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Sunday, March 3, 2019

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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Tomorrow is another glut of news deconstruction. There are some weird avoidable fake scandals such as Jared Kushner’s security clearance which can be granted at the discretion of the President. But there is some question about that now and it’s a scandal. I’d personally like to know if John Brennan’s was ever pulled as was promised? Was it? Who is covering that? Is it the same media that questioned him about becoming a Salafist extremist? Nobody is concerned about that?

That’s a real story worth analyzing.
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One thing of note that you’ll hear about is the sudden and out-of-the-blue emergence of Hamza bin Laden, a young 30-ish son of Osama. Looking over his background everything is very sketchy but the US Intelligence folks are promoting him as the new face of world terrorism in an attempt to get something going again. Things are getting slow!

Who even heard of this guy a month ago?

He will be a target of deconstruction over the next few months as the media is beginning a campaign to promote his name.
bin laden's kid
Don't drone me bro.
Then, of course, you have continued interest in the Cohen hearings. This is a yawner that will soon be forgotten as you await some sort of false flag event to turn the public against the President and the Republican party in hopes of re-taking the White House in 2020. You have to wonder if these two parties will ever work together to benefit the American people? Seems unlikely.
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So Happy Texas Independence Day.

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