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Sunday, September 12, 2021

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Sad Puppy
Dear Producer,
Today is the 20th anniversary of 9/11, the day when American intelligence agencies, airport security and everyone in-between failed their duties resulting in the attack on the country by hateful Saudi Wahhabis out to smash the symbols of Western Capitalism, the World Trade Center in New York.

So every mainstream media outlet is exploiting the anniversary with special reports and memorials to get ratings and sell advertising. If there was an obscure 9/11 story that you have not heard, you will hear it now. As far as we’re concerned, a moment of silence is more appropriate.

There will be no special donations for 9/11, that’s for sure.

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Tomorrow’s Show
The vaccine mandates are creating quite a stir and the topic is wearing thin as a talking point or news deconstruction. Unfortunately, the media itself forces continued analysis. So let’s see what they attempt to pull this week.
Modeern vaccine
"Your next 8 shat are ready, sir."
Drone Again, Naturally
Details of that drone strike that was targeting the planners of the Kabul airport bombing that killed the Marines, are coming out. On the show we found a clip claiming that seven children were killed. Now it seems that the “target” itself was an aid worker working for an American charity or NGO. More American reverse goodwill generated by the inept drone program.
Drone launchingmissile
Sad Puppy
Often the show needs to remind people how vital the No Agenda News analysis is to your mental health and sense of reality. With over six hours a week, every week, every year, of solid news deconstruction and analysis, there is nothing else like No Agenda.

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Sad Puppy
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John C. Dvorak
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