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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

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Tomorrow’s Discussion.
Now that the Republican race is between Trump, Rubio and Cruz, the party has to be beside itself. As shown by the Nevada primary, Trump is easily beating the other two. None of the GOP old-timers want Trump, but the other two have all sorts of flaws. It’s predicted that the party will do whatever it can to derail Trump, but what do they get as a candidate if they manage that feat? This will be thoroughly deconstructed in the weeks ahead.
Hillary also looks to be an eventual winner despite the fact that she has all sorts of problems including a looming indictment for breaking a series of secrecy laws. There is alsohanky-panky with the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Library, Haiti and slipping Ameerican ownership of our own Uranium to the Russians.

That outrageous story is discussed here in the New York Times.
The couple that visits and won't go home.
Which one looks like the predator to you?
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One aspect of this election nobody is discussing is Vice-President selections. Your hosts will make their predictions. All this plus the usual craziness in today’s news. Deconstructed for you exclusively.
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