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Thursday, July 28, 2016

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We Watch the Convention, so YOU do not have to -- II
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No Agenda Thursday Show

Globalism versus Nationalism


Dear Producer,

Watching the Democratic National Convention should give any No Agenda producer chillseven though you may not know why. The news media sees this as a great victory for women. The emphasis is on the historical aspects of a woman being nominated “by a major party.” Women, in fact, have been nominated before. And another female, Jill Stein, is running this time.

Hillary is a brand and perhaps this is the first female brand running. It’s fine and exploits the theme that “little girls everywhere will be proud.”
All brands have professional logos.
But what is completely overlooked is that Hillary and the entire party, including the Bernie supporters, are locked into a globalist, New World Order, one World government agenda.

It’s clear in all their messaging and symbolism (and reflected by the emails released to Wikileaks) that Hillary needed to be the candidate at all costs. Hillary is a modern globalist. The Clinton Foundation is part of the globalist agenda with its “Clinton Global Initiative.”

Bernie is just an old lovable random socialist -- useless to the globalists.
Look at the memes produced at the convention. There is nothing specific to nations or the United States except history in contrast to the first female President.

There was only one or two “God Bless America” endings to any of the 50 or so speakers who ran on and off the stage. There was no  “God bless the United States of America.”

The short speeches mostly ended with “Thank you” or a mere walk off. This was deliberate.

This was so obvious that it has to be a requirement for speaking. Even Bill Clinton followed this formula.

There were no flags anywhere on the set the first day of the event. After conservatives complained on the radio and elsewhere they were brought out on day 2.

The meme “build bridges not walls” is a classic New World Order/One World Government meme. Instead of a wall to block illegal aliens from flooding in, build a bridge so they can get in faster. Borders are passé.  Nations are passé.

It seemed subtle but once you realized what was going on, it became very obvious.
All the messaging, especially the theme that “love is the answer” and “love trumps hate” feeds into the overall New World Order construct that nations are old-fashioned and unnecessary. Love is all that matters. Your No Agenda show traces the love meme to Attorney General Lynch naively suggesting that the best way to fight terrorism is with love.

In fact, the reasons for never using the phrase Islamic terrorism is to suppress this element in discussions. The existence of ISIS is mucking up the Globalists agenda.On Monday, despite a horde of speakers and entertainers,, ISIS was not mentioned once.

ISIS was never expected to be a player in the Globalist agenda. That agenda is exactly why Obama tried to marginalize them as a “JV” team and nothing to worry about. We just all need to love each other and everything will be great.

It is actually amusing as we casually murder people left and right with the drone program.
It is no wonder that, as your No Agenda Show has pointed out over and over, that the richest billionaires, with very few exceptions, are Democrats. They have pushed their wealth and status to the point where they do not need a “United States” and the protections of the US Constitution at all. It is actually a hindrance to global ambitions. This is especially true for the hi-tech community elites.

Trans-global governance via various outrageous treaties and trade agreements is more effective as far as these people are concerned. Globalists have no love of borders or the public in general. One of the delegates at the Democratic convention actually used the words “little people” to refer to the public. (You will hear the clip tomorrow.) The whole thing is incredible to witness.

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No Agenda is the product,, not you...and you support it. This makes No Agenda fully independent with the ability to discuss things the way they actually are.

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Your hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

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