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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

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Fredo or Frodo?

Hong Kong is a mess
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The news has gone off the rails and the public is still digesting the recent shootings as well as the Jeffrey Epstein death. So now we are seeing what can only be described as a humorous respite with the crazy Chris Cuomo “Fredo” incident that is both funny and ironic.
Daily Post cover pic
You know that Chris will constantly be called Fredo if he ever walks the streets of Manhattan.
And then we finally get to hear from former YouTuber and “victim” of the college admissions scandal, Olivia Jade. She will always be known as the only rich girl, ever, who could not get into USC (University of Spoiled Children) without bribing someone. So, she finally re-emerges from her ruined career with this image proving that maybe she actually was that dumb. You can say dumb because this is not the kind of thing you want the prosecutor showing to the jury at her mom’s trial. “Is this your daughter?”
Olivia Jade
Because of the news cycle slowdown, Hong Kong is finally cropping up on the networks and we’ll add more insight to the coverage.

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