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Saturday, January 10, 2015

No Agenda-The Saturday Newsletter

The Sunday 1-11-15 Show

Deconstructions dominate news analysis tomorrow

Dear Producer,
Today is 1/11 and 111 is one of our most popular donations ever since 11/11/11.But 111.15 sounds lucky too. So we are adding that level to the list in hopes of bringing up our totals for January. Click here.

Today 1/11 looks particularly grim with only one executive producer and one associate executive producer contributing.
Woo hoo. OK, OK, I give up!!!
Please consider helping tomorrow’s show. There is a lot to discuss and it is best discussed on your No Agenda Show where there are no advertisers to interfere with the reporting or the research.
Advertisers meeting in Australia
On No Agenda we can speak freely only because the show is not supported by meddling advertisers and underwriters. This is only possible with direct contributions by you, the producer and listener. Please continue to prove that this model works and truth can be told without influence and self-censorship done to appease the invisible hand of the advertiser. Donate today. Any amount. Click here.
Your co-host,
PS A lot of people have gone to their banks to set up time-payment plans for No Agenda. You can also send checks directly to the show at the address shown below.
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Life is good when you help!
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