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Sunday, February 4, 2018

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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There is a lot of news to analyze  but what you want to hear about most is the “Memo” -- the great and illustrious promised Memo. This is the memo from the House Intel committee that has everyone abuzz. And although it does not proclaim MEMORANDUM across the top it is indeed structured like a memo.

Here is a link to the memo without a lot of annotations 

Everybody is commenting on this document and most of the commentary is very defensive. NPR’s version shows the original memo re-typeset and filled with annotations, commentary and objections.
Does anyone find it peculiar that BOTH CNN and NPR are basically running the same story?
You can be sure your No Agenda Show will have the best analysis and it will not be based on DNC talking points obviously handed out to the media to parrot.

In other news it appears that Russia has a doomsday weapon, Uma Thurman was also sexually assaulted by Weinstein, Capetown ran out of water, and things in the world are generally screwed up. You’ll also hear my take on the story about how all the poor workers at the FBI cannot handle the attacks on the bosses. The morale is ruined forever! If you have ever worked in any sort of government agency, you must laugh at that one.
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Old and weird GIFs I found in my collection. Most from the 2016 Election Mocking Hillary or Trump
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