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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

No Agenda Newsletter

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Is No Agenda the ONLY Show you can actually trust?

Dear Producer,

One of the things that No Agenda probably should re-introduce or re-emphasize is thedistraction of the week since your hosts have been ignoring these hyped stories that are used to fill time on Network News and to get the public all aflutter.

An outstanding example of this is the recent tale of some student group at the University of California Irvine that had an American flag hanging on a wall like a poster. One student thought it should be taken down rationalizing this desire with some sort of invective or complaint. Nobody is sure.

Then this simple one flag takedown blossomed into a huge news story that spiraled out of control and culminated with Megyn Kelly getting in on the action on FOX. Somehow the story morphed into something along the lines of “Professors at UC Irvine want the US Flag removed from campus as a symbol of racism.”

The kid who began the controversy was then inundated with death threats and carping by old vets who got into the action somehow.

The Los Angeles Times got into the act and tried to put out the fire in this article  This craziness is what passes for news. It does serve as a smokescreen to push actual and important news into the background.
Where was Fox when the award winning foreign correspondent of NBC, Richard Engle was creating a myth about his kidnapping? Your No Agenda Show caught him bullshitting the nation during his coverage of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics when his phone was supposedly hacked the minute he turned it on in Russia. Reported as fact, this nonsense, easily debunked by your No Agenda Show, should have caused red flag alarms amongst the mainstream media. But no.

He could be around the corner from a Howard-Johnson for all we know.
Again, these people are not serving the public. Why should they? The public, to big media, is the product. That product is served to advertisers. That’s who they cater to.

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Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

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