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Sunday, July 22, 2018

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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The Liberal World Order vs the USA
One of the things that has come upon the show was the term “Liberal World Order.” This refers to the established world order after WWII and implies something called Liberal Internationalism, which is indeed about one-world government. There is a lot of good reading to be had regarding this Liberal World Order, none of it is anything we should subscribe to if we do not want one world government..

A good reading list is here.
The Liberal World order, by definition, violates many American principles defined by the founders of the USA and the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. It stems from Liberal Internationalism. Here’s a definition provided by the Book of Knowledge:

"Liberal internationalism is a foreign policy doctrine that argues that liberal states should intervene in other sovereign states in order to pursue liberal objectives. Such intervention can include both military invasion and humanitarian aid. This view is contrasted to isolationist, realist, or non-interventionist foreign policy doctrines; these critics characterize it as liberal interventionism. "
In the modern, post WWII era, the US was more than happy to meddle in Korea, Viet Nam, Panama, Grenada, Bosnia, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Yemen and more. The Founding Fathers warnings against foreign entanglements is brought up in the conversation every so often, but the person reminding us is then called a nationalist or an isolationist.

The Liberal World Order nomenclature was twisted by George HW Bush into New World Order. This was designed to keep the word “liberal” out of the discussion. In fact, the new term was beneficial to the Liberal World Order by creating a straw man of conspiracies. This draws attention away from the Liberal World Order which is not a conspiracy but out in the open as a global movement to have no borders and free movement of people.
Early attempt at a meta-authority began after WWI. It was the League of Nations.
So the Liberal World Order has been doing its best to promote this agenda in schools and the media by promoting the following memes.
  • Globalism is good and results in the benefit of world peace.
  • Nationalism is bad and always results in wars.
  • Global governance levels the playing field for all humankind.
  • Why should a few white-dominated countries have and consume most of the world’s wealth?
  • Large globalist-oriented organizations such as NATO have accounted for the longest peacetime era in modern history.
  • Skirmishes are not the same as disastrous World Wars and are considered mere police actions.
All these memes are specious and the most dangerous is the attribution of the current state of peace to any organization (in this case NATO). World peace has evolved from nuclear deterrence, period. And that stemmed from nationalist interests of the USA and Russia.

But everything is arguable. What is not arguable is the United States experiment is still going and not yet 250 years old. There are two sides to a perceived future. One side as the USA with no borders and no common language. You cannot be a country with no border, but that is exactly what most Democrats and too many Republicans actually want.

They also think it is OK to give up our sovereignty to meta organizations representing governance from outside the confines of the USA. The WTO, NAFTA, the TPP, the United Nations plus operations we never hear about all do this.

The conservative thinkers just think we should stop these trends by locking down the place. Build a wall.
This debate is International and applies to all nations and people who listen to the No Agenda Show. You have to ask yourself: what are you? Are you an Englishman? Are you an American? Are you a Chinese? Or are you some universal glob humanoid told what to do and how to behave by a world tribunal that knows what is best for you?

The number of people in the media and International corporations who think the glob humanoid is the way to go is frightening. That includes the Hillary Clinton’s, the folks at CNN, the NYT, the Rob Reiners and most of Hollywood.

They are all globalists who all eschew sovereignty and history. Generally, there is a valid historic reason various nations formed in the first place. But to those who espouse the Liberal World Order, that is old news, reversable.
You can take any side in this battle but if you are globalists do not spew patriotic bullcrap. Be honest and state your position. Quit trying to buffalo the public with flag-waving nonsense. You do not care about the Republic and would like to see it abolished. It’s obvious. Fareed Zakaria of CNN once said the US Constitution was obsolete and should be re-done anew. He, a globalist, was being honest.

Trump got elected because the American public will have none of this once they see what is happening. Brexit was even more radical and happened because they recognized the EU for the super-state that it has become. The UK was surrendering sovereignty and nationality with no shots being fired. There is no fight left in the British culture and the Brexit vote was the last gasp. It will easily be reversed.
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