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Thursday, February 11, 2016

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Valentine's Day Meets Show 800

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Another Sports Prediction on the Money


Dear Producer,

Every year, just before Valentine’s Day, the show offers a special No Agenda Valentine’s Day callout for your special someone. Valentine’s Day is coming up on Sunday and you should get your callouts in now. As usual the Valentine’s Day love callout is fashioned after the date and year. This year it is $214.16. Click here. You get a callout and become an associate executive producer. A twofer. What could be a better gift than a contribution to No Agenda?
And remember show 800 is coming up on the 17th! Also you can visit the support page here for more ideas on how to support the show.
Here is the one frame within the ABC debate broadcast that was discussed on the last show. It was not a display anomaly since it was captured on the DVR. It was a single frame.
Here is another screen shot showing mismatched head sizes and decidedly pale make-up on Bush, the candidate that seems favored by ABC. Bush could not possibly be made to look more boring than here.
Tomorrow your show dives into the New Hampshire primary and what’s ahead for the candidates. Also look for a rare edition of the No Agenda Sports Report with hindsight regarding Super Bowl predictions. And Tech News is upon us with more discussion of HTTPS and a look at the admission by James Clapper that the government may use smart appliances to spy on the public.
Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

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