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Sunday, July 8, 2018

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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Tomorrow’s show should be hilarious with a lot of examples of media exaggeration and poor reporting.

You’ll notice there has been a lot of talk about the Democratic Party running another woman. It did not go very well the last time with a shoe-in can’t-lose Hillary Clinton. So they are going to take another run with someone else hoping Clinton doesn’t steal the nomination using her already established political machine. I have done the research and uncovered the most talked about potential female candidates with a short analysis of each and the clear winner.

This prediction, of course, depends on Hillary and whether the party actually picks a woman rather than someone like Joe Biden. Here is the run down:
Women Dems for President
Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Shrill, do nothing, anti-Trumper. Dubious assertion of Native American ancestry is a liability. Generally, has a wise granny look to many. To me she has the look of an older male who had a vasectomy at a young age. That said she’d beat Trump in a debate and would have a shot at winning. Unwisely jumped on the abolish ICE bandwagon to appeal to the Progressive base that doesn’t like her anyway.

Kirsten Gillibrand of New York. Hillary clone/protege, seems conniving. Looks too young. Something subtly annoying about her as if maybe she is a “mean girl” or something. Also jumped on the abolish ICE bandwagon for no apparent reason other than “think of the Children.” Unelectable.

Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Dumb. Not really viable.

Kamala Harris of California. Dumb, knee-jerk California liberal who has no real track record. Years away from being taken seriously. Has the advantage in the Democratic party of not being white. Has the disadvantage of not being Obama.

Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire. Sleeper. Has the right creds. My current favorite to get the nomination if they go with a woman. Became governor and re-elected as such in a Republican state. Now US Senator. Checks all the right boxes for mainstream Democrats. Fails in the category of presentability with her cornball 80’s style sorority sister hairdo. Easy fix. Should be VP pick as fallback.
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Here are a couple of the promised shots of the hearing aidthat Adam has been discussing. As you can see the large element fits neatly behind the ear and the mini-speaker goes into the ear. It’s hardly apparent. It seems odd, though, that the camouflage nature of the device is ruined by the canal piece which is black and apparent.
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