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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

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No Agenda Newsletter

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All Hell is Breaking Loose
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Tomorrow’s show.
The news cycle is only missing a mass shooting because it pretty much has everything else. First, there is the coronavirus scare. Air traffic is now restricted in and out of China and the country is expected to go into a recession as everyone freaks out.
Police wearing medical masks
Then the two-day Senate impeachment trial heads into it’s second week as questions and answers begin and possibly the calling of witnesses including neocon stooge John Bolton who the No Agenda Show identified as “Anonymous,” the guy who wrote the New York Times op-ed.

Bolton has a book coming out (of course) whose pages have been leaked (of course) slamming Trump (of course) and the Ukraine phone call (of course). Then former chief-of-staff General John Kelly comes out and backs Bolten (of course) without having actually seen the manuscript. It’s all too predictable and funny.
Bolton and Kelly
If all that is not enough to distract you from any world events there was the dubious death of Kobe Bryant, the beloved basketballer. Adam will analyze what happened in that helicopter crash.

Your No Agenda Show will update you on all these stories and remind you that on top of all this the UK leaves the EU in two days!

It’s going to be a wild few days.
Brexit protesters
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