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Sunday, July 31, 2022

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Culture Wars or TERF Wars?!

Hidden Iraqi Revolt!?
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Tomorrow's Show
It’s fun to compare the Democrat and Republican differentiation for the upcoming November mid-term elections. It’s still all about Trump Trump Trump and nobody can do much about it and that has both the old school Herbert Hoover Republicans such as Mitt Romney befuddled since they hate the Trump Republicans who are less “soft” on societal changes like teaching pre-schoolers about “queer” sex as  promoted by the newly emerged “queer community” which has infiltrated the school systems around the country. Drag Queen story time and pronoun preoccupation is just part of this notable education trend. The Democrats and the Hoover Republicans are on board with this, many of whom do not know exactly why. This is a deep cultural issue and is followed closely by the show.
Rusty Bowers
Doofus Arizona anti-Trump State Senator Rusty Bowers censured by Republican party.
The Biden follies continue after his bout with Covid which he claims was mild because of the vaccines that were going to prevent him from getting Covid in the first place.

More on Ukraine as Russia has now cut off gas supplies to Latvia. It’s fun to read the reports in the BBC and elsewhere where the commentary promotes a dumb “we do not know why these fickle Russians cut off supplies.” Then you read that the Latvians refused to pay in rubles and were trying to pay in euros though a system cut off to the Russians. It’s all written in the same BBC report, yet everyone is baffled.

Finally, insofar as genuine ‘insurrections’ are concerned, you will learn how all hell is breaking loose in Iraq – yes Iraq. Totally ignored by the M5M as it focuses on the eye-rolling Jan Six Liz Cheney hearings.
Iraq revolt
"Our" Iraqi government is about to tumble and we hear nothing.
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