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Sunday, December 8, 2019

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Report from the EU

Basic Cable and Basic Corruption
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Tweet of the decade regarding podcasting, despite all the good work. Funny and insulting. Podcasters get no respect.
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Tomorrow’s show.
Tomorrow, Adam will be broadcasting from Holland with a field report on the EU, the massive strikes and also on the general political scene as the UK is six days away from a major election. This all brings us closer to a Brexit re-do.
Johnson and Corbyn in debate
While the US media, in particular, continues to promote the Trump impeachment narrative, the world burns. While the right-wing pundits continue to slam the media for it’s anti-Trump bias, you can fall back on No Agenda thinking and see that the media might be doing nothing more than protecting its bottom line.

It’s all but a forgone conclusion that Trump can beat any of the weak sisters in the upcoming election (Bernie Sanders, an independent will not be allowed to get the nomination) so this means a low enthusiasm election in 2020 which translates to less money spent on political advertisements.
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These elections are the Black Friday for the media where billions are spent on advertising and promotion. It’s in the best interests of the commercial and corporate media to be part of an impeachment attack that might liven things up and produce more revenue.

And, yes, it is basically corrupt and totally anti-American but that’s what you do if you are a money-making corporation first and an information source second.
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