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Thursday, July 6, 2017

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Chris Christie Photos and an Essay

Dear Producer,
Tomorrow Adam continues his EU report while tensions between North Korea and the USA heat up as the American public is led to believe that the DPRK is actually a threat to the US mainland. Its real leverage is that it is an immediate threat to Seoul Korea which is within artillery range.

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On tomorrow’s show you will revisit the perpetual carping about the President’s fitness for office which is supposed to be kept high on the news run down in an attempt to make it stick enough to get Democrats elected in 2018. The following essay addresses this ploy.
The Potential for a 2018 Democrat Epic Fail
No Agenda essay by John C. Dvorak
Most negative campaign strategies fail and often backfire. The Democrats themselves have exploited the Republican penchant for falling into a similar negative message trap calling them obstructionists, the party of “no.” and not having a positive message.

This has recently reversed.

Exactly how the Democrats fell into this same trap seems to have occurred during the Hillary campaign when the party changed from conveying a message of what they are going to do to improve the country to blatant attacks and ridicule of Trump himself for things he said.

The Hillary campaign switched from “Here is why you should vote for me” to “here is why you should NOT vote for him” making Trump the centerpiece of all discourse.

So now there is this new strategy designed to keep a certain number of memes in play. This includes, Trump is incompetent, unqualified, a stooge of the Kremlin and unfit for the job. This is a recapitulation of the failed election strategy.

If the strategy is to keep anti-Trump memes in the news for the next year and a half, there is an interesting strategic flaw. The idea of promoting this 25th Amendment strategy and the impeachment strategy and the emoluments strategy can easily backfire on the electorate.

While No Agenda listeners mostly understand that all of this is a ploy to keep Trumps name in a negative light until 2018, it can have an unintended effect. Here is how it works.

The Democrats will complain but show an inability to execute these ouster schemes. No Agenda producers know that there was never any intent to execute these schemes since they are hopeless dead-ends only intended to target 2018 voters.

Is it possible that the strategy will fail because it turns out that the Democrats cannot execute an impeachment or anything else and voters will stay home in a depressed state? This would be after hearing two years of unproductive carping? As discussed on the show, many have already been brain damaged (amygdala dysfunction) and are hysterical. You see this in the weird dimension B tweets.

So having no message other than hate and ridicule will not work. Even Trump, who relied on ridicule did have a positive message for the voter, albeit the simplistic “Make America Great Again.”

The Democrats do not have any positive balance to the hate Trump rhetoric.

This strategy, as currently being executed, is simply going to fail miserably. -- jcd
And No Agenda and its supporters will be following it with a clear understanding unless they get sucked over to dimension B, which is always a possibility.

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Christie on the Beach. Best Collection.
Last week someone caught a picture of NJ Governor Chris Christie on the beach -- in a chaise -- after he shut down nearby beaches in the state. For some reason the picture caught on and became an internet photo meme. Thus a series of ludicrous Photoshop pictures evolved. These are the best ones.
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