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Saturday, February 29, 2020

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Showdown in Carolina

Wuhan Freakout
Dear Producer,
Tomorrow’s show is important because we can analyze and reset the primary race after today’s South Carolina results. And you can be certain the analysis of the No Agenda Show will be unlike anything else because it is not persuaded by corporate interests. This is because of your sole support. Click here and keep it going with new support today.

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Chart showing exodus from San Francisco
Worth a discussion?
The Dame drive continues through 2020 and hopefully you take part by putting your donation towards a Damehood for yourself or someone you know or love or want to impress. Click here for that.
Tomorrow’s show will address the state of the Corona virus update and how the American (mostly) media is politicizing it to hammer Trump. Apparently, he was supposed to panic the public in general.

This was discussed at the Oakland meetup where there was concern but no panic and a general agreement that now is the time to go out to eat in a Chinese restaurant, many of which will fail after this situation ends.
Chinese police stopping a drunk
Picture of Chinese police
In a Keystone Kops exercise with some idiot barking orders this viral video shows a random drunk getting head bagged while a slew of contamination control characters rush in and spray what looks like cherry Kool-Aid all over everything. The camera accidentally reveals the sign "exercise" near the end.
The South Carolina results should be available by show time and you’ll get all the summaries of the results with analysis you need and will not find anywhere else.

You will hear an interesting report from an economic hitman who is besides himself with Trump syndrome plus some stories from the Oakland meetup. Good stuff.
oakland meetup photo
Only your No Agenda Show has the chops and the freedom to look at American politics with objectivity. And that is only because we refused to be dependent on advertising and corporate control. Please make sure it stays that way on this slow Sunday. Help the show today, especially on a weekend. Click here! Any amount of support helps.
John C. Dvorak
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