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Sunday, October 1, 2017

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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Dear Producer,
Your No Agenda Show is always looking for symbolism and numerological good luck numbers. Tomorrow’s show is number 969 or 696 upside down. This is a palindrome incorporating the lucky 69. So the show is orchestrating a lucky donation series for the month of October.

Here is the series. A straight $969 donation for the adventuresome. Click here.
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Do them all!
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Tomorrow’s show will include an analysis of the situation in North Korea where it now seems as if our people are talking to their people about ending the bullcrap you are witnessing. The bullcrap has apparently got Hawaii completely freaked out as the news media keeps saying they are a target of an A-bomb attack. And apparently the public believes this nonsense and is worried sick
The No Agenda Show has been documenting this nonsense for years. As someone who, as a child, was forced to take part in the duck and cover “theater” none of this is funny and the news media (M5M) should be ashamed of itself. It should be ashamed for not presenting the public with realistic analysis instead of just trying to scare them for the sake of ratings and ad sales.

You cannot be told often enough that No Agenda is an important alternate source of information because we do not need ratings just so we can make more money selling advertisements, which the M5M does routinely. That is their flaw. That is why they cannot be trusted.
With No Agenda you get a genuinely realistic appraisal of the news with real analysis based on logic and research not hysterics. What is that worth to you? It should be the most valuable aspect of your news and entertainment needs and desires.

So please support the showClick here.
your co-host,

PS Checks should be sent directly to the No Agenda Show, Box 339, El Cerrito CA 94530. Your support means everything.
Coincidence? I think Not.
Did anyone notice the uncanny similarity between Trump's signature and his wife Melania's signature? Elle Mag wrote a short piece here about it. A handwriting expert clams that hers is "stylized" meaning it is fake and contrived. I find it very peculiar much like the other mimicking that she does. It's closer to a cartoonist's signature than anything else excepting the Presidents sig.
Other funny pics of the week.
Don't eat me, Hillary Clinton!!
Jennifer Lawrence virtue signalling.
Librarian who sent nasty note to Melania Trump over Dr. Seuss, making a fuss. Doing a lot of selfies.Virtue signalling.
The same librarian who excoriated Melania Trump for sending Dr. Suess "racist" books. Shown here in a picture a few weeks earlier. Classic.
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