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Thursday, April 11, 2019

No Agenda Newsletter

No Agenda Newsletter

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Barr Testifies

What was Wrong with Jeff Sessions?
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William Barr
Barr seems to be taking it very seriously that the hanky-panky taking place within the Justice Department and perhaps one or more of the intelligence agencies and maybe the State department was illegal. This is something that a lot of people suspect and may account for Hillary’s comments when she said they'd all be hanging if she lost.

The NA show interpretation of the entire Mueller investigation has been that this was a mop-up operation to make sure that nobody ended up “hanging.” Or at least to make sure nobody at the top was caught.
Mueller laughing
The damage was done. The recusing of previous Attorney General Jeff Sessions regarding the whole Russia thing in the first place was a bad sign.

His not looking in to the FISA warrant that apparently was simply rubber stamped makes you wonder about Sessions’ inability to even consider any of it to the point of frustration for the Trump administration.

Barr at least seems curious about much of this, Sessions coasted through the whole thing. While Sessions was a loyal Republican and the first to jump on the Trump bandwagon. When you look at his record as a hard-ass against crime in general and an ultra-conservative considered by many to be the most conservative US Senator, period, why go soft on the issue of Democrats spying on the Trump campaign? It makes no sense.
Jeff Sessions
It makes no sense unless you were secretly an anti-Trumper Republican doing what you think is best for the country by pushing a hyper-conservative agenda while not particularly liking Trump. Becoming Attorney General was a no-brainer. After all, he wasa retired U.S. Senator with 20 years, a retired Attorney General of Alabama, and a retried US Attorney. This means there must be some healthy retirement benefits coming his way. Now retired as a US Attorney General, does he get more money?

Why work?

Let’s see what Barr does.
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