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Thursday, December 12, 2019

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Show 1198

The War on Trump

Special Travel Report
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Tomorrow’s show.  Adam is back from services for his father in Holland. He’ll have a travel report and news from the continent.

Rioting is continuing worldwide except in the USA where media emphasis is on the partisan impeachment with the House unable to figure out how to best handle this. With California Democrats like Karen Bass saying that if Trump wins reelection, she’ll promote a second impeachment making Trump the only President to be impeached twice. If they run that through in 2021 and again he gets acquitted, would the Democrats do this a third time? What’s the point?

The insanity of this is now apparent.
impeach Trump cartoon
picture of olivia jade
Another “important” development insofar as the US media is concerned is the return of fake celebrity and self-promoter Olivia Jade to her YouTube channel.

As you recall this is the daughter of Lori Loughlin the Mom who spent a fortune to get Olivia into USC as a member of the crew team using Photoshop fakery.

The show will discuss the Afghan papers, but this here is real news.
Then there is the peculiar case of Jerry Nadler’s height. If you do a search for Nadler’s height on any search engine it keeps cropping up at an astonishing 5 foot eleven inches when it is clear that he is barely over five feet tall. While the Dems like to condemn Trump for saying that he is only 239 pounds nobody says much about the fake heights of the diminutive and petite males in Congress.

Congress is becoming a comedy act and it is letting to many legislative opportunities slide as it focuses all its energy on Trump.
Jerry Nadler pic
Jerry Nadler and reporter
Jerry Nadler when he waas fat
As shown in the images above,Jerry Nadler is not 5 foot eleven. In the upper left pic he shorter than all the women. Then standing next to a reporter just looks wrong. For context, besides his being short, he was morbidly obese until he had a gastric bypass operation. There are plenty of short and small men in the world, but why promote the wrong height like this?
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Bonus Pic.
Jerry Nadleer sun bathing
Top Congressman Nadler. He definitely needs a new belt.
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