for--essentially if you were a "Nick" fan then you are voting for the brothers. If you are a "Phil" fan then you are voting for the brothers. So in reality nobody had a chance. In fact that is probably why I thought this season was the worst.. simply because these houseguests didn't realize on Day 1 when the brothers were revealed, that they need to get them out first. But of course once the other alliances started like the 3rd Wheel, all bets were off.  Throw in the twist with the International guests--making sure they don't go home right away. The problem is Tim is very good--a winner down under and so it was not surprising to see him make it to the final 3. But getting back to the Brothers.. the arrogance of these two--to say they won all these competitions.. yes of course, BECAUSE YOU ARE TWO PEOPLE... playing as one sure, but on off-weeks.  It is true, even if most houseguests would say they didn't spy from room to room but the fact that they are two people, they could cover more rooms at one time so it was a no-brainer that at the end of each day they would be able to go over the events of the day. It simply wasn't fair as I could see it.  Yes, they did play smart by using the 'loyalty card' and sticking with Canada and admitting on numerous occasions that it is one thing to allow these International people to play the game but Big Brother Canada SHOULD be won by a Canadian.. Ok don't get me wrong here as I too am Canadian, but isn't the fact that Canada is one big melting pot of a country making it sound a little racist or umm bigoted to invite International players to play but then say they can't win?  I was totally in favour of either of these two to win the game, should they deserve it and yes, Tim did.  

Now for my vote, it would have squarely been on Kelsey and I'm quite shocked and somewhat surprised she didn't get the win since it surely appeared earlier on that the jury disliked the brothers game play.  The fact that Kelsey had already been voted out was likely why she didn't get the win but I'm surprised a little that she didn't use the fact that she did come back in by a UNANIMOUS vote by the rest of the house and the proceed to make it to the finals. It really did look like it was hers. Or at least it did from the way the show was produced. 

And on that note.. the show's production for the finally sucked in my opinion. Far too long and drawn out only because they got to the vote relatively early and then proceeded to give us all more clips of the season. I think that should have all been done and the vote being the last thing before announcing the winner. I guess you can probably thank the commercials for this. After all, The Brick and Oxi Clean needed to pay for the paltry $100K, $25K and $10K the winner takes home along with the $20K the 2nd place gets.

Looking back on the season, for me personally, there weren't many high points and I will chalk that up to the casting not being as good as in past seasons. I don't know.. maybe I"m just getting too old for this stuff.. although it shouldn't have to be a young person's game.. in past Big Brother seasons, at least in the USA, there have been some older players.. but I think if you are going to bring in a few older people, there have to be at least two or three of them.. not just the one token old person and old I mean double the age of the youngest (19 being the youngest this year and I believe 42 was the oldest.. without looking at the profiles).. whatever happened to a few in their thirties or forties or even fifties.. you never know.. it could give the show a completely different dynamic.. but  unfortunately it seems they (Big Brother) figures it is sex that sells, and even though it isn't sex that is happening, it is the 'showmances' that may come out of it.. I'm sorry but if I want that I'll go tune in to a soap opera.

What has always intrigued me about Big Brother, since the first BB USA, was the human experiment.. the fact that you could shut out a bunch of people from the general public and make them sleep deprived or food deprived and test the different responses while always being visible via camera.. what a great social experiment.. however with the internet now playing a huge part, that 'social' aspect obviously includes the showmances. I just hope next season we can see some casting changes.. but I am afraid if the casting continues to come from Kass from Big Brother USA then you will continue to see a degradation in the Canadian production. Arisa does great and the actual TV Production values are fine.. in fact most of the competitions are, hands-down, better than most of the USA comps.. but it's the casting.. 

I know I shouldn't be comparing USA to Canada but in all fairness, since the casting is done by the same person and the Exec.Producer and Owner of the Big Brother Series has a pretty standard template for the show, the only real changes will be in the configuration of how you manipulate your cast each season.. if you aren't going to freshen it up with, say.. a new host.. in the USA I'm referring to.. Julie Chen simply must go.. she just doesn't  show any sort of emotion with the game, unlike Arisa who truly becomes a part of the season. In any case I now digress to what I am sure will be a new low in the upcoming USA season but of course will be tuned in just like I have been for every other year... it's still a great human experiment and I do enjoy that aspect always!